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School's Out!

17 November 2008 76 comments

for Charlotte...

Charlie (in black) with friends (Year 12 Formal) on Friday...

As Charlotte has recently turned 17 she will probably take 12 months to decide what she wants to do...
I know she's not interested in taking the trip north to Queensland for Schoolies Week ...which is a relief...
click on the cartoon to zoom

Pink Floyd - Another brick in the Wall (HD)
[chorus at end by pupils from the Fourth Form Music Class Islington Green School, London]

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are strictly for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted.

WIP of Daphne

Last week I started stage one of Durano's beautiful daughter Daphne..
Durano was the winner of the Win a free Portrait for Christmas Competition..


76 comments: to “ School's Out! so far...

  • Mariuca 17.11.08


  • Mariuca 17.11.08

    Yay! Ur MM selection is already out, cool video Kim and I like this number too! :)

  • Mariuca 17.11.08

    C and friends look great in the pic! Ahhhh to be sweet 17 again! :)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    yessss Mariuca # 1...:))
    you have won the 500 ECs...
    I'll send them I've gone over my 1000 limit already this week...
    ah yes 17 ...a lovely seems like only yesterday that Charlotte was a little baby :))

  • Amy Lilley Designs 17.11.08

    Oh my...Pink Floyd!!!..I would listen, but, I've been nursing a mean migraine since yesterday (boo hoo)...Charlotte looks BEAUTIFUL...lovely photo w/ her friends...dare I ask, what is 'schoolies'...

    The portrait for Brad is looking just gorgeous...he'll cry w/ joy when he gets it...I would!!!

    Temps are dipping into the 20's this week (@ night...brrrrrrr)

  • Mariuca 17.11.08

    YAY I won I won ha ha!! Take ur time Kim, I too am still owing Emila 750 Ecs! ;)

  • Mariuca 17.11.08

    Don't worry Kim, ul still have plenty of time to enjoy with C! She's still a baby at 17. :)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    ohhh that's no good Amy...
    Alexander gets migraines too ...
    I hope it's better soon ...
    thanks for your lovely compliments..I'll pass it on to Charlotte :)
    Schoolies is like a post exam holiday away ..where all the kids who have finished go pretty wild...
    I'm really glad that Alexander and Charlotte weren't at all interested in participating...if you read the cartoon it will give you an idea of the havoc that is usually wreaked in the places that they go to...injuries and deaths have occurred I'm really relieved that they haven't wanted to be part of it...
    thanks for the kind words on Daphne's Portrait too...hopefully I'll get some serious time this week to work on it ...
    haha Pink Floyd...not my usual stuff but one that has a lot of meaning for me....and I mean A LOT!!
    I even choreographed a dance to this song for a dance festival when I was teaching ballet/dance in one of the High schools that I taught at in the 80's....
    sounding cold over your way!!!
    rug up and keep warm.. eh..Amy :)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    ps Amy..
    I'll be sending you 100 ECs Friday as you are my 2nd EC commentator ;)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    yes you're right Mariuca... she's still my bubby :)
    hehe so Emila will be rich ;)
    I think the limit on Ecs STINKS...
    I think we should be able to send credits whenever we like without this stupid limit ..grrrr

  • Anonymous 17.11.08

    Charlotte looks beautiful - what a gorgeous dress!

    I'm so glad Durano won the competition, the portrait of his daughter is going to be stunning!

    PS You could also have played 'School's Out' by Alice Cooper!

  • Kim 17.11.08

    that was my next choice Diane!!
    I saw Alice Cooper do an interview with that Indian/British Comedian yesterday and that jogged my memory..
    thanks for the compliment...Mum took Charlie shopping for the dress...
    it had shoe string straps originally and came with a chiffon scarf so we all decided it needed a wide halter neck ...voila...with Mum's expertise at sewing....a new look dress...
    I'm happy the way Daphne's portrait is progressing so far...
    thanks for your confidence Diane :)...

  • Michelle B. Hendry 17.11.08

    The girls look beautiful! Happy summer for you guys! We are under a blanket of snow here now...

    The portrait is stunning....

  • Speedcat Hollydale 17.11.08

    ... great beauty in your family Kim.

    I loved the music Monday last week, I am joining in again!!

    Portrait is coming along well. Durano will most certainly be pleased :-)

    Quite a post here today ... WOW!

  • Michelle B. Hendry 17.11.08

    By the way... There is a little "Thank You" award on my Anniversary post for you, Kim!

  • Kim 17.11.08

    thanks for your compliments Michelle :)
    looks like you will be having a white Christmas for sure...if you have snow already...oh but it must be cold over there....brrrr

  • Sage Ravenwood 17.11.08

    Charlotte looks stunning hon. Your Schoolies sounds like what we call Spring Break here. They do tend to go wild.

