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Goodbye Olive

14 July 2008 15 comments

108-yearold Aussie blogger makes final post

Olive Riley
1899 - 2008

World's 'oldest blogger' makes final post
THE Australian woman renowned as the world's oldest internet blogger has made her final post, aged 108.
Olive Riley, of Woy Woy on NSW's central coast, died in a nursing home just on Saturday morning.
She will be mourned by family and an international readership in the thousands. [More]

My condolences go out to Mike Rubbo and Olive's family.

Olive's musing live on at All About Olive

Feisty Finale - a tribute to Olive at Rinkly Rimes


15 comments: to “ Goodbye Olive so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 14.7.08

    What a great old gal...hopefully, Kim, we'll still be blogging our brains and hearts out until we're 108!!!!

  • Kim 14.7.08

    hi Amy...
    she certainly was a trooper....
    and will be greatly missed...
    I don't know whether I'd last until 108 though :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.7.08

    Kim, I just can't get over how much I love the look of your blog. The bright colors and dark backgrounds are so sharp.

    This story is both cool and sad. Being a blogger at 108 puts things into perspective. I'll have check out the archives at her page.

  • Anonymous 14.7.08

    Wow, 108 years old. That is incredible.

  • Kim 14.7.08

    hey thanks Speedy...
    all thanks to Amanda(blog template) and Agi (header and entrecard designs) :)
    yes Olive certainly left a blogging legacy behind and there are some great adventures and stories on her blog :)

    hi Cooper
    it's an achievement and a half ...isn't it !!

  • John M. Mora 14.7.08

    that is amazing and that she also accepted the technology - I wonder if she instant messagesd - something I do not do...thanks always for all your kind words....

  • Mariuca 15.7.08

    Goodbye Olive. 108 is simply amazing, may she rest in peace. :)

    Hola Kim, how's ur week coming along? :)

  • Kim 15.7.08

    hi John
    Olive had a friend who did all the technical work...he was responsible for all of the videos of her too..

    hi Mariuca..
    I agree...
    a busy week due to school holidays over here :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.7.08

    I've heard of her before. Quite a lady!

    I'm glad you found the "Matt" site and we can all find out more about him and his "work." :)

    Kim, I like your new header and that it says "laketrees ARTIST." I think that was a great idea!

  • Anonymous 15.7.08

    May she rest in peace.... I bet she saw alot in her 108 years on this earth!

  • Kim 16.7.08

    hi Lynda
    yes she was ....
    they have had the youtube video on our TV over here and asking people to send in videos's an amazing feat...
    Agi is responsible for the header and it's excellent isn't it :) :)

    hi Linda thanks for calling by...
    Olive had a a wonderful blog and lots of stories to tell...

  • Unknown 16.7.08

    What a lovely mark Olive left on our world. She will be missed.

  • Kim 16.7.08

    hi Christy...
    yes indeed...
    Olive will be remembered with great affection...

  • Anonymous 17.7.08

    That's really cool that she was willing to embrace such a fresh voice as blogging. Good stuff.

  • Kim 17.7.08

    it is Lady of the Cellulite....
    thanks for your comment :)

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