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The Meme to end all Memes

2 October 2007 20 comments

OK...I have been tagged with quite a number of memes this this is going to be one very long post...

Collectively Written Christmas Meme # 1.

Here are the rules:

The first group of bloggers that are tagged below will add 2 lines to the first text line that is provided. In those added lines, one word will have to be hyperlinked to their own blog, and their post will have to include a link to Santa's Community Blog.
Please include line numbers, and please also include a call to all bloggers to join Santa's Community here on MyBlogLog!

Then tag 5 more bloggers (picking existing members of the "Santa's Community Blog" community would be a good start), who will add their next 2 lines, and they tag another 5 more bloggers, etc. etc.

You can turn the text after the first line into a Christmas Short Story, a Poem, a Carol, whatever you feel like doing. When the text has reached 21 lines, you are asked to submit the story. You can do that by leaving a comment to this message, with a link to your own post. We will select the best, nicest, warmest, funniest Collectively Written Christmas Stories and publish them here on Santa's Community Blog.

Santa's Community Blog Collective Christmas Meme
1- The day before Christmas a young little girl
2- named Kim (after Rudyard Kiplings' Kim)
3- decided to go on a picnic with her very good friends

Lisa, Saboma, Deborah, Sue , Diane , Pearl and the Blog Elf

The first bloggers that are tagged are:
all members of the Santa Certified Award Hall of Fame

Magical golden Cat
Mike from Ordinary Folk
Tish from
The Kat House
Cotojo from
Bob from
Deborah from
Climate of our Future
Marzi from
Emila from
Emila's Illustrated blog
Adrian from
First Time Dad
Christy from
Christy's Coffee Break
Andrew from
Hotel Booking Pro
Christine from
The Sapheyerblu Review
Kim from
Zubli from
the Book Project
Janice from
This is a Miracle
Sophie from
Catherine from
A Week in the Life of a Redhead
Lynda (ljw) from
Lynda's Loft
Lili from
Feel Happy
Surjit from
ArahMan from
My Journey to Recovery
Bobby from
JohnC from
Homeless Family's Blog
Sandy from
At Your Service
Kim from
Jeane Michelle Culp from
Nomdeplume the Poetress
Judy from
Gracie Belle theblogfairy from
She Walks in Beauty
Kuanyin from
Ev Nucci from My Life is Murphy's Law
Jo from
Life with Heathens
Nick from
Anything Goes
Andrea from
A Circle of Women
Ann from
A Nice Place in the Sun
Jackie (Shinade) from
The Painted Veil
Paula from
Polliwog's Pond
Joey from
Hearts a Fire
Lisa from
Work at Home Mom Revolution
Brown Baron from
Brown Thoughts
Maartje from
Behind the Page
Jos from
NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
Tyro Pearl from
Interesting Observations
Janice from
Twist and Skewer
Michelle Dyer from
Michelle Dyer's Writing Circle
Eric from SpeedCatHollydale
Diane (DCA) from Much of a Muchness
Robyn (Healing Words) from The Spirit knows Best
Lynn from Recipes
The Blog Elf from Elf Patrol
Deborah at FastFastLane
Sandee from Comedy Plus
Adria at Incinq
and I am tagging:
# 2.

I have been tagged by the Magnificent Mighty Morgan @ The process of a miracle..the next steps. who was tagged by Rolando from Rplayground, who was tagged by Erina author of the blog Into the Inkpot with the following meme regarding English weaknesses. These are her exact words:

To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, you simply tag five individuals for the meme. Those five people will, in return, tag five more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone that is feeling ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.

and my spelling mistakes ????

I don't make any common spelling mistakes..... 100% in spelling all the way through school......however I do have an aversion to Capital Letters and Sentence Structure...hence the dots...after most phrases and sentences.....

I would like to tag these super duper writers:

Colin @ Life

Barrett @ Huma B~ Post

Mark @ What's wrong with me ???

Franco @ Mind Body Spirit and Fluttering Thoughts

Renny @ RennyBA's Terella

# 3.

I have been tagged by Joy @ The Insane Writer for:

10 Random Facts

The Rules of this tag:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List ten (10) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eleven people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. These eleven persons would have to tag 12 people.
5. You could also tag back, if desperate !
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

The Random Facts:
I'm not writing about me this time......
I am going to write about the pets that I have had.....