    Pink Floyd is something I can bring up in my memory at any point and time to recall what they sound like. It was one of the bands I used to listen to all the time. I used to wonder if I would be able to recall sound after my deafness, some things like that I can...others are fading.

    The portrait is stunning! Durano will indeed be blessed with this creation.

    Sorry I haven't been by dear friend, for some odd reason for a while there I kept getting bumped off every time I tried to visit. Thankfully that seems to have passed. (Hugs)Indigo

  • Kim 17.11.08

    ohh..thanks so much Michelle...
    I'll pop over today :))

    hello Speedy...
    yes it's a big post as I was busy last week and didn't get a chance to post...
    great to hear you're on board again for MM...
    I really enjoyed your NKC music last Monday..
    thanks for your lovely compliments about Charlotte and Daphne's Portrait :))
    ps now IOU 200 credits lol...Friday is pay day ;)

    hello Indigo...
    thanks for your compliment :)
    I'll pass it on to Charlotte :)
    I heard there was a problem with my blog opening...I have no idea what was causing it!!
    Spring Break...that sound nice...schoolies has an odd ring to it...
    I'm glad that you can recall Pink's one of those immortal songs isn't it...I tried covering my ears and listening to music in my head...some are easier to 'hear' you find recalling the words help?
    thanks for your compliment on the Portrait :)(hugs) to you Indigo :)

  • John M. Mora 17.11.08

    Lovely group shot of yoru daughter in her timeless dress...she wil be able to look at it y\ears formk now and no be a faxhion victim....

    I get thrown out a lot here too, Kim - started a copuple of weeks ago.

    The protrait is just stately.

  • Kim 17.11.08

    ah yes John...
    I remember the fashion victim look oh so well...
    you're so right ..Charlotte's dress is timeless :)
    thanks for your lovely comments..
    I'm wondering whether the you tube videos are the problem..I know the commenting system was causing a hassle ..I will have to get it sorted out as you are not the only one ..
    my Mum said it was happening with her too... and Indigo has mentioned it here today as well..
    I'm sorry that you keep getting thrown out ..:(
    I know it's not for bad behaviour ;)

  • Rozella 17.11.08

    Great choice!! What a classic song! :)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    thanks Rozella...
    it sure is a classic :)

  • emilayusof 17.11.08

    Kim! Love this!

  • bonoriau 17.11.08

    Kim, Great song. I always listen to Pink Floyd those day during my study time...I like the

  • Kim 17.11.08

    that's great Emila ;)

  • Kim 17.11.08

    glad you liked it Bono :)
    don't know whether I could study to it though ;)

  • Lilly 17.11.08

    Wow, how proud you must be. Charlotte looks positively beautiful! As do her friends too. They grow up so quickly. SO glad she isnt going to schoolies week on the Gold Coast - I have heard all the horror stories....

  • Jackie 17.11.08

    Oh my congratulations on C's graduation. and being a mother for a long long time now I understand your relief that she is putting off the trip.

    But, you know someday they do spread their wings and fly...Boo..Hoo...not our babies anymore!!:-)

  • Jackie 17.11.08

    Of course marzie was here first...LOL...Hello Marzie...just kidding you!!!!:-))))))

  • Jackie 17.11.08

    Kim I absolutely love Pink Floyd even today.

    Wow next The Rolling Stones they are the tops!!

    I may be 51 but I have not grown musically...LOL:-))))

    Great pick!!

  • Jackie 17.11.08

    Oh the portrait is turned out very well. Now that I see it I am very happy for the winner.

    And your daughter and her friends are just beautiful. Are they dressed for their prom or graduation?

  • Anonymous 17.11.08

    so pretty pic, all in dress :) pretty women too

  • Anonymous 17.11.08

    I have not wore a dress for so many years

  • Anonymous 17.11.08

    Charlotte so pretty in black :)

  • Anonymous 17.11.08

    Kim, I like the background of the pic too.

  • Mckay K 17.11.08

    It is an Interesting and thought provoking video. I like the song too.

  • John M. Mora 18.11.08

    Thanks for the ad, Kim. You ara a peach.

    At home when I click on an entry and then go back I get booted outr os IE and get an erro. Seems fien at work where we use IE Version 6.

    What is this "Australia" movie about? Saw a second of an ad on TV for it....

  • LadyJava 18.11.08

    Wow!! Fantastic choir in the background...

    Great choice as always Kim....!

  • Anonymous 18.11.08

    She is lovely. You enjoy your summer and your time with her.

  • Lynda Lehmann 18.11.08

    How time flies. Our kids are growing up fast, but we're no older, right?

