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laketrees is 2 today !!

21 November 2008 44 comments

L is for Lovable
A is for Artistic
K is for Kinky
E is for Exquisite
T is for Trendy
R is for Revolutionary
E is for Enjoyable
E is for Enthusiastic
S is for Skillful

What Does Your Name Mean?

'Blue Dancers after Degas'
© Kim Barker
(Private Collection - Belgium)
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas - 2005

WIP of Daphne

the Portrait of Durano's beautiful daughter Daphne is progressing well...still have and veil to complete..
I'm hoping to complete before the end of November..
Durano was the winner of the Win a free Portrait for Christmas Competition..

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
1m x 75cm
Zinc white , Titanium white, Paynes Gray and a touch of Ivory Black...

Today is Absurdity Day!

I am the guest blogger for JLo's No-Ho
at [zany life + crazy faith]
NO-HO stands for November Holidays
Why not check out my post...
leave an absurd comment on my absurd self portrait and the best comment will win 500 ECs

More quizzes for your blog...

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

What Does Your Name Say About You?

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44 comments: to “ laketrees is 2 today !! so far...

  • Jackie 21.11.08

    WooHooo and Big big congratulations Kim!!

    Oh this is just wonderful. We are all so very fortunate to have you and your wonderful blogs!!

    I hope you have a grand celebration. I brought some champagne!!

    A little bubbly mate?

    Big Hugs today!!:-)))

  • Kim 21.11.08

    ohhh thanks so much Jackie :) :)...
    have a cupcake ;)
    haha you're even talking the Aussie lingo mate :)
    I was just off to get some zzzz....when your comment came through...have a good one and thanks so much for your lovely wishes :-X and (hugs)
    ps and for bringing the champagne ;)

  • The Muse 21.11.08

    And you don't look a day over ONE..! How do you do it? :) :) LOL

    I adore your blog...and so happy to have found you from visiting Ms Amy.

    I too extend Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

    M= Miraculously
    U= Uplift and
    S= Satisfy the Soul
    E= Endlessly...

    OK, that may have been a lot better if I could have had more coffee ! LOL

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 21.11.08

    Hello Kim,

    Wow! Congratulations Kim! It sounds like a lifetime. :-)

    I have been blogging for a year and it feels just like it's been an eternity. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it immensely and I have gone to great lengths just to be able to post. It's just that there are bloggers I used to be in touch with when I started, and who seemed to develop into friends. After several months, they gave up while some just disappeared.

    There are also several blogs I used to visit that stopped posting for 6 months.

    It seems one year is a benchmark, but two years is definitely a masterpiece. Cheers to you! And cheers to me for finding you.:-) __ Durano, done!

  • John M. Mora 21.11.08

    Congrats, Kim. You have made a welcoming place for all of us. Thank you for all your effort.

    My best.


    PS the portrait is coming along smashingly.,...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 21.11.08

    Me ate all the cupcakes ... sorry.

    I will bring more in a few minutes! I left an absurd comment at the absurd "place". I hope I understood the procedure correctly ~ if not, please just tell them I am crazy, or something of that nature.

    Portrait is looking A1 !! Such a wonderful (and sweet) contest you have every year. Very exciting.

    How will I ever catch Mariuca in the comments here?

    Happy day to my friend ... "mate" in Austrailia! ***smile***

  • Speedcat Hollydale 21.11.08

    ... there is some non alcoholic champaign too??

  • Speedcat Hollydale 21.11.08

    s - silly
    p - person
    e - entrycard dropper
    e - eric
    d - drinks
    c - coffee
    a - and
    t - tea

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    Agent Laketrees is Two?
    Happy Birthday to You!

    Since all Births produce nude people, will you celebrate with a nude painting of Kimberly Artious Barker? ;~))

    Could be another way to increase your readers, yes? :~)))

  • MadSilence 21.11.08

    Two-years is a long time in the virtual world.
    Alsways a pleasure to visit laketrees.