1. Goldie.....our first family pet.....a placid lovable cross labrador/corgi
2. A nameless kitten that I brought home from school when I was 4 years old
3. unbelievably stupid Afghan dog that was given to me on my 21st birthday
4. A golfish called Cleo
5. A goldfish called Goldie (named in memory of our dear dog)
6. A budgie called Simpson (named after a washing machine brand)...
who unfortunately drowned in the golfish bowl...(true story)
7. A cockatoo called Parrot (who thought he was a parrot)
8. A blue tongued lizard called Lizzie
9. Numerous possums
10. and last but not least our very special kookaburras... (not really our pets...but frequent visitors)

I would like to tag:

Boyd @ Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

Joh @ Joh Blogs

Christy @ Christy's Coffee Break

Zubli @ Who Is Zubli Zainordin


20 comments: to “ The Meme to end all Memes so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 3.10.07

    Looks familiar :-)

  • Kim 3.10.07

    ha ha I wonder how many are circulating at present Speedcat !!!

  • Franco Yong 3.10.07

    Hi Kim..thanks for remembering me and the warm thoughts you've for me. A Big hug for you!!

    Franco :-)

  • Kim 3.10.07

    you're more than welcome Franco (hugs)..
    I'm sure that you're a perfect speller too :D

  • Anonymous 3.10.07

    Wow that's like a freaking super meme. Maybe next time you can tag the dog. ;)

  • Kim 3.10.07

    I will....count on it ...I will Dog....:D

  • Cooper 3.10.07

    haven't been here in awhile. This place looks great.

  • Kim 3.10.07

    thanks Cooper...
    my blog seems to a never ending work in progress at the moment..
    thanks for dropping by :)

  • Anonymous 3.10.07

    Thanks for the tag! Me making writing mistake ?!? Do you mean in English or Norwegian, my native tongue Norwegian? LoL

  • Kim 3.10.07

    ha ha Renny
    I keep forgetting that your native tongue is Norwegian......
    your English is so good !!!! :D

  • Anonymous 3.10.07

    Your menagerie of animals over the years reminds me much of mine. I did not have many while growing up but my children made up for it. Cats, dogs, mice, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit crab. We even had a duck to stay for a few weeks. He was an 'inside duck' too!

  • Kim 3.10.07

    LOL inside duck...
    that's quite a quirky assortment of pets children constantly whinge about being deprived ...but apartment living isn't really that great for animals...except a couple of goldfish who promptly died and broke the kids' hearts :0

  • Anonymous 3.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    Christmas meme looks good and gee, then you so much for yet another tag hahaha....I think I will have to dedicate a day or two just to catch up on them all :)
    Spelling mistakes? That should be a good one lol, I'll just have to start making some :)

  • Jos 3.10.07

    Hi Kim, thanks for this! You did a great job on the Christmas meme!
    Can you please "hunt" your taggees a little bit, to make sure that they follow up on it? ;)
    We want to be able to offer some wonderful results to Santa i the end :)
    Thanks again! Have a great day!

  • Kim 3.10.07

    haha gotcha Colin
    "Christmas meme looks good and gee, then you so much for yet another tag"
    I knew someone would slip up :D

    'hunt' them down....gosh...I'll try :0

  • Kim 3.10.07

    hi Jos...haha ...looks like I will have to get the hounds out.....
    you have a great day too :)

  • Christy 3.10.07

    Hi Kim, I've already done this meme a while back, but you never know I may just decide to do it again.

    Thanks for thinking of me! :) I hope you have a great day!

  • Kim 3.10.07

    that's fine Christy....
    thanks for dropping in and letting me know...
    have a great evening too :D

  • Orlando Rubio 7.10.07

    Kim I am in vacation right now here in the pHilippines but don't worry I will make my meme before Christmas. Have a nice day to you and Merry Christmas in advance.

  • Kim 8.10.07

    thanks for dropping by Edward...
    have a great holiday !!!!

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