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Spam spam go away !!!

11 July 2008 22 comments



on a lighter note...
I have decided to add Kelly to the never ending portrait of Alexander...still a long way to go....
I'm hoping to finish by the end of August....
click on the images to view full size


22 comments: to “ Spam spam go away !!! so far...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 12.7.08

    Hello Kim,

    This is a great idea. They look so well together and the execution shows the contours of another splendid work of art. Sensational! :-) --Durano, done!

  • John M. Mora 12.7.08

    I am not spam....I like the combined portrait. Your son seems calm and she is more engaged - does that match their personalities? Something about his shirt needs to be edited, near her frame - maybe it is just me.

    You do such strong portraits. Jea.louse.....

  • Anonymous 12.7.08

    wonderful portraits.

    thanks for your gretings!

  • Kim 12.7.08

    hi Durano
    yes I'm pleased with the change as Alexander looked rather lonely as a single portrait :)
    thanks for your critique :)

    hi John..
    actually they are both really laid back personalities...thanks for your observations on Alexanders suit...I'm thinking of putting him in a white suit so there will be a contrast with Kelly's was bothering me last night when I saw the photos on the computer.....
    his shirt and suit looks a bit big on will have to adjust well as more work on their faces...and then of course his hand and Kelly's ending..

    hi Mousey
    thanks so much for calling by :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 12.7.08

    ha ha ha...good for you!!!!

    a lovely couple indeed...and as you said a work in progress...Kelly is very present...I love how you handle the paint...her hair is like a mass of ribbons...amazing...and your Alexander...what can I say...such a handsome young man...and you can feel their 'laid backed-ness' (making up words...very tired)

  • Kim 12.7.08

    hi Amy :)
    after I enabled word verification I had a veritable torrent of I grabbed the camera and took a photo of the spam can (a left over from a christmas hamper hehe)..I though if they could visualize the word they might all run and hide...
    laid back ...calm...and easy going sums up Alexander and Kelly...totally the opposite to me
    have a good rest..and enjoy that warm's freezing over here...

  • fastfastlane 12.7.08

    I love it Kim :-) I love your style with how you've used 'cubism' of sorts for her neckline etc, and how you often use that form of style for people's hair.

    And I actually like the dark suit on Alex, it compliments them as a pair IMO.

    Gotta laugh at your spam message ;-) I get a lot of people leaving comments that contribute to the topics at hand which actually link to spam or spammy-style websites trying to sell something. And for those on WordPress using the DoFollow comments plugin, beware, as I've had some sites leaving comments that have a page created with links to the sites that do so others can leave comments to get backlinks to their spam sites. They even go in-depth informing people to leave a comment related to the topics of the posts so sites won't delete their comments.

  • Anonymous 12.7.08

    I like the addition of Kelly, they are such a good looking couple. and it makes a wonderful composition.

    I love how you keep re-inventing this portrait, it would be such fun to see the whole series of photographs of its evolution. I wonder if it will ever be finished - I suspect you really enjoy working on it :)

  • Kim 12.7.08

    well I can always lend you the pic Deborah :D...
    I've had a lot less spam today.....but I'll keep my eyes open for those sites..they certainly go to a lot of trouble !!
    thanks for the critique...Kelly is blocked at the moment and I will probably remove some of the cubist elements on her neck area...and I am definitely going to have to differentiate between the dark of her dress and Alexander's suit if I keep his suit the moment Kelly's dress is very undefined and is making her look shapeless...

    hi Diane...
    thanks for your critique...they both are very easy subjects to paint...and they are always together seemed silly not to have them portrayed in the one painting :) the film...this is my longest "never ending" portrait...ha..and your right I do enjoy working on it...
    Charlotte keeps reminding me that she wants me to start her "18th" portrait now..(and she's 16)..hehe

  • Lynda Lehmann 13.7.08

    Sorry you're having trouble with spammers, Kim. The lot of them should get a life!

    Your portrait of Alex and Kelly will be beautiful. You've made good progress on Kelly, so far. I agree that you have to modulate some of those black areas, but hey, it isn't finished 'til it's finished! I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

    Hugs to ya, my friend.


  • Anonymous 13.7.08

    This is a wonderful idea, it looks wonderful and it just looks right.

    I am sorry about your spam.

    Spam is disheartening.

  • The Success 13.7.08

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  • Kim 13.7.08

    haha Lynda...and I thought it wasn't finished until the fat lady sings....
    thanks for your critique..those dark areas are certainly large and shapeless atm ...
    I think you should get all the spammers over to help you with your "latest" project...then they would have a
    have a great Sunday...:)

  • Kim 13.7.08

    hi Cooper
    thanks :)....I'm certainly much happier with the overall composition...
    as for the're right!!!

    hi Success...
    thanks for linking to me too :)

  • Rinkly Rimes 13.7.08

    I haven't looked at anyone else's blogs for a while. I've been too busy getting a 'portfolio' of people together and writing poems! I don't appear to have a problem with spam. I write a lot of emails too. Maybe I just don't appeal to Spammers! Which is odd because I love Spam. Growing up in Wartime Britain gave me a taste for it.

    Once again, let me thank you for all your initial help with Blogging. My ambition is merely to get my 'stuff out there' so I'm quite happy with the way things are going. I suppose I only slot-in to one in twenty pages that I visit (too young, too clever, too religious etc etc etc for me!) But I've met some lovely 'like-minds' thanks to you.

  • Kim 13.7.08

    hello Brenda :)
    your spam anecdote is very funny...
    I remember having it with tomato sauce on a sandwich...
    good to hear that you are meeting like-minded bloggers...
    I will pop over to read your latest 'rimes'
    have a lovely Sunday...

  • Unknown 13.7.08

    Hi Kim, this is looking AMAZING. I really don't think you should change the suit to white. I say this, knowing you know what you are doing (and do it very well!)but remember that lighter colours will pull forward - and you want the biggest contrast to be at the focal point (the faces) right? I feel that if you make the suit white, then the biggest contrast of values will be at the couple's midsection. The contrast is already there now and I personally think it is too much. I'd be tempted to paint a middle-value vest under the dark jacket so that you can achieve a contrast without distracting from the faces.
    I love your work and can't wait to see the finished painting!

  • Kim 13.7.08

    great advice and critique Christy !!
    the vest is a terrific idea ...and Alexander has a couple....
    I could make the vest a dark grey with Kelly's dress a lighter grey again...
    this could end up being a greyscale painting...
    thanks so much :) :)
    have a terrific Sunday :)

  • Anonymous 14.7.08

    This is not Spam!!!

    Its a compliment to your wonderful portraits - really Kim, they are great!

  • Kim 14.7.08

    lol Renny..
    have a great Monday :)

  • Anonymous 16.7.08

    Hi Undercover Artist Agent Laketrees,

    Sensational engaging (soon to be engaged?) portrait of your son and Kelly!

    After my vacation safari, I'm playing ketchup on Blogging 101 and deleting my daily doses of spam.

    Where did the Spammer Hammer disappear to? ;~)

  • Kim 16.7.08

    hello Miss MP :)
    thank you for your canny observation on my portrait...
    engaging? ..not at present ;)
    I imagine that you would have quite a lot of spam after your holiday...
    I had to take my captcha off as it was playing up with my template...but I could certainly do with a spam hammer!!

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