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I have won another award !!!!!

7 September 2007 18 comments

This time the very debonair Colin from Life
has given me this great award !!!!!
thanks so much Colin .....
I am passing the award on to these magical blogs:

* Santa's Elf Club

* Blog Elf

* She Walks In Beauty

* The Magical Golden Cat


Question # 8
Last week I signed my most recent portrait...

here is a close up of my initials....

Whose portrait did I paint????

golly gosh!!!

I've just received another one !!!

from the very discerning

Barrett at Huma B~ Post

thank you Barrett...very much appreciated !!!!


18 comments: to “ I have won another award !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    Many congratulations on yet another deserved award. It must be the awards season!

    As for question 8, it looks like the corner of your portrait of Irina Baranova to me!

    Looks like I might be able to make use of the time difference after all!

  • Kim 7.9.07

    haha Diane
    tis the awards season I'm sure :D've spotted the right corner...
    and you are getting in first bedtime here....again...12:24am
    I might post a little earlier tomorrow as the late nights are taking a toll on my normal eight hours a night....
    have a grand evening over there in the UK :)

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    Hi Kim,

    Nice selection of recepients for the awards :)

    Question8: Irina Baronova, an amazing portrait.

  • NIHAL 7.9.07

    Looks like I was not wrong in saying that there would be more Awards coming along your way. *ha ha ha*

    It goes without saying, talent is never hard to find, when you're at Laketrees.

    Congrats once again, Kim :)

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    Congrats, Goily!

    I've not ever seen your actual autograph but am aware of your recent redo of the then thought about incomplete Irina Baranova. I liked her and still like her, either way.
    Then again, you are aware of my previous statement on my art knowledge and art interpretation. It's zip, nada, no mas, finii.


  • Unknown 7.9.07

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Kim.

    It certianly is awards season soon ro be followed by the season that beats all others. I appreciate this very much.YOu do realize that it will give that elf an even bigger head Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Santa ô¿ô

  • Unknown 7.9.07

    by the way Kim. Congratulations to you. You really deserve it. Your prize is on the way too ☺

  • Kim 7.9.07

    ah yes Colin
    and such sweet avatars too !!!!

    thanks so much Nihal...
    looks like you jinxed me.... LOL

    thanks MA're too hard on yerself :0

  • Kim 7.9.07

    ohhhh hi Santa.....thank you....
    haha I thought it might keep the elf busy..........big head !!! the elf????.....surely not :0

  • Lisa Lorenz 7.9.07

    Hi Kim, Congrats on all the awards....this is so wonderful. For question 8: You just signed your beautiful, stunning portrait of Irina Baranova. I love that red...xoxoxo

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    Yet another much deserved award Kim :-)

    Yes, it's Irena Baranova. Love the brilliant colors.

  • Kim 7.9.07

    hi Lisa
    thanks...when it rains it pours lol.....and it's raining here IRL too !!!!
    I've just been admiring your beautiful calendar and have taken some photos for tomorrows post :)

    hi Deborah
    thanks for your answer......ROFL ....just as well I'm not marking for spelling.....
    I believe Colin is the only one with 10/10 for spelling Irina's name......the right way :D
    pronounced Ba- ron -o - vah
    don't mind me's the Teacher coming out in me :D

  • Anonymous 8.9.07

    Congratulations Kim for a blog well done!

  • Anonymous 8.9.07

    Kim- So sorry to give you an award you had already received! You very much deserved it! I do love your blog! I love the give aways, the questions you pose to your readers! You also have a great rapport with your readers and I just thought you deserved the accolade! Take care friend!

  • Sueblimely 8.9.07

    Irina Baronova - thanks Colin for making sure I had the right spelling. Thanks too Kim for helping me take time out to enjoy the nicer things in life.

  • Kim 9.9.07

    thanks so much Boyd :)
    have an enjoyable weekend :)

    I loved getting another award Barrett......I'm fast turning into an award junkie :D
    thanks for your compliments :)

    hi Sue
    I'm glad you are enjoying your visits... :)
    10/10 for spelling too :D

  • Anonymous 10.9.07

    Congratulations on your award Kim! You have a great site.

    Thank you for giving me the award. I really appreciate that.

    ~Sandy G.

  • Kim 10.9.07

    thanks Sandy.....and you are very welcome... :)

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