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Melbourne Cup 2008

3 November 2008 41 comments

Win 1,000 EC credits or a free 125 ad at laketrees for a week!!

1. Pick ONE horse here
before 3pm Tuesday 4th November (that's tomorrow)

* If your horse wins then you have won the prize...
* Do not pick a horse that has already been selected by someone else...
* There are 24 23 horses in the the competition is open to the first 24 23 people who comment..
* If your horse is scratched then you can pick another horse (if available) before the race starts..
* I will be taking comment moderation off for the competition period...

Live Link to all the action:

Picks so far:
# 1. Mariuca - Mad Rush(USA)
# 2. Sharon - Septimus(IRE)
# 3. Lilly - Zipper
# 4. Diane - Alessandro Volta
# 5. Speedcat - Nom du Jeu(NZ)
# 6. Jackie - Prize Lady
# 7. John - Profound Beauty

handy links:
Emirates Melbourne Cup field
Fashion news
How to Pick the Cup Winner
General Admission tickets on sale now
Buy Fashion Images

Melbourne Cup Update:
Viewed has won the $5.5 million Melbourne Cup with Bauer in second and C'est La Guerre in third.
Viewed survived a desperate photo finish to give master trainer Bart Cummings his 12th Melbourne Cup.
Viewed, ridden by Blake Shinn, just outlasted a spirited final burst from Bauer, with C'est La Guerre third.
"A nice win,'' Cummings said in his usual laconic manner.
The top Kiwi hope Nom Du Jeu, who won the AJC Derby, finished well back and pre-race favourite Mad Rush also failed to fire.
Allesandro Volta led the field through the 1200m mark from Septimus before the final race for home.

my money was on # 5...7...8...9...17 and 18.....drat I was close!!

I'll be looking at the horse that came in first out of the 7 horses picked by my readers...and the prize will go to the reader who picked the fastest horse..
New Zealand Derby winner C'est La Guerre, now representing the 2007 Cup-winning connections of Efficient, finished strongly for third, while 2007 Caulfield Cup winner Master O'Reilly charged home along the rails to finish fourth ahead of Irish-trained Profound Beauty and Cummings's second runner, Moatize, ridden by Victoria Derby-winning jockey Clare Lindop.
so that makes John the winner...congratulations John....thanks to everyone for joining in the fun!!

Happy Happy Birthday to

Diane @ Much of a muchness

and Renny @ RennyBA's Terella

Wishing you both a wonderful day!!!


41 comments: to “ Melbourne Cup 2008 so far...

  • Mariuca 3.11.08

    Oh this is so cute Kim!!! I'm gonna try my luck he he!! Hopefully all 24 spots are not taken yet! ;)

  • Mariuca 3.11.08

    Oh my, I'm the first one too?? Double YAY!! Ok off to the race now, hang on!!

  • Mariuca 3.11.08

    Kim!! I'm gonna go with Mad Rush from USA! He he...oh this is really fun Kim, hope I win lol!! :):):)

  • S. A. Hart 3.11.08

    I'll bet on Septimus although I like Profound Beauty's name. Delighted to know I'm not the only one who follows the major horse races. This is fun!

  • Kim 3.11.08

    first in Mariuca...yeehah
    so I'll put your horsy's link up first...
    this will be fun...I feel like a bookie :))

    great Sharon :)
    good picks...I might put some money on Septimus tomorrow when I put my bets in ...I love Melbourne cup :)

  • Lilly 3.11.08

    woo hoo - what fun Kim - OK I am going for Zipper. Have a great day tomorrow, I am going to. The one and only day I have a bet!

  • Kim 3.11.08

    me too Lilly :)
    I love the cash out and ready to get an early night...I'll put your horse on now...another favourite of mine :)
    have a beaut day tomorrow :)

  • Mariuca 4.11.08

    It is FUN Kim! Very neat idea indeed. Come on Mad Rush, win for me! :):):)

  • Kim 4.11.08

    :) Mariuca.....
    go horsies go!!!!

  • Anonymous 4.11.08

    I'm going for Alessandro Volta.With a name like that he's bound to win!
    Great idea!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    Nom du Jeu(NZ) for Speedcat's Speedy horse!!!!!

