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Question # 4

3 September 2007 21 comments


This is a photo of my niece Tahlia ..
the photo is the logo on my Sister's site...
the question is:
What is my Sister's Ballet School called????
hint it is in my buddies blogroll.......
check out the photo of Tahlia at is the photo that I used as my reference for her drawing........


21 comments: to “ Question # 4 so far...

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    I know this one - Baby ballerinas :) And I'm first - woohoo. (I just happened to be here when you posted!) haha


  • Kim 3.9.07

    haha Anna
    you are just TOO clever :D

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    I'm sure glad that anna got that one correct. Congrats, Anna!

    It took me a while looking back and forth between here and the comments section before it finally clicked although I wasn't exactly sure what the heck the answer was/is since the way it was posted, it read, my Sister's Baby Ballerinas instead of Baby Ballerina's.

    I know that you write a bit better than that yet since Tahlia is your brother's child, then his wife would be your sister in law and not your Sister.

    Am I a whacka doo or what?

  • Lisa Lorenz 3.9.07

    Hi Kim, oh little Tahlia is so cute in her little ballerina costume. This one was easy for me...Baby Ballerinas is your sister's company and I can go one further...your sister's name is Karen! Have a great date mate xoxoxo

  • Kim 3.9.07

    LOL MA
    I see what you mean....I'm confused just reading it back :D
    My sister hasn't got any Baby Ballerinas herself and my brother and his wife have a daughter called Tahlia who is the Baby Ballerina in the photo on my Sister's that complicated or what....but you got it !!!!!

    oh Lisa you are just too too clever....
    have a great day too mate :D

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    I'm going to have to stay up late or get up early to get in first with these answers! I did find out Baby Ballerinas for myself though!

  • Anonymous 3.9.07


    Actually, I write better than what I just did earlier on this post. I really am well versed on punctuation, but that previous comment of mine sure doesn't show it now, does it, JB.

    I reckon it's time for me to make night nite. I'm a bit daft at times, as you well know. Now is one of those times, me thinks.

    I posted a lil diddy for Tahlia. I hope she dances.

  • Kim 3.9.07

    LOL...Diane....I believe you.....
    I am posting here just after 12pm..every night.....which would make it ummmmm I'll have to get back to you on that.....but I'll give you a hint ...the question will be posted HERE tomorrow :D

  • Kim 3.9.07

    I've x posted with ya MA....
    now that's a first I think :D
    punctuation?'re the Queen of grammar
    nity nite.....will take a squizz at yer lil diddy now :o)

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    ahah first post got the answer :P anna really smart. Btw, how old is she (Tahlia)?

  • Kim 3.9.07

    hi Louiss....
    haha.... Anna was clever getting it first......Tahlia is 4.....she was 2 in the photo here :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 4.9.07

    I love the picture of your niece, she looks like a very precious little lady and another ballerina.

    You are creating too much fun on here!:)

  • Kim 4.9.07

    haha Boyd
    and I'm not getting much painting done :-0

  • Sueblimely 4.9.07

    Your blogroll are providing me with some wonderful reading, Kim. I nearly forgot to post an answer to this question though. I got caught up reading Loz's blogs this time.

    Answer: Baby ballerinas

  • Kim 4.9.07

    haha Sue
    it's so easy to get sidetracked when reading blogs...I know I've done it at yours as you have all these interesting links especially for the tech challeged like me...I think I spent about 4 hours last night looking at widgets...addictive little things
    Loz has some great blogs and some great stories and one just sorta leads to the next...:D

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    Trying to play catch-up here after working thru the weekend ...

    Just as Anna and the rest stated which I already knew:

    Baby Ballerinas.

  • Kim 5.9.07

    thanks Deborah
    I thought you might have known this one ....:D

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    woah 4 years old know how to play well in dance

  • Kim 5.9.07

    ah yes Louiss
    Tahlia started dancing when she was 2 years old :)

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    Still catching up hahahaha

    Q4: Baby Ballerinas....found it under your Blogroll Buddies :)

  • Kim 7.9.07

    great work Colin :)

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