  • Michelle B. Hendry 21.11.08

    Congratulations!!! :-D

  • Mariuca 21.11.08

    YAY! It's Laketrees Birthday today! Congrats Kim! Have a wonderful blog birthday and here's to many more happy ones! Love and hugs all the way from Malaysia on your very special day! :):):)

  • Mariuca 21.11.08

    Oh yummy, thanks for the cupcake too, I love cupcakes as u already know by now! :)

  • Mariuca 21.11.08

    And Kim, I brought u a huge marble chocolate cheese cake to celebrate your big day, enjoy! :):):)

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    And to many, many more!

  • Unknown 21.11.08

    I'll eat something loaded with calories in honour of your anniversary.

    Congratulations and keep it coming!

    Love the dancers. Incredible use of colour and very strong brushstrokes.

  • Amy Lilley Designs 21.11.08

    A hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY...2 years in the blogosphere is quite impressive...I agree w/ Brad that even since February, when I started blogging, people have come and gone. But, you Miss Kim, continue to bring us your sunshine and light, your challenges, your many gifts and talents... and WE keep coming back for, here's to the next 2 years!!! Applause!

    ps. Thanks for the favorite!!

    big hugs!!!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 21.11.08

    ps. I see Ms. Muse has found you...she's very, very special!!!

  • Lynda Lehmann 21.11.08

    Happy Blogging Birthday, Kim! Only two-years-old but one of the most dynamic blogs around!

    I like your painting after Degas, and your portrait of Durano's daughter is looking great.

  • Kim 21.11.08

    haha Muse... :)
    thanks for the compliments....just a youngin eh ;)
    your acrostic is excellent and defines your name beautifully :))
    have a wonderful day :)

    hi Durano
    thank you for your lovely wishes ..
    it's funny how friends come and go in the blogging world...yet some remain constant..bit like real life too :)
    have a wonderful weekend and cheers to you... :))

    hey John
    thanks for your kind words...
    and thanks for your input on my absurd sp
    I'm quite happy with the progress of Daphne's portrait..thank you :))

    oh you are naughty Speedy...
    but I think Mariuca has brought cheesecake...
    black champagne for you ;)
    your absurd post was soooo absurd ..rofl!!!
    haha top clever cat !!!

    hehe Miss MP..
    have you been reading too many romance novels lately....
    me paint a nude sp....eeek!
    not very likely :0 :0
    thanks for your birthday tune :))

    thanks for your good wishes Mad Silence....
    have a lovely day :))

    thanks Michelle :)
    enjoy your day :)

    haha Mariuca...
    I know you live cupcakes ..I think there were some with MPG on them ;)
    ohhh yummo...a huge marble chocolate cheese cake!!!
    quick hide it before Speedy sees it :-D
    have a beaut day.....:))

    hi Miss tique..
    thanks for your well wishes :))
    have a sunny day :))

    hi Christy...
    thanks so much... enjoy your calories... ;)
    blue dancers is an old favourite of mine and I thought the colours were birthday bright :)

    hey Miss Amy...:))
    thanks for your lovely wishes..
    I really think a blog is as good as it's visitors...and I have to say it's always a pleasure to read your cheery clappies to you and all my best blogging buddies too...
    yeehaaa ..have more cupcakes...
    ps..ah yes Ms Muse is a delight :))

    hello there Lynda...
    thank you thank you...
    from one dynamo to another ;)
    so glad you could call in :))(hugs)
    have a delightful weekend... :)

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    You're welcome... maybe, singing a romantic song like Muskrat Love will inspire you to paint romantic nudes? ;~))

  • Teena in Toronto 21.11.08

    Happy blogoversary!

  • that girl 21.11.08

    happy blogoversary!

    mine is three today...

    happy day to you.

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    happy 2 year blogversary. I am happy for you :)

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    can't believe it's 2 yr now yeah.

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    like your laketree name too

  • Ana 21.11.08

    Congratulations Kim! What a milestone you've achieved!

  • Anonymous 21.11.08

    Happy birthday Laketrees!

  • bokjae 22.11.08

    Hey! Congratulations! Now I understand why laketrees! haha! Cheers!

  • Anonymous 22.11.08

    Congrats on the 2 years and many more successful years to come.

