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Mini Portrait of Mariuca Finished!

24 August 2009 46 comments

I've been sick with the flu all week but started to feel better yesterday finished Mariuca's Portrait..
I'll go on with Mariana's Portrait this the two mini portraits should be ready to mail off by the end of August....

Charlotte (aka Madonna) with Alexander (aka Joker) and her cousins Olivia (aka Harlequin) and Michael (aka Peter Pan) at Charlotte's 18th Birthday Party (fancy dress) last weekend

Because August has gone by in a rush with birthdays and parties I have chosen this piece for Music Monday this week...

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46 comments: to “ Mini Portrait of Mariuca Finished! so far...

  • Mariuca 24.8.09


  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    OMG!!!! I love my portrait Kim!!!! :):):):):)

  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    Hohohoo!!! B is here with me Kim and he says ... SUPERB!!! :):):)

  • LadyJava 24.8.09

    Oh wow.. that is awesome!!

  • Netster23 24.8.09

    The cake is so so so so so so gorgeous!!!!!

    I want to eat!!!! hahahahahah

    Happy birthday!!!!

  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    It looks just like my picture Kim, I'm speechless! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    Still smiling here Kim! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, I will treasure it forever! Big hugs! :):):)

  • LadyJava 24.8.09

    Yes.. simply awesome Kim!!

  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    I really love your view Kim, and the cake looks simply divine. You did an amazing job for Charlotte's birthday party. Surely unforgettable! happy birthday to Charlotte again! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    How cool that Charlotte got a fancy dress party for her 18th birthday. I can imagine the work u put into making it a success, great work! :)

  • Mariuca 24.8.09

    Obviously I will be posting about this at my blog ha ha! Love ya Kim! :)

  • Kim 24.8.09

    thanks for your lovely comments Mariuca :)
    I'm so glad you are happy with your portrait and that B likes it too :)
    have a great day and I'll be over in the morning ;)
    hehe Charlie and I are still recovering from her big day ;) as we came down with the flu two days after ...arghhh
    ps you are FC too...
    I'll be sending some ECs to ya tomorrow xxx

    thanks LJ
    as you know I had a very pretty subject :))
    I'll be over in the morning to pick up the link for MM ..
    off to get some zzzz

  • Kim 24.8.09

    ohhh I missed your comment Netster!!!
    didn't have my glasses on!!
    I just saw it on my mod page :0
    thank you.... I'm really happy with Mariuca's portrait :) :)
    and the cake was yummy too...
    have a terrific day :))

  • Admin T.H 24.8.09

    so pretty!

  • Admin T.H 24.8.09

    cake is yummy too!

  • Jackie 24.8.09

    I was so glad to hear from you. I am glad you are feeling better.

    I was down yesterday and had a sore throat. I still don't feel exactly right but the sore throat is gone and I hope that is a good sign!!

  • Jackie 24.8.09

    Marzie's portrait is just wonderful! I know she is so so excited!!

    Charlie's party looks as if you all had a grand time!

    How terrible to get sick the week of your birthdays!!

  • Jackie 24.8.09

    I love love love your pick for this week on MM!!

    You guys are so lucky and so are almost every other country other than us when it comes to YouTube.

    I find so many videos posted that are restricted to us for use. I suppose it is the FCC over here.

    My pick this week is not typical for me at all. I am sure many will be very surprised.

    I hope you have a grand week and welcome back!! We all missed you so much!!

    Happy MM and big hugs,

  • Lynda Lehmann 24.8.09

    The portrait of Mariuca looks great, as does the view from your balcony! (Can I come over for the parties next year? lol...)

    Alex looks so scary as Joker. Did you do his makeup or did he do it himself? Very dramatic!

    Sorry to hear you had the flu but glad to hear you're feeling better, Kim. I always miss you when you are longer between posts.

    I LOVED the movie "August Rush!" Truly an inspiring film!

  • John M. Mora 24.8.09

    lovely portrait and clearly the choppy subjectg is delighted....great.

    Cannot wait for M's portrait.

    The guests and the setting and cake all look inviting - what a view - I am jumping on a Quantas plane soon....Foster's and cake holiday....

    I like that movie - August Rush...just saw Twilight and really liked it.


  • Ayie 25.8.09

    nice work on mariuca's portrait! you totally inspire me to do portraits again! haehe, i want to do many things only time doesn't seem to permit me.

    the party seem to be a lot of fun, nice pretty cake and cute costumes =)

    happy monday kim!

  • Ayie 25.8.09

    nice to know you're feeling better now!

  • Netster23 25.8.09

    have to come and see it again! awesome!

