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On a Sunny Spring Day.......

13 September 2007 13 comments

55 years ago ..
my Parents were married.....on this day..
My Dear Dad passed away 5 years ago.......
my Mum said that today's weather was just like her
wedding day....
My heart aches when I think about my Dad and
how my Dear Mum misses him every day......

I know we'll meet again one sunny day Dad.....

pictures taken from the balcony today

I am posting the next two questions today as I will be in Sydney tomorrow.....

Question # 15
Name one of the men in my group portrait titled
"The Last Train Home"

Question # 16
I painted a portrait of my Dad for my Mum.
What is the title of the portrait?


13 comments: to “ On a Sunny Spring Day....... so far...

  • Anonymous 13.9.07

    So many things to say...A very moving post, Kim. I'm glad that you have such a beautiful day to remember your father. (Not that you probably don't remember him every day).

    The portrait of him that I found was called Mr Wonderful - is that the one? It was obviously painted with much love and tenderness.

    I love "The Last Train Home'. I had a lump in my throat when I read about the Barker family boys and their experiences. It is so poignant. You are so lucky to be able to commemorate your family in such a personal and beautiful way.

    One of the people in the painting is called Tom, by the way.

  • Kim 13.9.07

    thanks Diane
    yes it has been a moving day for me.....I have been listening to the exquisite voice of Katherine Jenkins (the Welsh singer)....and with the loss of Pavarotti as has been a sad week......
    I am blessed that I can paint those who are very dear to me.....

  • Anonymous 13.9.07

    Hi Kim, Wonderful words,

    It's sad when our parents pass away, my dad passed away 26 years ago, and mum 17 years ago, both in their 50's, yet it often appears that it was only many memories remain :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 13.9.07

    Hi Kim, your beautiful post has touched my heart! A Beautiful way to remember your father. I am thinking of you and your lovely mother today. The portrait you did of your father is brilliant and so full love in every stroke. It is in entitled "Mr. Wonderful"!

    The last train home is such a moving story of the barker men who went to war to fight for our freedom. One of the men in your painting is Job, your grandfather. Just beautiful way to remember your family Kim, xoxox.
    It is a sad week and I am also saddened by the loss of Mr. Pavarotti.

  • Kim 13.9.07

    thank you Colin
    you are so right Colin...the memories are always there.....and the time goes by so quickly in some ways....such a great loss to lose your Mum and young...

  • Kim 14.9.07

    thank you Lisa
    my Mum often says that the portrait of Dad is a comfort....just like our special kookaburras who flew onto the balcony today....I'm sure they were enjoying the wonderful music too... :)

  • Anonymous 14.9.07

    I bet that it is difficult stepping away from that awesome view on the balcony, JB. I had a home at the base of the San Gorgonio foothills and the view that you see on your balcony was my front window view except of course a few differances. I lived in diary land. We had dairy smog from the cattle lowing in the am and pm hours. It was kinda neat except when the odors of it drifted our way and got trapped against the mountain. phewie!

    I always wondered about the Barker Boys. It seems that I met them in a contest somewhere. I smiled then as I am smiling right now. The Barker Boys are pretty darn good boys. Of course, Job was one of my favorite ones although each one held my heart of hearts in his own way. And Mr Wonderful! What a very handsome man he was. Moreover, it's no wonder that he had your mother's attention. Matter of fact, I believe that I can see bits of him in your facial expressions. I'm the same with how I represent both of my parents and their personal features. It's funny how equal opportunistic DNA is in some families.

  • BoydGreeneArt 14.9.07

    Kim, I agree with Diane about the painting of your father. It shows the great amount of love and pride you have for him.

    I could not fathom not having my dad as we are so close.

    My heart goes out to your mom and your family.

  • Anonymous 14.9.07

    My heart aches for you because yours does Kim. I know the pain all too well, as my father was my rock :-) I'm glad you had a nice sunny day for it.

    I agree with Saboma, you have some of your father in your face, and he was a very handsome man. It's so nice that you can use your talent to give comfort to your mother with his painting. I keep my father's driver's licence in my wallet, so it goes wherever I go :-)

    Mr. Wonderful, the perfect title for your father, and Job from the Barker Boys.

  • Anonymous 14.9.07

    What an amazing gift to have to be able to create such rich lasting memories on canvas.. Something to be passed down from generation to generation too. "The Last Train" just begs out for you to discover and learn more about the men and the circumstances that led to such sad eyes - it tells such a powerful story. Job, your grandfather, is one of the diggers in the painting.

    The portrait of your father is called "Mr Wonderful". I hope that today you have been able to smile about his wonderful qualities despite the sadness.

  • Kim 15.9.07

    yeah the view's pretty good especially when the weather warming up now....I think as long as you can see water then you have a little bit of paradise...JB.. :)
    I think the Barker Boys story....
    is the Australian version of Saving Private Ryan....I don't know of any other family with such a huge loss...
    haha a lot of people think I look loke my Dad....yet just lately people have mistaken me for my you're right about the DNA...

    thank you Boyd....
    yes it is terrible to lose a parent...especially when you are close.....
    and it is forever hard to fathom.....losing your nearest and think they will be here forever
    thank you for your kind words...

    that is so touching that you carry your Dad's driver's licence in your wallet......Deborah
    Dad inherited his good looks from his Dad ...Job......and it's nice to think that the gene has been passed down...Alexander has more of Dad in him.....but that's to be he is male haha :D

    thanks Sue....
    yes it's nice to have the many happy memories of Dadto remember too.....I think birthdays and anniversaries are always the hardest....
    the Barker Boys did have sad eyes didn't they......I noticed that when I was drawing them....and I think that they were brown too...
    it's hard not to get emotionally involved when you paint portraits of those dear to you....

  • Anonymous 15.9.07

    I'll share more with you someday about my face morphing between both of my parents PLUS how my innate tendancies got in the way of my relationship with my mother. Somehow, I carry my maternal grandfather's personality although I never met him before he died.

    JB, it's a very eery story yet one that was/is very real.

  • Kim 15.9.07

    ooooh that sounds interesting JB
    funny how we throw back to relatives that we have never met........
    doodoodoodooo..deja vu......

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