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and the Winner of the Free Portrait is......

30 September 2007 33 comments

Sue and Diane

have answered all the questions correctly....

with Mary Ann and Deborah close runners up...

I have decided that I will give Sue and Diane a portrait each .....

so gals

big congratulations

and if you email me an A4 photo of your choice I will get started

the portraits will be graphite on Arches paper

42cm x 60cm and will be mailed to you by

Australian post......

a big thank you to every one who commented on my competition posts and

I hope to

have another one before Christmas......

big thanks to the gals and guys at:


Interesting Observations

Sueblimely - Discovering Blogging Help

Life in the Fast Lane

Much of a muchness



Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

for your terrific promotion !!!!!!!

top logo design by:

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator


33 comments: to “ and the Winner of the Free Portrait is...... so far...

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    Woo hoo! I am so excited! Thank you so much. Now I just have to find a suitable photograph, which will be a challenge!

    I am very grateful. Thank you, I can't wait to see it

  • Kim 1.10.07

    hah Diane
    I'm sure you won't have any problems finding a photo...

    have a great day..... and lots of fun this week over in LA..... :) :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    WOW.. Congrats to Diane and Sue... and to you my Queen for hosting such a nice contest successfully :) and of course my congrats to Saboma and Deb...

    you know I would definitely have won it if I participated ;P [kiddin' of course] :) much fun ladies... have a great rest of the weekend...

    Kim - are you gonna put up the collective answers in one place? :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    oh I wanted to say, I love that logo :) very cool...

  • Kim 1.10.07

    haha will have have to go in the next one :D
    I will probably put up all the answers on the details page of the competition....
    thanks Pearl.....
    I designed my logo at 3DTextMaker...the link is in my sidebar......
    have a great Sunday...Princess :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    Congrats to Sue and Diane!

    You don't know what a special treat you're in for, but you'll soon find out :-) Photos don't reveal the half of Kim's talent. You'll have a wonderful piece of hers to call all your own.

  • Kim 1.10.07

    thanks for your kind comments Deborah :)
    have a great day !!!!!

  • kuanyin333 1.10.07

    Even though I didn't win, I'm happy for the winners! I think they tried harder and deserve it!

  • Kim 1.10.07

    ah yes Kuanyin ..
    there were 30 questions to answer during September...and I tried to keep them pretty simple....with a few tricky ones thrown in and then... :)

  • Kim 1.10.07

    durrr Pearl
    I just realized that you might have meant the logo in the post.....

  • Kim 1.10.07

    and this is the link Pearl
    Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    This is really nice of you Kim and congrats to the winners!

  • Kim 1.10.07

    thanks Rennie
    I didn't have the heart to do a draw for the's quite exciting for me to have 2 portraits to do :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    Congratulations to the lucky winners :-)

    BTW: Lifecruiser is going to celebrate several times this month, check up the cyber cruise schedule in the end of my posts.

    Not to mention: Make sure to mark your calendar for the open haunted house Halloween party!

    Read more about it here:
    Halloween Party For All Bloggers

  • Kim 2.10.07

    hi Captain
    thanks for dropping by....
    I'll be sure to your event in my calendar..... :D

    hi Joy
    thanks for calling in.....
    have a great day :D

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    Personally speaking,I can't think of any two faithful and adamant folks who visit here and have participated with all their hearts as did Diane and Sue, Kim. I'm very pleased and absolutely thrilled that you two won!

    I have scored simply by playing along. I have fun simply because I'm here. Everyone here is the bomb as we say here in the states.

    *Hugs to All*! and thanks for being here, too.

  • Jos 2.10.07

    Hi Kim, you have been tagged by Santa’s Community Blog in a Collective Christmas Meme. Hope you can find a way to participate!

  • Kim 2.10.07

    yeah MA
    you all did a great job on the questions and it was a ton of fun.....and you dear friend...have been a top participator !!!!

  • Kim 2.10.07

    thanks Jos...
    I will pop over and check it out... :)

  • The Insane Writer 2.10.07

    You've been tagged. Feel free to play along if you like. :)

  • Kim 2.10.07

    thanks Joy :)
    will pop over and have a look :)

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    Congratulations Diane and Sue you have a very wonderful portrait coming and Kim thank you!

  • Kim 2.10.07

    you're welcome Boyd and have a great day :)

  • One Wacky Mom 2.10.07

    So I guess that means I don't win...bummer! Pooh hoo! I was ready to wrap it up and give mine to hubby for Xmas! Course it was of me...LOL.

    Even better I was going to have one made for my he could stare at me all day long (He's away at college...he probably misses me so much he can barely stand it...RIGHT!!!). loL kIM!

    OH, POOH, I'm never gonna win anything!

  • Kim 2.10.07

    now now Ev ..... :D
    you will get another chance before Christmas....I'm sure your hubby and son will be patient.....

    don't cry are already a winner ....and've just had that smashing trip to Maui...and met all of those VIPS......and you are writing a book !!!!!

  • Anonymous 3.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    Many congratulations to Diane and Sue, very worthy winners who no doubt will be extremely pleased with their prize :)

    Love the post logo, will have to look more into that link sometime.

    I’m also just mooching around visiting all those tagged with Santa’s Christmas Meme and ensuring that they are added to my Technorati Fav’s along the way :)

    Have a great week


  • Kim 3.10.07

    thanks Colin....
    I've just spent the last couple of hours doing a few memes including the Christmas one...that logo is great isn't it.....and pretty straight forward too.....and there are heaps of different fonts and could be there til Christmas making new logos haha....

  • Anonymous 3.10.07

    Congratulations to Sue and Diane!!

    Can't wait to see the final works, as I know Kim will hopefully post about them once finished :)

    Take care;

  • Kim 3.10.07

    hi Anna
    thanks for dropping by.....
    I'm looking forward to getting started......
    have a great week :)

  • Sueblimely 3.10.07

    What a time to have my computer crash on me - I have only been doing some basic things this week on a computer that does the family TV show recording which makes it so slow to do anything else. Now I can browse again. Yippee!
    Thank you so much Kim. There is no hurry for it at all so please do not make yourself too busy - fit it in only when you have the time around your other projects.

  • Kim 3.10.07

    hi Sue..
    that's no good....
    I don't know what I would do if my computer crashed !!!!
    no worries.....I'm quite used to working on several projects at once so feel free to send the
    photo(s) any time soon :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 17.10.07

    Wonderful portrait, Kim! The enlarged image shows all your deft strokes. Very well done. and how exciting for the recipient!

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks so much Lynda...
    Diane was a pleasure to draw..... :)

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