  • Admin T.H 25.8.09

    I like the joker make up :)

  • Admin T.H 25.8.09

    sean busy playing

  • Admin T.H 25.8.09

    its Tuesday and its hot!

  • Admin T.H 25.8.09

    strange dream last night.. forgot whats it about

  • Jackie 26.8.09

    Did I ever tell you that I am pretty sure I am a hypochondriac too? Guess who is coming down sick this week?

    Oh I am dragging Kim!! I am going to finish up this little project and then head back to bed.

    I just want to curl up with my kitties and Mollipop on the sofa and watch t.v.

    But, first I am here to deliver you 2 awards. I know the award thing is difficult for all of us that run artistic no rush or worry.

    I just wanted you to know that I thought of you.

    You can tell I am not right by the way I spelled French. I took French in college and passed!!

    Oh boy I forgot Amy. when you get around to it. Please pass this along to her also. I have really come to love her.

    She is just so super!! I hope you are still feeling better and have a great day!!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 26.8.09

    Mariuca is so soft...what a gentle gentle soul...lovely lovely lovely...

    The photo from Charlie's party is Alexander's 'Joker' make-up...Edward did a photoshop pic of himself as the Joker...I should send it to you to show to Alexander...he'll REALLY like it...

    My oh glad to hear that you are finally feeling better...again, I hope that your beautiful and very inviting terrace has served you well in your re-coup process...TAKE IT SLOW dear Gal...take it slow...hugs, very big hugs...:))

  • Lisa Lorenz 26.8.09

    WOW Kim, what a portrait! And what a deck and view! Its just smashing gorgeous! And I love the pic of the Charlotte, Alex and the wonderful! Looks like it was an amazing party! Bravo to all your hard work mate! xoxoxo Lisa

  • Lisa Lorenz 26.8.09

    OH and that Cake is just freaking awesome! you dont even want to cut into it! so lovey! what a great mum you are!

  • TH 26.8.09

    hi kim, hope you feel better now.

  • TH 26.8.09

    no more feel cramp for now.

  • TH 26.8.09

    super hot weather now :) sweating while comment

  • Kim 27.8.09

    feeling much better TH :)
    the chicken soup worked!!
    hope the weather cools down for you ..

    I hope you are feeling better Jackie...
    the music was from a great film that I must check if it's available on DVD...

    thanks Lynda :)
    Alexander had help..I think his girlfriend did most of it..
    ahh the film ..they should make more gems like that..
    have a good week over your way :)

    thanks John
    yeah the weather has been pretty kind over here though we do get the odd cold snap ..should have Mariana's portrait finished today ;)

    thanks Ayie
    ah yes time!!
    so many things to do and not enough time...I know how that feels..
    happy Thursday to you Ayie :)

    hi Netster..
    welcome back :)

    thanks for the awards Jackie...stay rested and lots of fluids!!

    thanks Amy..
    I'd love to see Edward's Joker
    obviously the boys have a soft spot for that character ;)
    thanks for the get well wishes..nearly back to normal ..touch wood..

    thanks Lisa
    the party turned out super ... and the weather stayed fine too...
    haha the cake...yeah it was hard to cut it up.. :)

    hi TH..
    good to hear you are feeling better...
    have a cool Thursday :))

  • Jackie 28.8.09

    Howdy mate! It's morning on this side.

    My oh my what a view you have!! I think you should have bloggers convention and we could all come for a visit!!

    Your view is magnificent Kim. No wonder you stay inspired.

    I hope you have a great day when you get up!

    Jackie xx:-)

  • RennyBA's Terella 29.8.09

    What a lovely and impressive portrait Kim - as always from you!

    and what nice party outfit and that cake - my mouth is watering!

    Hope you feel good and wish you a happy weekend :-)

  • Jackie 29.8.09

    Some one must be working really really hard this week to get these wonderful portraits finished.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Kim!

  • Admin T.H 29.8.09

    hi kim, come by :)

  • Admin T.H 29.8.09

    been out whole day as bring kids go here and tehre.. so now at brother in law home

  • Admin T.H 29.8.09

    will take rest as dark eye bags.. :(

  • Admin T.H 29.8.09

    wish you an awesome weekend!

  • TH 31.8.09

    hi kim, :) will have another contest at my other blog but still planning :)

  • TH 31.8.09

    tired me... but able to rest here I am glad. at brother in law place... sean hav fun with kids.

  • TH 31.8.09

    so happy we able buy him a bicycle here as we took him to clinic he has deep cut at leg :(

  • TH 31.8.09

    he loves red as he called it fire

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