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Blog Action Day

9 October 2007 10 comments


All Blogs Invited to Take Part in Joining Voices to Help Environment
An international initiative of bloggers known as "Blog Action Day" launched today, with the aim of uniting thousands of blogging voices, talking about one issue for one day. This year on Blog Action Day, which is slated for Oct. 15, 2007, bloggers will be discussing the environment.

Major blogs have signed up to participate, including Lifehacker, Dumb Little Man,, Get Rich Slowly, Web Worker Daily, GigaOm, The Simple Dollar, Zen Habits, Freelance Switch, LifeClever, Unclutterer, Pronet Advertising, Wise Bread and many more.

"For just one day, we'd like to unite as many of the millions of bloggers around the world and speak about one issue - the environment," said Collis Ta'eed, an Australian blogger from, and a cofounder of Blog Action Day. "We want to display the potential and the power of the blogging community, which is a disparate community but one with an amazing size, breadth and diversity. By bringing everyone together for one day, we can see just how much can be achieved, and how much we can be heard."

Blog Action Day is a non-profit initiative, and will be an annual event. As an alternative to blogging about the environment on Blog Action Day, bloggers can opt to participate by donating their blog's proceeds from Oct. 15 to one of several environmental organizations chosen for this purpose: Greenpeace International, The Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the Conservation Fund, and the Sierra Club.

Bloggers who would like to participate in Blog Action Day should visit or email Collis Ta'eed at, so they can be listed on the Blog Action Day site. To participate, a blog just needs to write about the issue of the environment on Oct. 15, 2007, or donate its proceeds for the day to one of the chosen environmental organizations.


10 comments: to “ Blog Action Day so far...

  • Anonymous 10.10.07

    I am currently running a month-long blogging campaign on environment-related matters, which had begun on Sept 15th, and will conclude on Oct 15th in conjunction with Blog Action Day. And I'd like to invite you to participate in the campaign.

    Perhaps you have some tips or experience you'd like to share?

  • Anonymous 10.10.07

    Sounds awesome. I'll have to remember. Thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous 10.10.07

    Thanks for the reminder Kim. I am organized and have already done my post. The real truth - I thought it was last Monday, I am not normally that organized :-)

  • Kim 10.10.07

    thanks for dropping by Pelf.....I will check it out.....

    you're welcome Boyd.. :)

    hi Sue
    I did my posts last night ....and I was lucky to get a reminder email from the Blog Action people yesterday.....

  • Ronnie 10.10.07

    i took the same test and it says that im a purist, expert, undiscovered blogger. haha! i have just finished my post for the blog action day and will just wait for the 15th to publish it. ^_^

  • Kim 10.10.07

    lol Ronnie.....
    the quiet achiever perhaps :)
    I will be interested to see what everyone writes about :)

  • Danielle Brigida 11.10.07

    What organization are you guys thinking of donating to?

  • Kim 11.10.07

    I'm not sure LepiDoptera...
    I wasn't aware that a donation was required...I will get back to you on that ....

  • Anonymous 11.10.07

    This is a great way to help our environment. Don't worry I'll help you spread the word on the 15th of October. You have my support!

  • Kim 11.10.07

    thanks Nanny....
    I love your blog name......
    don't forget to check out the blog action site.....they have heaps of info and you can register there too....:)

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