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it's party time....

5 August 2009 40 comments

I've started the two Mini Portraits (Mariuca and Mariana)
I'm hoping to have these finished by the end of this month ...

finished the frames for the Degas panels and one door sign finished (five to go)

August is looking quite busy with a few special countdowns...

Charlie's Birthday Cake from The Euro Patisserie

Top Commenters and Top EC Droppers

sending a big ...

to my Top Commenters for July...

TH (105)
Mariuca (57)
T.H (45)
Shinade aka Jackie (33)
John (15)
Amy Lilley Designs (14)
Speedcat Hollydale (13)
RennyBA (9)
Lynda Lehmann (9)
Netster (9)

and to my Top EC Droppers ...

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40 comments: to “ it's party time.... so far...

  • Jackie 5.8.09

    Oh my I would definitely say it is party time!! Charti's 18th and your 21st birthday just one day apart!

    Congratulations! I will try my best to remember this!

    I can feel the excitement in the air!! oh it's just fantastic!!:-)

  • Jackie 5.8.09

    Wow I am in both lists...that's fantastic. Thank you so much for the mention Kim!

    I haven't forgotten about TAD! I have a weekend post planned announcing and thanking you!

    Also my satellite is working just fantastic!! I was actually here approximately 40 minutes ago. But, of course, I froze up, had to shut down and come back!

    So my visit and drops will definitely be selective today!

    I am so glad you got your frames completed and Marzie's portrait is looking just wonderful!!

    Happy day and big hugs!

  • Kim 5.8.09

    thank you to you Jackie :) :)
    chop...woo hoo you are FC too :) :)
    lol...21!!! are so funny!!!
    I'm off to the studio this morning with the Degas frames and BB sign... and then I'll organise your EC credits :)
    have a lovely day :) :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 5.8.09

    Happy Birthday, Kim!!! I didn't realize yours was coming up too, and moreover, I didn't know you had reached 21! How nice to be so young! Well, at least you can THINK young.

    Have a wonderful week, celebrating. Will Alex be there to celebrate with you, and your mom and sister?

    Good job, with all your projects! Can't wait to see the finished mini-portraits!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 5.8.09

    WOW...a great big right after the other....lots of parties...very cute, the counters...

    You ARE the photos of your WIP...your home, the this blogging business...big hugs to my very busy friend...:)))

  • Speedcat Hollydale 5.8.09

    HOOORAY !!!!!!!!

    Kim, you will b 21? Me too ... :-)

    Portraits are looking great, love the lil counter script too. Happy week and happy birthdays !!!

  • Admin T.H 5.8.09

    hi kim, love your work.

  • Admin T.H 5.8.09

    lol.. sister in law keeps calling me.. type wrong...

  • TH 5.8.09

    gtg sister in law cannot wait :(

  • TH 5.8.09

    yay Marzie birthday this month!

  • Admin T.H 5.8.09

    raining here.. really gtg

  • Admin T.H 5.8.09

    just notice that I am in the Top Dropper yay!

  • Mariuca 5.8.09

    Oh wow! It all looks so good Kim, am even more excited now that I see u working on it hohoho!! :)

  • Mariuca 5.8.09

    Who is Mariana? She is so cute! :)

  • Mariuca 5.8.09

    Wow Kim is that ur balcony out there? Is it facing the beach or something, it looks superb! :)

  • Jackie 5.8.09

    Me FC? wow I am never FC!! Thank you so much for credits...I can use them!

    Yayyyyyyy.....I am FC!!

  • Jackie 5.8.09

    Oh my Marina is very lovely too huh? I hope you are having a productive week. Because it certainly sounds like a busy week!!

    Hugs and happy day when you awake!

  • diane 6.8.09

    Wow! You have been busy! I love the Degas paintings and I just know the mini portraits are going to be gorgeous. I love seeing your work.

    Sorry I hasven't been around much but I have been busy too. I seem to have found a niche making personalized photo albums. I really love it!

    So many things to celebrate - hope everything goes wonderfully well and you all have a ball! Happy birthday to you both!

  • Split Rock Ranch 6.8.09

    Thank you for the shout out in the Top Droppers list! I always enjoy visiting your blogs. Hope you have a very happy birthday...however old you may be! ;o)

  • Ayie 6.8.09

    that's a nice door sign and wow...already getting started with the portraits!