    I hope Charlotte and her friends had fun but stayed safe on their big night out. I guess "Schoolies" is like the prom night orgies that many kids get away with here in the states. :(

  • Lisa Lorenz 18.11.08

    Hey Kim! I am finally back in the world of blogging. Its been one crazy summer and autumn here. I just adore this pic of Charlotte. Wow..she is stunning in her beautiful black dress. I cant believe she is already 17 and schools out. She must be so excited. The view is beautiful too. Your blog is so big now and beautiful. So much to see and view. Great stuff Kim. Hope you are doing well. Have a great week. I am off to deliver my big commission painting to my sister tomorrow. She is excited to hang it in her new house. Andy is busy back at work with a new job and he says hello too! Take care mate, xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 18.11.08

    yes very proud Lilly..
    you would probably have a first hand view of schoolies seeing you're a Queenslander... ;)
    I certainly think it's tough for the locals to go through this sort of havoc every year :0

    hello Jackie..
    thanks for your comments...:))
    Mariuca is faaast!!! hehe
    the formal is the equivalent to your prom...which means Charlie has finished her 12 years of High School...her graduation was in the daytime on Friday and she received her internal higher school she has to wait for the results of her external exam until Wed 17th December..
    thanks for the compliment on Daphne's portrait..:))

    hi TH...
    thanks for your comments :))
    the photos were taken at the local bay overlooking the beach...perfect backdrop isn't it..
    haha I haven't worn a dress in years either!!

    hi Mckay
    glad you liked the music :))

    hmmm John...
    it must be one of my widgets causing the problem ...will investigate further..
    I saw the shorts to Australia recently..I'm not a fan of Baz Lurhman's films and I think it's probably overrated ;)

    hi LJ...
    great choir!!!
    wow your MM has really taken off eh :))
    great job LJ...
    I'm looking forward to next Monday :))

    thanks Cooper ;)..I will :))

    haha Lynda..
    now that would be nice if WE could stop time ;)
    Charlie didn't go to the after - formal party either...
    she's a bit of a homebody :)
    Schoolies lasts a week and the kids go absolutely wild!! so I think it's probably worse than your prom nights :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 18.11.08

    Kim, yes, I'm much better, just a bit tired...a 2 day affair w/ the fun at all...I feel bad for young to have seemed that 'schoolies' was similar to the notion of our 'spring break', and I would be very nervous for Edward to be part of that as well...sensible kids we've raised...yes???

    I did listen to the Pink Floyd piece and I can 'see' some choreography w/ words...gosh, I would have loved to have seen what you came up w/...I spent alot of time in San Francisco, drawing dancers...I loved, loved, loved being in the studio...ages ago!!

    I will rug up and keep warm for sure...AND blogging for 3 YEARS???..I just started this past February...I'm impressed!!!

  • Kim 18.11.08

    yeehaaa Lisa :))))
    you're baaack!!!
    that's soooo great :)))
    I'll be popping over to see what you are up to....
    a new commission for your sister ...that sounds exciting ...and say hello to Andreas too :))
    it was just the other day a visitor was saying how she loved your wonderful paintings at my place..and I wondered what you were up to...
    3 days until my 2 year blogoversary...
    do you believe that ...and you were my FIRST commentator haha
    how's that for timing eh..
    big xxxx and (((hugs)))

  • Kim 18.11.08

    ohhh Amy 2 days!!!
    I'm glad you feel better ...Alexander's never had a migraine that long...:0
    I think his are more like severe headaches from stress at work...he is the floor manager at a very big computer store...
    ahh yes I hope to think that the discipline is paying off now ..I've always stressed to both Alexander and Charlotte the dangers involved at parties nowadays...(maybe I've put them off on going 'out')
    I have quite a lot of videos of dances that I choreographed when I was a guest chorographer..maybe I should put them on youtube..haha if I knew how and had the time :))
    dancers make such beautiful models for drawings don't they :)
    silly me got the dates wrong on my's 2 years...I was changing the comment to Lisa when you must have been were x commenting ;)
    wow you are doing so well for 9 months...
    do keep warm Amy's a lot cooler over here today ..I'm even wearing a cardie :)

  • intrepidideas 18.11.08

    Pink Floyd... Well Done. Truly a classic. I'm in Sydney watching all the kids celebrate "Schools Out" Congrats to you and Charlie!

  • Anonymous 18.11.08

    I can be so clumsy if I wear dress

  • Anonymous 18.11.08

    I do worry if someone is going to step on my dress. I mean not intention to step on but accidently. this happened to me before on escalator

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 19.11.08

    Hello Kim,

    Keep that photo as it reflects the sweet innocence of youth blossoming into womanhood. Charlotte is certainly on her way to being a wonderful and vivacious woman. Congratulations for ajob well done!

    Pink Floyd is one of my favorites and I still listen to them today.

