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8 July 2008 3 comments

Important Australian Art

Heath Ledger - Latest related coverage

Dark Knight actors Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart pay tribute to Heath Ledger's final performance.

Kidman's baby name mystery solved

Nicole Kidman's father has revealed he suggested naming his granddaughter Sunday, having been inspired by artist Sidney Nolan's muse Sunday Reed.
Reed was a well-known figure in Australia's art scene during the early 20th century, and spent the 1930s in a three-way love triangle with her arts patron husband, John, and painter Nolan.
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This will make your smile

Dance like Matt

This youtube star knows how to shake it - but do you?

Watch it again!

What's a painting worth?
Quentin McDermott tells how Australia's booming art market is open to manipulation – and artists and buyers to exploitation.

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Gymnastics on the street

A cheeky French youtube video parodying Romanian gymnasts with a funny display of gymnastics on buses and trains


3 comments: to “ News - Art, Celebrities and Favourites so far...

  • Lynda Lehmann 19.7.08

    Kim, I heard that Jack Nicholson said that anyone who played "The Joker," because he was SOOOO evil, would have bad karma for a long time after. If I were to act, I don't think I'd take on an evil character. It seems to me that that's a way to call evil into your life; it's an intuitive feeling that I get about this, yet I'm not superstitious in the accepted sense of the word.

    Nor would I want my offspring named after people who had tangled and not necessarily pretty, affairs! (I get I'm just old fashioned, lol....)

  • Kim 19.7.08

    I can understand that Lynda ...
    I went to see the Dark Knight last night...and Heath Ledger's character is certainly evil... however I think he played the part with a lot of humour and I suppose we have to keep in mind that these films are fantasy... I don't think it's a role for everyone though...
    I've read about the three way relationship that Sunday Reed had and it was quite scandalous.... you're right ..names can bear a legacy and in this case one that could be to the child's detriment...

  • Anonymous 19.8.08

    I have not yet seen the Dark Night but I have heard nothing but tremendous results about the film as well as the acting done by each of the main characters, so therefore, I am anticipating watching this film very soon. Heath Ledger's death was a tragedy indeed. The question is, is if the film had anything to do with his death...?..or, was it accidental? hopefully the truth will be revealed.

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