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and the winner is...

28 July 2008 28 comments

5. Petra Voegtle

congratulations Petra...
YOU are the winner of 4,000 ECs

Thanks to everyone for leaving your comments on my last post...
I have listed everyone who participated and your name and numbers were entered into the random draw..
here is a screenshot of the to zoom

1. Diane 2. Deborah 3. Frantic Home Cook 4. RennyBA 5. Petra Voegtle 6. Lynda 7. Amy 8. Guttu 9. Jailbird 10. John 11. Felix Noir 12. Sherry 13. BlueWorkhorse 14. Torasham 15. Karen(karooch from scraps of mind 16. Laurie b 17. Ankit Gupta 18. Speedy 19. Mariuca 20. Sassy Mama Bear 21. Sharron "Shez" Marshall 22. Cooper 23. Dr. Jarret Morrow 24. JMom 25. Jafabrit's Art 26. Lisa 27. Gurushabad 28. Brandi 29. Ivan 30. removed (spam) 31. Mekhismom 32. Jodith 33. ClinkscalesArts

It has been a busy week for me with a family re-union (relatives of 'The Barker Boys') and presentation of one of my works (see photos)

Lambert Barker's son Jack Barker with the work "The Last Train Home"

click on the images to zoom

I was also working on the portrait of Alexander and Kelly..I have painted over Alexander's face (3 times) as it wasn't quite not much progress there..

In instituting this annual prize, the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation wishes to encourage excellence in drawing and draughtsmanship.
Value: $20,000 (acquisitive)
Medium: Unique work on paper or other suitable support in any medium or combination of media. This includes those media and materials traditionally associated with the practice of drawing (pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, etc.) and those which are part of contemporary drawing practice, including pastel, watercolour, collage etc.
Other information: Applicants must have been born in Australia or hold Australian citizenship, and have been a resident in Australia for a period of 12 months prior to the closing date. Works are to be completed during the 12 months preceding the closing date.
Dobell Prize application form 2008 (PDF)

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28 comments: to “ and the winner is... so far...

  • Unknown 28.7.08

    Hi Kim, this is very sweet of you - thank you very much.
    Hope you had a good time,
    warmest greetings,

  • Kim 28.7.08

    hi're welcome...
    have fun with the ecs :)
    and have a great week :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.7.08

    Hi ... it's me Petra and I will take my prize.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.7.08

    Hey, you have a cool test here. Onmy way to se the "Speediness" of my crazy lil blog.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.7.08

    Total loading time: 22.2 secondsTotal objects: 88 (2213.9 KB)External objects: 86 (1951.2 KB) (X)HTML: 10 (317.6KB) RSS/XML: 0 CSS: 4 (3.9KB) Scripts: 11 (257.7KB) Images: 63 (1634.7KB)

    The images from "Typepad" took the most time. I have a post from Julies blog running at my page. (cool test!)

  • Kim 28.7.08

    lol Speedy..
    are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes??
    I'm on your site now..
    cool aging pics...
    that's a pretty good loading time considering you have a lot of posts on your front page...and of course your new provider would be making a difference ;)

  • Anonymous 28.7.08

    Congratulations to Petra for winning the contest!

    Your work is really awesome. Welcome back from vacation :)

  • Unknown 28.7.08

    The loading time for my website was 1 second. I didn't check my blog loading time but this is an excellent resource. Thanks for posting it and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!

  • Kim 28.7.08

    thanks for calling by Jmom
    and thanks for your kind words :)

    1 second Renee!!
    that's amazing...
    glad that you liked it :)

  • Anonymous 28.7.08

    Great work Kim. I love seeing your stuff.

    8.5 THE FIRST TIME, 3.9 the second time. Hum.

  • Kim 28.7.08

    thanks Cooper :)
    hmmm interesting...
    I had similar results ...
    I remember reading that it's usually an average out of three ...

  • Anonymous 28.7.08

    Congratulations Petr. Go wild with your new found EC wealth.
    And Thank you Kim for making this available.

  • Kim 28.7.08

    hi Karen
    thanks for calling by...
    I hope to have more like was fun :)

  • Mariuca 28.7.08

    Congrats to Petra and what a great prize. Thanks Kim! :)

  • John M. Mora 29.7.08

    Glad you are back - what media is ttta large Barker Boys work - it being under glass, I am assuming pencil or charcoal.

    Petra has some nice rose photographs - gardeners are up there with birders and artists in my book.....

    My best. John

  • Anonymous 29.7.08

    First of all: Congrats to Petra who really deserves it - hurray!

    I also feel very honoured to be listed among these great people - thanks Kim!

  • Kim 29.7.08

    thanks Mariuca..
    have a great day :)

    thanks John..
    I've always admired gardeners too...when I look after plants they usually expire on me ;)
    I used graphite...pastel..and gouache on canvas..under perspex...the frame cost approximately $1800.00 as it is a double frame (to keep the mediums away from the perspex...

    you're welcome.. Renny
    thanks for calling by :)
    have a great week :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 29.7.08

    Kim, I did a portrait of my brother's daughters...TWINs, AND the Shelty's...lots of hair and fur...I was using colored pencil, pastel and just pencil. One of the girls I got immediately, but Rachel had her hair pulled back, so there were ears and she had a big smile,so there were teeth...Gerry had her hair down and smiled w/ her mouth closed.....I measured, I erased, I measured some more...unheard of!!!...the dogs were easy...especially Mabel, because she was front and center...anywho, I kept the drawing for a while after I knew I had finished it, because I loved 'having them around'. I finally let it go to it's rightful owner, my brother!!! He loves it! You'll get Alexander, I know it...but I know how frustrating it can be!!!!!!!

    LOVE the painting of the Barker Boys.. 'The Last Train Home'...and you in your winter garb!!

  • Anonymous 29.7.08

    WOW.. what a pleasant change here Kim.. love the new colors, design and most of all the comments :)

    Congrats to Petra for such a grand prize..


  • Unknown 29.7.08

    Hi folks - it is lovely to get the congrats from you all but I did not achieve anything at all. It was Kim's friendliness exclusively - because she is indeed a very friendly girl - that make me win these ec-points for a comment I would have written anyway!
    So don't you make me feel embarrassed!!!!

    Kim - I feel like a bear who's fallen into the honeypot - LOL!

  • The Success 30.7.08

    That I miss something here?
    The contest or something else?
    Anyway... Success For all of you

    The Success

  • Kim 30.7.08

    hi Amy
    thanks so much for your comment:)
    I'd love to see the portrait that you did...
    ATM I think I have Alexander's head the wrong size..eek..
    oh well back to the drawing board :)

    hi Pearl
    thanks..the design is by Blogger Buster and the comments....yeehah!!!
    at long last :)

    hey Petra...
    thanks for your comment:)
    lol.."bear in a honeypot"..great analogy ;) :)

    hi Success
    I will probably have another one soon :)

  • Shez 30.7.08

    Congrats to Petra for winning the contest!!!!Thank you Kim for the opportunity!!

    Also wanted to say I was so surprised that you visited my place, and thank you for that lovely comment, I really appreciated it!!

  • Kim 31.7.08

    you're welcome Sharon...
    thanks for calling by :)
    have a great day :)

  • Unknown 2.8.08

    You changed the blog. Nice look. Mine has had a facelift as well.

  • Kim 3.8.08

    thanks Renee...
    nothing like a change sometimes :)

  • Unknown 15.9.08

    Love the dolly, I got one too!

  • Kim 16.9.08

    yours is very cute Renee :) :)

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