  • Kim 6.8.09

    haha Lynda
    I keep forgetting about my upcoming birthday ...which is a good thing lol
    yes Alex is coming as the joker (Charlotte's party is fancy dress) and Mum is coming as Ma Barker...machine gun and all!!!
    thanks the mini portraits will keep me sane ;)

    oh thanks Amy..
    yes I actually had a choice with Charlotte's birth date nearly 18 years ago as I had a caesarian and I went for the day after my birthday ;)
    Charlie was 6 weeks early and weighed 6lbs 1oz the opposite to Alexander who was a natural birth and weighing 8lb 8 ozes... two very different but wonderful births :))
    hugs to you and your petit tomatoes ;) :))

    haha thanks Speedy
    it's so nice to be young eh...but I think you may be a tad younger than me lol..
    ah yes the counters..I got rather carried away with those hehe...

    thanks TH
    top commenter AND a top dropper too...
    woo hoo !! :) big thanks TH :))
    happy Thursday to you :))

    hi Mariuca
    Mariana is John's daughter (winner of the mini portrait comp)...she's adorable eh!!
    yes I live on the beach and the view from the southern end is the beach entry to the lake I'm literally surrounded by water ...bit like living on a boat hehe..

    lol you are FC Jackie...
    I'll send you the remaining ECs tomorrow ..have been spring cleaning early as I have a trip to Sydney on Saturday....taking Charlie to a modelling audition...just finished taking a new headshot and swimwear portfolio of her ... :)) happy Thursday and hugs to you ;)

    hiya Diane
    thanks and..
    yeah busy busy busy :))
    sounds like you are on a roll ...
    I imagine the photo albums are sensational ..
    will pop over when I get a breather :)

    hi Brenda
    thanks to you for your EC drops and your birthday wishes
    I'd be happy to be 42 again lol :))

    hi Ayie
    thanks...I'm hoping to get started with the mini portraits tomorrow...looking forward to a bit of R and R painting ;)

  • Jackie 6.8.09

    Hello Kim! thank you so much for the EC credits. I was down to zero so they were very much needed and appreciated.

    BTW...I got an email from a local woman wanting to date me. She sent me an extensive detailed report of how she could make me happy.

    Oh dear, now every time I go into town I will be wondering who it is!

    That will teach me to just sign up for a widget and not read all of the details.

    Don't get me wrong. she sounded like a lovely person and will make some one a wonderful companion. But, I still don't think Walter would quite understand a situation like this if it were to occur!

    Happy day when you arise!!:-)

  • Admin T.H 6.8.09

    hi kim.. just come by say hi.. son want me play with him..

  • Admin T.H 6.8.09

    lol hubby here but he dont want.. only want me. no wonder hubby say.. must have me around.

  • Admin T.H 6.8.09

    tired.. getting eye dark circles.. not getting enough sleep

  • Admin T.H 6.8.09

    hope you have a good day/night there :)


  • Admin T.H 6.8.09

    got the ec :) thanks

  • The Muse 6.8.09

    Well for goodness sakes...
    love those mini portraits!

    and I see i am a bit late on extending happy birthday wishes...but I do, I do I DO !!! :)

  • Admin T.H 6.8.09

    yay just drop 3 blgos ec

  • TH 7.8.09

    hi kim, happy friday!

  • TH 7.8.09

    so fast its aug

  • Jackie 8.8.09

    Hi Kim,
    I finally got a thank you posted.

    And some other little goodies!!

  • Jackie 8.8.09

    I apologize it has taken so long but I have been fairly severe pain for the last few weeks.

    I didn't want to be a whiner so I haven't said much. But, the last 2 days were really bad and I finally had to go my primary DR.

    I have a pinched sciatic nerve! so that's why I haven't been to visit lately.

    I haven't been online hardly at all.

  • Jackie 8.8.09

    Now I am on some pretty strong pain medication, steroids, and an anti-inflammatory pill.

    I am, to say the least a little woozy!!

    I had X-rays today and have to go back for an MRI after we get the pain under control!!

  • Jackie 8.8.09

    So please accept my apologies for being so late in posting my thank you.

    I had an image saved for the post and now it's up!

    I even loaded my Poser program back in today. you have inspired me to start playing around in it again also!!

    I just need $129 bucks for an version is 5 years old.

    Oh when you pop over please tell me what color your eyes are. Also will you please email me a copy of your avatar? A 250 to 300 pixel wide will do just fine...i don;t need a great big image!!

    I'm not telling why...because it might not work!!

    Last but not more emails...LOL!!!
    jackie XX'S:-)

  • Jackie 8.8.09

    oh yes as Marzie would add...I dropped my EC and I also clicked through to go visit Lynda!!:-)

  • Shez 8.8.09

    Had to stop by and send you a Very Merry Birthday Wish Kim. Yes it's party time, and hope you have a great time with yours and your daughters. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!! :):)

  • Jackie 9.8.09

    Oh my I do seem to have trouble with your clock widget. Now I have gone and mis-read the date.

    I posted your Happy Birthday too soon.

    I thought it was this weekend. but, I am on some crazy meds right now and capable of making a disaster out of anything.

    I am headed back to bed!

    Jackie XX'S

  • Kim 10.8.09

    thanks for your Birthday Greetings
    and Shez :)))))

  • Lisa Lorenz 22.8.09

    OH man, I love your view! Its breathaking...makes me miss the ocean soooooooooo much! xoxoxo

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