    GOOO Nom du Jeu >>>>>>>>>>> (smile)

  • Kim 4.11.08

    good pick Diane...
    haha an Italian flavour?
    I might have a flutter on that one too!!
    Alexander was going to be an Alessandra (if he had been a girl) :))
    good luck birthday girl :))

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    In the final leg, Speedcat's horse stope to check hic cell phone for Twitter updates!!! What is he doing?!!!

    Nom du Jeu makes a Tweet, gets back int the pack and WINS BY A NOSE!!!!!!!!

    Good thing my horses nose is big :-)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    Hi Kim!

  • Kim 4.11.08

    ah we... Monsieur Speedy....will link your pick up now...a kiwi horse...very interesting...
    I'll put a link up to the live race asap ...
    my net provider has been down for the last 2 hours eek!!!....the lines are busy with all those punters gambling online :) :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    gosh ... the Ecard stats (right) are quite impressive. HOW MANY do you drop in a day???

  • Kim 4.11.08

    bonjour Speedy :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    Yes ... the kiwi horse has an extra boost of vitamin C

    Cannot Catch!

  • Kim 4.11.08

    lol Speedy ..a big nosed horse!!!! haaaa...glad you got the tweet ...
    do you want to be the race commentator???

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    Mon prompt cheval gagnera exactement ! Bonjour à vous à Kim. Ceci est beaucoup plus amusant avec aucune modération de commentaire

  • Kim 4.11.08

    I struggle to get 300 (total) with my 3 blogs ...
    I don't know how people do more than 300
    haha vitamin C that's the secret eh!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    Comment tater tots?? ... YES!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.11.08

    Nice chatting ... time for my dinner :-)

    See you at the finish line!!!

  • Kim 4.11.08

    je suit tres Speedy ..alas my French is rusty...
    horse =cheval... we... no moderation feels strange ...very strange...

  • Kim 4.11.08

    just watched the first pre a second place...yeehaa ...enjoy your dinner ..will go get the live race link :) :)

  • Jackie 4.11.08

    Oh I hope I'm not too late. My twitter doesn't always update me. But, I simply have to go with Mad Rush because he's from the US.

    Also Kim can you please email me at

    I need help with my Pyzam. I can't get mine to work properly. when I resize it it simply goes white.

    Could you possibly email me your code. Then I can add the count down also to my blog!!


  • Kim 4.11.08

    no you're not too late Jackie ...but Mariuca has picked Mad give me another horse's name...
    I'll email you with the code...
    if I can't get through to you it will be because the internet is chocka over here because of MC...

  • Anonymous 4.11.08

    Getting internet errors when I go back a screeninm your site, started yesterday - have tried to pick a horse and so far nohhh luck.


  • John M. Mora 4.11.08

    Profound Beauty(IRE)

    my kinda horse,race

  • Kim 4.11.08

    lol John ..
    you're in with 10 minutes to go!!!
    bloody comment box was causing problems...
    gtg watch the race ...good luck...
    I'll announce the winner after the race...yeehaa

  • Anonymous 4.11.08

    My horse was doing so well..... :-)

    Thank you SO much for the birthday wishes. What a cute birthday cake!

  • Kim 4.11.08

    your horse was doing REALLY well Diane..
    I thought the Irish were going to win ..123 in a row ...
    I think the long track was their downfall...
    glad you like the cake hehe...and just after I found out it was your birthday..Renny's post popped up....
    you are twinnies !!!

  • Mariuca 5.11.08

    COngrats John and thanks for the fun race Kim! :)

  • Mariuca 5.11.08

    Looking forward to the next horsey race yeeha! ;)

  • Kim 5.11.08

    me too Mariuca...
    I just hope next time my comment system is working ok :0
    it was fun though and thanks for joining in :) :)

  • Mariuca 5.11.08

    Kim! You are on my EC today at Mariuca's! Thanks so much! :):):)

  • Kim 5.11.08

    you're welcome Mariuca...
    I'll have to 'gallop' over early ;)

  • John M. Mora 5.11.08

    the ad - thatg is to kind of you.

  • Kim 6.11.08

    congrats John..I'll pop over and give you the details :)

  • Anonymous 6.11.08

    Thanks so very much for your BD greetings - how sweet of you!

    Thanks also for joining the party at my blog :-)

  • Kim 6.11.08

    you're welcome Renny...
    wishing you many more happy birthdays too :)

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