    That portrait of Daphne looks really great! Even though it has not be completed yet, I love it already.

  • Metz 22.11.08

    Hi Kim,

    awesome :) two years old now for laketrees yehaaaa :) congratulations and a great happy bday celebration ;) lots of hugs from over at Empty Streets :)

  • Metz 22.11.08

    to think that our blogs' bday is just a month apart :) hehehe :)

  • Anonymous 22.11.08

    Happy second anniversary Kim! Wow, where does the time go?!

    What a beautiful job on Durano's daughter, even while it's still under completion. It's sad that so much gets lost online compared to real-life. It's such a lovely portrait to begin with, she's gorgeous.

    I know Durano will be thrilled with it when he receives it. I cherish the one you made for me =)

  • Lisa Lorenz 22.11.08

    Woohoo....Happy Birthday to the Great LakesTrees Blog! Wow, time flies Kim. I remember like yesterday and I was in Copenhagen when you started the blog. congrats. I am enjoying my yummy cup cake too! xoxoxo Lisa
    Thansk for the lovely comments on my blog btw. And the WIP of the bride is smashing as always!

  • Anonymous 22.11.08

    H is for Hyper

    I is for Insane

    T is for Tempting

    S is for Spontaneous

    U is for Upbeat

    And I like the portrait, it's beautiful.

  • Anonymous 22.11.08

    Happy Bloggy Birthday to you Kim.

    Only the good ones last this long.

  • Jackie 22.11.08

    G'day Kim over there on the other side.

    I am headed to bed over here!!

    I hope you have a grand day!!:-)

  • Kim 22.11.08

    ahh Miss MP..
    Muskrat love !!!
    hmmm I'll have to think about that :D

    hello Teena
    thank you :)

    thanks that girl...
    happy blogaversary to you too!!! three years is quite a record :))

    hi TH's certainly gone fast... :)
    have a great weekend :))

    thanks Ana :))

    thanks Ian :))

    thank you for your good wishes Bokjae :)

    thanks bk
    thanks for your compliments on Daphne's Portrait too :)

    oh that's close Metz..
    thanks for your good wishes :)
    (hugs) to you too :)

    thanks Deborah..
    Daphne is certainly a delight to paint :)
    ...seems like only yesterday that I was sending your portrait off...
    thanks for your good wishes ...
    have a great weekend :))

    haha Lisa ..
    I remember your first visit here...
    you were my first commentator... :)
    wow how long has it been since WC...
    thanks for your good wishes....have another cupcake mate :))

    hi Hitsu...
    hehe insane...hyper ...tempting...sounds different ;)
    thanks for your compliment on the Portrait :))

    thanks for the birthday wishes Cooper :))
    hehe glad you think so :))

    g'day Jackie
    haha you're sounding more Aussie every visit ;)
    sweet dreams over there on your side :))

  • Anonymous 23.11.08

    kim, I was telling hubby about my time with him dating he said that was the past. He's saying his old ha...

  • Anonymous 23.11.08

    can't believe it myself its been 10 years since hubby and I were dating.

  • Anonymous 23.11.08

    Happy, happy blogging birthday to my favourite blog! I hope you have many more. I seem to be late joining this party but better late than never!
    Hope to see you in January! :)

  • Unknown 23.11.08

    Congratulations on your 2nd birthday!
    What a huge accomplishment and I know what I'm talking about because I recently met the one-yr mark!
    I'm singing the birthday song for you right now and wishing you many, many more happy posts.
    PS Thanks again for your amazing collage created for Absurdity Day in my guest series - I was honored and many have already enjoyed it!

  • Kim 23.11.08

    wow TH...
    ten years...that's great!!!
    have a lovely Sunday :))

    hi Diane..
    thanks so much :))
    I still have cupcakes and champagne left ;)
    sooo looking forward to January!!!

    hi Judi..
    thanks for the birthday song :)..and a belated best wishes to you on your 1 year anniversary..
    glad you liked the absurdity post :))

  • Anonymous 23.11.08

    yeah ten years such a long time

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