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Blogging that hits the mark...

17 October 2007 32 comments

Speedcat Hollydale Page has given me this great award
Speedcat received the award fromThe Genie King, Adrian Homer First Time Dad......
I first saw this award over at Diane's blog Much of a Muchness and was going to steal it....but now I don't have to...I am passing the award onto 5 blogs that I have relied on for all things technical:

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger (Beta)
Vin....who I regard as the Guru of Bloggers and he even has his own 10 Commandments for Bloggers to subscribe to !!!!

I know Mary Ann doesn't focus on the technical side of blogging but she has sure done a wonderful job helping me out with the technical side of blogger.

Sueblimely - Discovering Blogging
Help, tools, new resources, tutorials and tips for bloggers.
I'm hoping to follow Sue's lead when she makes her exodus to Wordpress.

Blogger Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks for those using Blogger (blogspot) for their blogs. Many tips are also relevant for those using other blogging services.

Blogger Buster
Helping you make the most of your Blogger blog...
Blogger Buster is dedicated to enhancing the experience of Blogger users. Here you will discover Blogger tutorials, free templates and blogging tools to help you make the most out of your blog.

I don't know whether any one has noticed my linky love....this will have to be a random thing for now.....Wordpress users are lucky to have this as an automatic plugin....but the poor bloggers don't have the equivalent.....


32 comments: to “ Blogging that hits the mark... so far...

  • Adrian 17.10.07

    Congrats on your award! :)Genie King

  • Kim 17.10.07

    gosh that was quick Adrian....
    thanks for dropping by :D

  • Anonymous 17.10.07

    Ditto to what GenieKing just said, Congratulations on your award, JB!

    "I know, I'll go stand in the corner now."


  • Kim 17.10.07

    no!!!! I was in the corner first :P

  • Anonymous 17.10.07

    I got to gaffawing so badly that I forgot to say, thank you, JB!

    Thank you, JB!

  • vin 17.10.07

    Thanks for the award....and don't forget Blogger even after going to Wordpress!

  • Kim 17.10.07

    I'm trying to be serious here and now you're making me laugh too :D
    stop ..shh shh!!!!

    hi Vin...
    to be honest...after spending nearly a year with blogger....and getting a little more adept at the technical side.....finally...
    I may not make the leap to Wordpress just yet :D

  • Anonymous 17.10.07

    Seriously, you're trying to get cereal on us now?

    No freakin' way, PUHLEEZE, say it ain't so!!

  • Kim 17.10.07

    right JB !!
    that's it....
    I'm sending you to play over at Elf's place.......he will know what to do with the cereal as well.... I think... :D

  • Anonymous 17.10.07

    I'd consider it a double award then...from me and from Speedcat Hollydale!

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks Diane...
    was just over your way.....will send that photo to you by email... :)

  • Anonymous 17.10.07

    I guess being sent over to Elf's place is a whole lot better than where I've been sent to before, JB.

    Oooo oooo oooo, send me, send me, send me to Elf's place!

    cereal = serious

    We can't have any of that cereal stuff, yanno.

  • Kim 17.10.07

    you and the Elf would set the house on fire are so funny....cereal....didn't ya think I knew wot that meant......

  • Anonymous 17.10.07

    "you and the Elf would set the house on fire"

    You only said that cuz it's the truth

    And yes, I assumed that you'd know what I was talking about then again we all know about the word assume, don't we? ~:o)

    We can't have that either Santa wouldn't like that.

  • Kim 17.10.07

    owwwwchee JB
    I get the feeling that yer assuming that I don't know wot yer mean......and I think that ya would be assuming right on that one....I'm assuming here that I don't even know what I'm assuming....:P

  • Amanda Kennedy 17.10.07

    Hello Kim,

    Congratulations on your award :)

    And also thank you for the award for Blogger Buster! I'm glad you find my site helpful. Perhaps we Bloggers can persuade you to stay with us instead of migrating to Wordpress...

    (I had a Wordpress blog for some time, but I sincerely prefer Blogger, especially with the new Layouts system!)

    Best wishes,

    Amanda (Blogger Buster)

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks for dropping by Amanda....
    your blog and your tips have been great's only recently that I came across your blog....and have been a regular since then....
    thanks for the advice on seems that your blog is a great advertisement for Blogger.... :)

  • Ronnie 18.10.07

    hi kim... you could always check out technorati for those linking to your site or better yet, register for a google alert -->

  • Kim 18.10.07

    thanks for that Ronnie....
    I will look them up.... :)

  • Anonymous 18.10.07

    Nice site!Best reguards from Sweden.

  • Anonymous 18.10.07

    hey Congrats for the award Kim.. you are worth all the awards :)

  • Kim 18.10.07

    hi there Bitte from Sweden :)
    thanks for visiting....
    have a great day :)

    thanks so much Pearl
    I will be posting a very special award of my own this week...I'll keep you posted ...:)

  • Anonymous 18.10.07

    Hehe, glad you didn't have to steal it. Congrats on the award!!!

  • Kim 18.10.07

    thanks Deborah...
    I'm glad too LOL :)

  • Anonymous 18.10.07

    Thank you for thinking of me Kim. I really appreciate it.
    You seem to be doing fine with the online Wordpress so think you will be ok with it on your own server :-)

  • Kim 18.10.07

    you're welcome Anonymous??

  • Anonymous 18.10.07

    Congratulations Kim.

  • Kim 19.10.07

    thanks very much Boyd..
    happy painting :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 19.10.07

    Kim, I love the way your blog is set up. Clearly, these blogs you awarded have had good tech advice to offer. Congrats on YOUR award!

  • Kim 19.10.07

    thanks very much Lynda...and congratulations to you on your feature at Absolute Arts :) the other day.....
    thanks to these blogs I have just started getting confident with Blogger ....
    I don't know whether I might put off the change over to Wordpress until next year..hehe

  • Peter @ Enviroman 21.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    Congrats on your award and thank for mine. Same comment as Amanda. Hoping you will stick with Blogger. I tried the free version a few times (different account because can't remember user name or something) but I think the free version is a very much a poor cousin of Blogger. Don't know about the paid version.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Blogger for Dummies

  • Kim 21.10.07

    you're welcome Peter ...glad you found it....
    yes the free WP is very basic and I'm just finding more new things to do with Blogger every day...thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday :)

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