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Landscape # 2

19 October 2007 8 comments

I finally managed to get a photo of Alexander's other landscape that he painted for the HSC........his concept was the environment and pollution....
location ..our other view...looking at the beach....

Landscape # 1

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8 comments: to “ Landscape # 2 so far...

  • BoydGreeneArt 19.10.07

    Great painting and a great message. You see more and more nature art coming out with a voice for change. Very nice.

  • Anonymous 19.10.07

    Wow! That is stunning indeed. I love it. What a talented painter. When does he get his results? I predict a top grade...

  • Anonymous 19.10.07

    This is great work, Kim. Congratulate him from me please. What is he planning to do after he leaves school?

  • Kim 19.10.07

    thanks Art of Passion and Emotion..
    true....hopefully the art can mirror nature in a positive way...
    thanks for visiting..
    hi Diane ..
    he is sitting for his first exam it will be later in the year....:)

    hi Sue....
    he is hoping to do a photography course ....
    Alexander has a passion and talent for photography......I've never seen him that excited about his painting fact ...I get more excited about his paintings..

  • Lisa Lorenz 19.10.07

    Holy Koalas! Just Smashing! What a painting. Water is so hard to handle imo...and Alex did an amazing job. Its stunning. I am so happy and proud of him. You must be beaming Kim! Bravo, xoxoxo

  • Kim 19.10.07

    hiya Lisa :)
    I am very proud....and he has done a fantastic job...and he whips them up so fast...I'm trying to talk him into doing fine arts with a major in photography as it seems such a shame for his talent to be wasted :)

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Gorgeous painting Alex!

    What a waste it would be to not continue with his painting. I think you have the perfect idea there Kim :-)

  • Kim 20.10.07

    ah yes Deborah...
    maybe I can twist his arm or bribe him .....hehehe
    he has plenty of time to work it out as he is planning on taking a trip around Australia first... :)

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