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Entrecard and SezWho

17 July 2008 26 comments

Announcing Entrecard's partnership with SezWho!

"In all my research and my studies, in all the conversations I’ve had with bloggers who’ve made it, I have learned a single most-important lesson. It is the secret, the KEY to a blog’s success. It is the secret of Comments.
Commenting is the second most important thing for you to do after writing quality posts. Here’s a saying to live by, and you can quote me: “Comment or get out of the Blogosphere” -for it is on other blogs that you plant a first impression and the seeds of a reputation. It is precisely through your comments that you interest others to visit your blog. How do you reach a blogger’s heart and the heart of their audience? Comment on their blog, and do it well."

Extract written by Graham @ Entrecard
Read the full post [here]

My favourite quotes..that I keep in mind when commenting..

"Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profundity.
Kindness in giving creates love.


"Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.


26 comments: to “ Entrecard and SezWho so far...

  • Anonymous 17.7.08

    I really agree that commenting drives alot of the interaction. I have picked up alot of good daily reads from people that have commented on my blog - a pet peeve of mine though is how so many folks don't recip back - and will lazily post a comment on their own site back at you - I have done that in the past, but I always try and stop in theirs to say hello and thanks.

  • Anonymous 17.7.08

    I am happy about Entrecard's partnership with SezWho. I had never used SezWho before, and I just incorporated it into my wordpress blog via the plugin Entrecard recommended. I am waiting to see if this will increase comments on my blog. I will post my findings after I try it out for a while. It is very important to visit the blog of people who comment on your blog. I like getting to know my visitors, it give my a feeling of community in the blogosphere.

  • Kim 17.7.08

    hi Susie..
    thanks for your comment..
    I agree...
    I think this quote from the bible sums it up..
    "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
    Galatians VI (King James Version)

  • Anonymous 17.7.08

    I am giving it a try...comments are a good way to get feedback so if it cuts down on the drop and run it's a good thying..:)

  • Kim 17.7.08

    hi Indie...
    I'm not sure whether mine is working properly as I'm not seeing any stars next to comments...oh well ...I'll wait and see what happens too :)

    hi Robert...
    I agree....
    you've been posting some great poems're always welcome to feature them at PoeARTica :)

  • Anonymous 17.7.08

    Good words, and very true. I especially like the Emerson, and I, too, have found that leaving comments is the best traffic generator. That I know of, anyway. It's free and easy and fun, too!

  • Kim 17.7.08

    yep ..Mr Decker
    and can be some what addictive too ;)

  • Lynda Lehmann 17.7.08

    Hi Kim,

    I'll be looking into Sez Who. I almost signed up for it today, but had to go out. I think it's a great idea all around, to give credits, and more of them, to QUALITY comments!

    When people write only things like "nice blog," it means very little!

    I have found that most people reciprocate on commenting, and for those who never acknowledge, even after a few comments, I just figure they have issues.

    I hope things are going well for you, Kim!

    How is your shoulder these days?

  • Kim 17.7.08

    hi Lynda
    just working my way around it know what it's like when you try out something new...
    the shoulder is not too bad..the colder weather is a pain though...thanks for your concern :)
    my ...where has this week gone..
    it's almost over...
    I imagine it must be flying for you....what with your big project and being famous at imagekind ;)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 17.7.08

    Kim, I love receiving your comments on my reflect so much back to me in honesty, grace and sincerity and I am so appreciative.... w/ the new system set up, I have only received ONE comment on 'Wordless Wednesday', hmmmmm, the jury is still out on the merge...have a good day ahead of mine!!!

  • Kim 17.7.08

    hello Amy...
    thanks so much for your kind comments :)
    I'm still getting some glitches here too... eek...
    I think it's going to be a bit of trial and error with this new system...

    hehe ...patience is a virtue...don't they say?? ;)

  • Mike Riley 17.7.08


    You make a very important point. Based on some people's experiences on forums [esp. EC's], remembering that everyone has the right to an opinion, and the right to have it respected as an opinion [without personal or other types of slurs] will be vital under the new EntreCard order.


  • Kim 17.7.08

    yes Mike...
    it would certainly be pleasant if everyones' opinions are respected...I'm all for individuality !!

  • Mariuca 17.7.08

    Hola Kim! I love your second quote, so true! I have not installed SezWho yet, how are u liking it so far? :)

  • anandi 17.7.08

    Yes Kim, commenting is a very important aspect for getting people to read your blog. Moreover, I totally agree with your thoughts as far as commenting is concerned.
    Thanks for such a KIND post.

  • Kim 17.7.08

    I'm having some teething problems Mariuca...I'll wait and see what happens over the next few days :)
    still trying to sort out some bugs with the presentation ..eek !!!

    hi Anandi
    how are you??
    thanks for calling by :))

  • jafabrit 18.7.08

    I love the interaction that comes with the comment feature of blogs. I have met some wonderful people, gotten some good advice, as well as feedback.

    Your quotes are great.

  • anandi 18.7.08

    Hi Kim I m good. I am leaving for the exhibit tomorrow. Lets hope for the best.
    Anyways, how are you?

  • Kim 18.7.08

    thanks Corrine...
    yes too...
    sometimes I find the comments more interesting than the post

    hi Anand...
    best of luck in the competiton...
    your drawing is really unique ...
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)
    as for me ..still plodding along on my latest double portrait :)

  • anandi 18.7.08

    Hi Kim, I guess you think that the exhibit is a competition. It is just an exhibit. Most of the other exhibitors are PHDs from top universities of the world. So doing a comparison/competition is absolutely out of context. It is an honor for me to showcase my work among the world's best in the field. It is analogous to say that I have got a research paper published.

  • anmari 18.7.08

    Hi! First of all I would like to say that I really like your header. I've been planning to drop a comment about it since you changed your template but I couldn't find the time to do Anyway, this partnership of entrecard and sezwho is really a great idea. Commenting makes the blogosphere lively. It's not simply sharing your thoughts but it's like more engaging yourself to other people. And oftentimes, it's a way of meeting wonderful people.
    Have a great day! :)

  • Kim 19.7.08

    hi Anandi
    well congratulations on the research paper :) and it's great that you have had the oportunity to exhibit your work with such notables :)

    hello and thanks Anmari
    very true...I have met some terrific people through EC and I think commenting is certainly the best way of engaging with fellow bloggers..
    have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 22.7.08

    I am interested in this .... still watching so far. If it is really "COOL", B sure 2 let me know ;-)

    I will give good ratings, because I am kind .... he hee!!

    OK, flying back to Hollydale in my new HIGH SPEED LINE! VROOOM >>>>>>>>>>

  • A pinay mom in czech republic 23.7.08

    Hi there,
    Thanks for sharing this. For now on I will leave commments as much as I can.

  • Anonymous 23.7.08

    I very well agree with that. I have sezwho already

  • Speedcat Hollydale 25.7.08

    You must be busy .. hope you are well, Kim :-)Just looked at your Ecard referalls - WOW!

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