    The portrait is coming out very well, thanks for the peek. It never fails to tickle my emotions. I never had any doubts about how this would come out. You're one artist I have a high regard for and trust to do a perfect job.Daphne would be very proud of this, I just know it. Thank you very much Kim. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Mariuca 19.11.08

    Oh Kim!!! I'm here! Thanks so much for the goodies! It was so nice to wake up to some yummy delights all the way from Sydney YAY! :):):)

  • Mariuca 19.11.08

    Ok, here with MPG first, back later with Mariuca, have a great day Kim! :)

  • Jackie 19.11.08

    Hi Kim,
    Please send me some creative energy!

  • Jackie 19.11.08

    I am in one of those periods where I simply can't or don't feel like doing anything!!



  • Jackie 19.11.08

    Just send via telekinesis okay?

  • Kim 19.11.08

    thanks Intrepidideas...
    so you have been visiting Sydney and leaving today!!
    I'm 1 & 1/2 hours north of Sydney :)
    I hope you have a safe trip back to LA..... :)

    hi TH
    that would be very frightening to get caught on an escalator like wonder you don't wear dresses any more ....

    hello Durano
    I'll be keeping the photos for sure about 100 of them ;)
    glad you enjoyed the Pink Floyd..I thought it was appropriate :-}
    I will be working on Daphne's portrait will have an update later in the week...gosh time is really flying :0

    glad you enjoyed the goodies Mariuca...:))
    I'm off to a late start this morning ..past 11am already...eek...eek...

    ok Jackie ...sending creative vibes your way lol...oooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm
    ps maybe you needed the sleep eh...sometimes late nights can take their toll :)
    how about some freshly made orange pineapple and apple's just like petrol in the tank!!

  • Anonymous 19.11.08

    yeah kim you know how I feel right :) lucky thing is that I am not wear the tube dress that time imagine what will happened. :(

  • Anonymous 19.11.08

    well back then I don't have a tube dress. I have one now but hubby feel that better I don't wear it. Hmm... no fit body so :(

  • Anonymous 19.11.08

    I think my hubby is conservative

  • Anonymous 19.11.08

    opps thunder here have to off pc now

  • Anonymous 19.11.08

    I can't help looking at the pics, really pretty! Both the scene and gals :)

  • Kim 19.11.08

    you WERE lucky you weren't wearing a long dress Th :)
    we have rain over here but no's risky when you have the computer on in storms...
    hope it isn't a big one :0

  • Jackie 20.11.08

    Hey Kim,
    Whatever you did worked...thanks!!:-)

  • Jackie 20.11.08

    it worked so well that I finally got all of my awards posted.

    But have no fear. I do have something for you. But, it's a total work free, hassle free award.

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone!!


  • Mariuca 20.11.08

    Morning Kim, it's abt time for me to get some zzzz now, but dropping by first to say hello and have a great day! :):):)

  • Mariuca 20.11.08

    And have fun with the tag at Mariuca! :)

  • Kim 20.11.08

    that's great Jackie..
    I'm not surprised that you were tired with your marathon award gala ...wowee!!!
    thanks so much for the gorgeous award :))

    sweet dreams Mariuca...
    you need some zzzzz too ..that was quite a marathon tag at your place too... :))

  • Unknown 20.11.08

    I love the photo Kim - what a relief that she isn't going up north. I've been blessed that my son hasn't wanted to go to Daytona Florida for "Spring Break" here either. Phew!

  • Unknown 20.11.08

    Wow that last comment worked for me! I'll be back WAY more often now that I can leave feedback LOL :-)

  • Unknown 20.11.08

    I didn't realize that the WIP was part of this same post. I love the initial, unfinished stages. The white space where the veil fades is so beautiful. I can't wait to see the work unfolding.

  • Anonymous 20.11.08

    yeah the rain and thunder was bad.

  • Kim 20.11.08

    it's a relief ..for sure Christy...
    she's much happier at home and I am too's a worry nowadays isn't it..
    good to hear that the comment system is kinder fo you...I think it has to do with the embedded comment box..
    thanks for your input...I'm about 1/2 way there ...the photo is stunning and I love the lighting ..I'm working on the veil now...

    hi TH
    we have just had a huge storm here too with an incredible downpour of rain...
    I'm expecting the net to go down any time...
    there has been disaster flooding up north and one death....really awful!!
    I hope it isn't that bad over your way :0

  • Speedcat Hollydale 21.11.08

    Dropping in to say hello!!

  • Kathleen Harrington 21.11.08

    Hi Kim,
    Just came across your blog. Terrific! I Miss you on WC!

    aka Spyderbabe

  • Kim 27.11.08

    hello Speedy ;)

    wow Kathleen..
    long time no see.. :))
    so WC still keeping you busy eh :)

  • Anonymous 9.12.08

    Great photo and the scenery helps! They are all beautiful girls!


  • Anonymous 28.1.09

    Great choice!! What a classic song! :)

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