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Thank you

16 September 2007 16 comments

to Franco
who has
generously awarded
me this lovely badge......
Franco believes

We have to be fully balanced in three parts to fully appreciate and enjoy our
journeys of our lives.

These three parts make up the title of Franco's blog.

Question # 17.
What is the name of Franco's blog?

Question # 18.
Name one of the people who awarded me a
Rockin’ Girl Blogger


16 comments: to “ Thank you so far...

  • Anonymous 16.9.07

    Congratulations! I received a 'Rocking Girl Blogger' award and was going to award it to you but I see you have already been awarded it twice! You really do rock!

    So I shall spread the glory elsewhere while still thinking that you deserve it and I wish I had got in first :-)

    Franco's blog is called 'Mind, Body Spirit and Fluttering Thoughts'- what an excellent title! I know all about fluttering thoughts...

    One of the people who pipped me at the post with the "Rocking Girl Blogger award is Sylvie at 'A Glimpse at my life in La Rochelle'

  • Kim 16.9.07

    haha ..that was quick Diane....
    I was a bit late with these questions as I got mixed up with the days.....and as usual you are spot on with the answers....
    Franco's title is unique isn't it :)haha fluttering thoughts.....mine could probably be called dithering thoughts:D
    thanks so much for thinking of me for the Rockin Girl Blogger award...and congratulations to you...on yours :)
    have a great Sunday... :)

  • Anonymous 16.9.07

    Wow, congrats once again Kim!

    Franco's blog is called Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts, and one that awarded you with the Rockin Girl Blogger award was moi, hehe.

  • Kim 16.9.07

    good on ya Deborah :)
    haha I think Franco has a badge for you too !!! hehe :D

  • NIHAL 17.9.07

    You definitely got it going on and on and on ... Looks like I'm really good in predicting the future * he he he* :))

    Ya, the title at Franco's site is really witty and just mentioning about it makes me wonder away with those "Fluttering Thoughts" ???

    Well done, once again, Kim :)

  • Anonymous 17.9.07

    Look, at this laketrees woman git on with her bad self, will ya? Good on ya, Dear.

    Franco at Mind Body Spirit and Fluttering Thoughts has excellent taste at picking two of me favorite girlies for a blue ribbon award. If it weren't for Deborah giving Kim that awesome Rocking Girl Blogger award, I don't know what I would have done.

    Good on both of yas!

  • Kim 17.9.07

    thanks Nihal.....
    you must have ESP haha....
    and it does seem that Franco's Fluttering Thoughts have everyone intrigued :)

    thanks MA
    from one rockin blogger to another eh........haha.....that badge looks nice on my NEW 3 column template eh?????
    I'm giving you an A+ fer ya answer :)

  • Anonymous 17.9.07

    Congratulations Kim, you are definitely number one.

  • Kim 17.9.07

    thanks so much Boyd :)
    have a good day :)

  • Anonymous 17.9.07

    Mom always did love you the bestest, JB, and I've always wanted a three column blog skin. booo hoooo!

    To date, I'm unable to have one because I'm still an old blogger fan and a three column lay out won't work with it, I understand.

    And yes, it does look very nice-both the three column layout plus the blue ribbon.

    I'm happy for and with you! ^5

  • Kim 17.9.07

    ohhhh ((((JB))))).....don't cry....sniff.... have a hanky....
    it's taken me ages to do....and now I'm thinking that it's a bit busy......oh well maybe I need to have another clean out....of my do I manage to get it so cluttered everytime??? :D

  • Anonymous 17.9.07

    Hi Kim. Congrats on your 'three parts' award. Franco's blog is 'Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts' and is inspiring reading. Sylvie gave you one of your Rocking Girl Blogger Awards - I just had to go and have a read of her blog. As usual I am late in getting in here (considering our clocks are the same I have no excuse)I do look up the answers before entering the comments though, honest.
    You can have a 3 column classic blogger blog Saboma - I had one myself at one time.
    Kim, there is a an online tool that which will give you the loading time of each image and add-in in your sidebar - good to give you an idea of the best things to cull if your sidebar gets too full, as mine tends to do regularly. I will try find it for you.

  • Kim 17.9.07

    ohh that sounds great Sue....
    I have spent hours today and at present it looks terrible.....gotta clean out my sidebars and get rid of the blue colour...eek eek....I'm thinking of making it one wide side bar as the two look cluttered...
    oh well I'll have a go at it.....
    who knows what time I will get to bed though :)

  • The Dork One 18.9.07

    hello kim!!

    thanks for the link, i linked you back already. cool place you got here. i'll be a regular!


  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    He does??? I wasn't aware! Franco's such a sweet guy :-)

    I just tried going back to his site, and didn't see anything other than a link to a post on awards he's received. When I clicked on it, it wouldn't allow me in without a username and password, which I don't have, and I can't read a post from a link without it :-(

  • Kim 18.9.07

    hi Alex....welcome....:)
    and you're welcome...and thank you :)

    I will send you the direct link Deborah... :)

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