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Progress on the Mini Portraits

13 August 2009 38 comments

I'll probably have these finished by the end of next week....



have a busy weekend ahead with Charlie's Fancy Dress Party .....


38 comments: to “ Progress on the Mini Portraits so far...

  • Admin T.H 13.8.09


  • Admin T.H 13.8.09

    good work kim! :)

  • TH 13.8.09

    I am sure mariuca saw it and loves it :)

  • Admin T.H 13.8.09

    thanks for follow my blog :)

  • Admin T.H 13.8.09

    yay drop 3 ec blogs

  • Jackie 13.8.09

    Aww not again????? FC?????

  • Jackie 13.8.09

    This is just to good to be true. I know Marzie's in there somewhere!!

  • Jackie 13.8.09

    The portraits are looking really really good Kim!!

    I still need to know the color of your eyes. It's not for a drawing or sketch or anything. But, are they green or blue?

  • Jackie 13.8.09

    You are my last for today. Walter and I are going to kick back and watch a movie.
    I have seen the draft for my make over by LJ and I love it. I am going back dark for the winter.

    We are moving all of the heavy load widgets to the bottom also. hopefully I will load faster.

    Ewww.. I am excited and hope she gets it done tonight or at least by the weekend.

    Soon I am going to change my pattern of posting also.

    I am thinking of going to Monday, Wednesday and Fridays only...well, of course Sunday here for MM.

    when I do this I will have more time for EC and gaining more credits. Then I too can pay my FC's some credits!!

    Speaking of that...if for some crazy reason I am FC yet again....please do not send me any credits...i will feel guilty!!

    Going to run now. Tweak a post I have on hold and then crash with Walter.

    I hope you have a fantastic day!!

    p.S. now who's the talker???

  • bem69 13.8.09

    Great work there Kim, Marzie is looking pretty Marzie heheh.

  • Mariuca 13.8.09

    Oooops I meant to type the portrait comment here LOL, not at ur other site Kim! Again, the portrait looks absolutely fabulous, my friends will be so jealous when they visit me and see such a beautiful portrait hanging on my wall YAY ME!! :):):)

  • lynda lehmann 14.8.09

    Can't wait to see them finished, Kim. You are so good at capturing your subject's personalities! A lot of portrait work just doesn't measure up to yours, in doing that.

  • Amy Lilley Designs 14.8.09

    Kim they are just gorgeous...the WIPs are so exciting...Mariuca is so soft and sweet..and the baby..well, no words necessary...she's a doll...lovely...have a great weekend...busy w/ stuff!!!

  • Netster23 14.8.09

    Hi Kim! So beautiful... I begin to imagine it is me in the portrait!!!!

    Speedy>>lead me your shoulder. I want to cry!!!! How can I not win the portrait??? (sob sob) and... are you sure you going to bribe Kim with chicken win for the next contest???? Thank you Speedy!!! you're the best!

  • Ayie 14.8.09

    wow, so fast!!! will wait to see the finished product til next wk then =)

  • TH 14.8.09

    so pretty potrait must come see again and again

  • TH 14.8.09

    luv your work.. ops sean calling

  • RennyBA's Terella 15.8.09

    Great work - as always from you Kim!

  • TH 15.8.09

    hi kim, so hot here feeling sleepy. going out for lunch.. eat economical rice. :)

  • John M. Mora 15.8.09

    Both are fantastic, Kim...thank very best...loved your manequin comment.

    PS - we are keeping the portrait a surprise from the kids...Mariana will love it.

  • TH 17.8.09

    hi kim, sean have got new Ben 10 clothes.

  • TH 17.8.09

    even the underwear of Ben10 :P so cute, everything in Ben10 except the shoes.

  • TH 17.8.09

    its Monday I just post up some photos at blog

  • TH 18.8.09

    hi kim :) morning to you :P

  • Jackie 18.8.09

    Just popping in to say sweet dreams and god night. I am headed for a hot soak in the tub and then a late movie!!

    I hope you have a grand day Kim!!

  • Jackie 19.8.09

    oh Kim i do so hope you are okay and not sick.

    It's been a while and I am just a little worried and wanted to check on you.

    I hope you are just rally really busy!!

    big hugs,

  • Kim 19.8.09

    hi Jackie..
    both Charlotte and I have been sick in bed since Monday..
    we seem to have caught a virus and we're both sick...
    I feel a little better today but not well enough to paint or blog

  • Kim 19.8.09

    thanks for your lovely comments everyone ;;
    hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon :(

  • Admin T.H 20.8.09

    hope you are better kim, I am going see doc soon.

  • TH 20.8.09

    terrible cramp!

  • Kim 20.8.09

    full of the flu TH ..
    and dosing up on garlic..fresh fruit ..juice and vegies.. :(
    hope you go ok at the drs xxx

  • Lisa Lorenz 22.8.09

    WOW, Kim these portraits are looking just amazing! Beautiful work as always! YOu sure do capture eveyone's soul! xoxoxo

  • Admin T.H 23.8.09

    hi kim, flu, thats bad.. now we are sneezing so much too. :(

  • Admin T.H 23.8.09

    still cramps everyday :(

  • Admin T.H 23.8.09

    garlic, I like very much :) yummy

  • Admin T.H 23.8.09

    the H1N1 getting serious here, even some school closed for 9 days

  • TH 23.8.09

    check out sean little creation :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 23.8.09

    Awesome Kim ... LOve this one!
    Mariuca must be so excited :-)

    Big hug n smoootch from Minnesota to to other side of the planet.

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