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Shibumi and a treat from Santa !!!!

30 October 2007 20 comments

My debonair friend Colin @ Life and Free PC Security has very graciously given me this very elegant award ....thank you very much Colin !!!!!
this award was given to Colin by Jesse

The ’shibumi’ award was originally created by Hawk and has a deep and profound meaning:

‘Shibumi is a Japanese term which used in the following context is a noun. Its meaning refers to a ‘particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and
unobtrusive beauty” which can be applied to almost anything.’

I am passing this award onto these very elegant bloggers and bloggettes....

Saboma @ Maryannaville

Boyd @ Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

Diane @ Much of a Muchness

Cooper @ Wonderland or Not

and The Elf

this delightful award was given to me by Santa @ Santa's Community Blog to celebrate Halloween

and I am passing it on to

Ronnie @ I Set No Corner

Jen @ Super Fund Raiser

Christina @ Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles

Comedy Plus

Renato @ Renato d'Oxaguiã


20 comments: to “ Shibumi and a treat from Santa !!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 31.10.07

    Thank you, Dahlink o Mine. You're the bestest and the hostest with the mostest, doncha know?

    I'm smiling big, btw.

  • Anonymous 31.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    Congrats on your awards...awesone aren't they....and you'll soon be needing a whole new page just to put them on lol

    Havea wonderful day


  • Sandee 31.10.07

    Thank you so very much. I will post and pass this special treat on. Sandee

  • Kim 31.10.07

    I thought that you might appreciate this one MA :)

    ah yes Colin.....
    I have a page for awards ...I'm working on the design of it right now :)

    hi Sandee
    thanks very much ...
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 31.10.07

    JB, I appreciate the effort behind each and every one of these awards.

    I just space more often than not; moreover, I do it almost regularly. There are times when I've thought about something long and hard enough that I've actually convinced myself that I needed to do actually got done but never did get done until long afterwards, if that makes any sense.

    I'm really really bad, sometimes, JB.

  • Kim 31.10.07

    "There are times when I've thought about something long and hard enough that I've actually convinced myself that I needed to do actually got done but never did get done until long afterwards, if that makes any sense."

    sort of ...but I went crossed eyed reading it :D


  • Anonymous 31.10.07

    You should have tried explaining it.
    Am too. AND I admit it. That's more than most will admit.

    I'll think about a project and think hard and long about how to do it then space into something else until I forget it because I've convinced myself that I've already done it only to discover later on that it didn't actually get done. All I did was think hard and long about doing it.

    Is that better?

  • Ronnie 31.10.07

    thanks for the recognition laketrees. have a great day!

  • Kim 31.10.07

    crystal clear MA :D

    you have a great day too Ronnie :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 1.11.07

    Congrats on your well-deserved awards, Kim!

  • Kim 1.11.07

    thanks Lynda....
    have a lovely day :)

  • Anonymous 1.11.07

    Congratulations Kim you are a phenomenal lady that has a personality people easily gravitate towards. They feel your strength and compassion. Thank you for giving me this wonderful award.

  • Kim 1.11.07

    thanks very much Boyd...
    it was my pleasure to give you this's people like you that make blogging worthwhile :)

  • Anonymous 2.11.07

    Eeeek! I didn't say thank you for passing this award onto sorry and very many thanks!

  • Kim 2.11.07

    you're welcome Diane... :)

  • Anonymous 4.11.07

    Congrats on yet another well-deserved award Kim :-)

    Colin rocks!

  • Kim 4.11.07

    thanks Deborah :)
    he certainly does !!!!!!

  • Unknown 18.11.07

    hey cool beans Kim how do I post this lil treat on my blog send me details mighty yummy lookin I just found this via techorati!

  • Kim 18.11.07

    hi Christina
    I commented on your blog at the time fact it was the post that you did on awards....
    that Technorati is slow tracking links isn't it...
    just copy and save the award...then pass it on to anyone or no's entirely up to you ...
    have a great weekend :)

  • cleon dann 21.9.09

    congrats... i really pleased to read ur blog... it is lovable...
    i love that...

    cleon dann

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