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10 September 2007 27 comments

I have just started drawing up my next painting.....
2.2 metres x 1 metre (horozontal format) acrylic on canvas
the client has requested a sunset with animals at a watering hole....
these are the photos I will be using as references.....

I will be posting two questions every 2nd day.......
my connection is being very temperamental at present....

Question # 11

Where was I born?
hint: same town where I painted the murals

Question # 12
My avatar at Technorati is a copy of "Girl with a Pearl Earring" is also the favicon in the search bar at the top of this blog..........who painted the original portrait?

I will post Questions # 13 & # 14 at PoeARTica on Wednesday........


27 comments: to “ Africa so far...

  • KML 10.9.07

    Those elephants at sunset are incredible! What a beautiful painting that would make!

  • Anonymous 10.9.07

    What gorgeous images. I can't wait to see the painting!

    I think you must have been born in Kurri Kurri (great name!) and the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' was painted by Johannes Vermeer.Great painting, SLOW film - quite literally like watching paint dry!(Well, I thought so!)

    PS Your web site seems to be broken. I couldn't get it work on a my Mac or a PC.

  • NIHAL 10.9.07

    Hi Kim,

    Looks like this would be a 'walk in the park' for you and will eagerly await your presentation on the finished work.

    Good luck and all the best :)

  • Kim 10.9.07

    thanks Kathy
    the elephants will be in the waterhole.....I am opting for the reddish sunset with this.....

    thanks Diane.....
    I have been having problems with my internet provider....and because my website is through them that is probably why my website is not displaying
    haha the Pearl Earring film was my motivation for painting the copy after Vermeer

    hi Nihal
    thanks so much for your compliments....I don't paint animals and landscapes normally so this will be an interesting exercise :)

  • Sueblimely 10.9.07

    Not sure who you are with Kim but Optus has been painfully slow at times lately and Blogger too.

    Kurri Kurri is the town. Johannes Vermeer is the painter. I did not know there was a film of the same name (2003) and Colin Firth plays Vermeer - just loved him in Pride and Prejudice. Must try and get hold of the DVD :-)

  • Anonymous 10.9.07

    Love the pics! Question #1=Kurri Kurri, in the NSW Hunter Valley?! Maybe? I know that you painted a mural there. And, wasn't it featured in a magazine?! I think the answer to question #2= Johannes Vermeer! I love this trivia! Take care my friend!

  • Anonymous 10.9.07

    Love the pics. I have a feeling this will be my favorite painting you'll have created yet. Portraits are said to be the most diffitult to do ... when you're so talented at that, this should be a cake walk for you :-) I'm excited to see the results!

    The answers are Kurri Kurri and Johannes Vermeer, even tho I'm being redundant in answering :-)

  • Kim 10.9.07

    hi Sue
    I live in a black hole the only provider that we can get is a local private one(broadband wireless)...we often have connection problems and the tower on the roof can affect it the fact that we have 3 computers running....I've noticed that blogger has been painfully slow with uploading images...
    as Diane said the film is slow ...but being an artist.....I loved it...Colin Firth was his usual brilliant self and Scarlett Johansson was perfect as the girl....

    hi Barrett
    glad you are enjoying the trivia....I painted 3 murals in Kurri....and yes thay have been featured in a number of magazines plus published in a coffee table book :)

    haha Deborah...
    I'm pleased you're excited about it.... :D...I kinda thought you
    would go for this subject....especially seeing you feature the exotic on your site... :D
    I'm doing a sketch tomorrow as I am waiting for the canvas to be made up ....:)

  • BoydGreeneArt 11.9.07

    Kim, I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

    Awesome references to use!

    Will you show your sketch or layout?

  • Anonymous 11.9.07

    Kim- I love the trivia it is brilliant! It sort of encourages readers to dig through your archives! I may have to find a way to use a technique like this over on my site! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Very cool that your murals have been published so many times! You are a very talented artist! What a gift! Take care my friend!

  • Kim 11.9.07

    hi Boyd....
    I will probably have the sketch done by the end of the week....and yes I will show it....still waiting on the canvas.....I have a trip to Sydney on Friday to collect the pig and drop Irina off..........
    happy painting Boyd :)

    hi Barrett
    I'm trying to keep the questions fairly easy and within easy search is fun coming up with the topics...and it's a great idea to try it out on your site :)
    thanks for the comments....and have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 11.9.07

    I'm with Deborah, JB. I'm anxious to see the progression of your work with wildlife.

    Signed by: The Wild Child

    ps- Oh Oh Oh!
    The answers are Kurri Kurri and Johannes Vermeer. :D

  • Kim 11.9.07

    ROFL a wild child????...oh no....never......
    on second thoughts.....hmmmmm...yep you're right ARE are a wild child..... :D ;)

  • Anonymous 12.9.07

    It's a tough job to do but somebody's gotta do it, JB. :P

    "Take a walk on the wild side."

  • Anonymous 12.9.07

    Beautiful pictures - again!

    Now I'm really sorry I didn't participate in your contest from the beginning. Blogging for me is just a hobby though and I've an overflow at work - hope you understand!

  • Kim 12.9.07

    haha JB
    well you're the right kid for the right job then :P

    oh I understand Renny
    have a grand day over there in Norway...... :)

  • Anonymous 12.9.07

    I hope your having a great week Kim! Glad to include your site in my must read list! I really like your page, it's just my way of saying thanks! Take care friend!

  • Kim 12.9.07

    thanks so much Barrett...
    you have a great week too :)

  • Fruity 12.9.07

    I like the elephants with the sunset in the background, it's so beautiful, carefree and wild. You gonna paint those? Cheers from Fruity

  • Kim 12.9.07

    hi Fruity
    I will paint the elephants.....with the reddish coloured background ...thanks for visiting :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 12.9.07

    Hi Kim, Sorry I have been away with a cold. In bed for the last two days. Feeling better now. I just love these photos and what an amazing painting this will be a la Kim. Cant wait to see this baby develop. Will be watching for Canada. We leave this Sat morning very early.

    Question 11: The wall murals are in Kurri Kurri and you were born there..How delightful! A great tribute to the town by a magnificent painter.

    Question 12 - the painter is Johannes Vermeer - I love that painting and yours!!!

    Have a great day Kim!

  • Kim 12.9.07

    oh that's no good Lisa......
    not long must be pretty excited about seeing your family......I bet you are all packed and ready to go !!!!
    have a great day too :)

  • sadako 13.9.07

    awesome photos kim. very very nice subject for an oil painting.

  • Kim 13.9.07

    thanks Bluepanjeet :D
    it's going to be in acrylic....
    which will take a lot less time to paint than oil :D

  • Jaya 13.9.07

    Oh that African theme
    painting sounds like
    fun! I look forward
    to seeing how it comes
    out. I love elephants.
    Once when I was a little
    kid my older brother went
    off on a trip to India.
    He said he would bring
    me back a present, and
    asked what I would like.
    I answered that I'd like
    a baby elephant. Oddly,
    he did NOT bring one back
    for me. My memory of my
    childhood is spotty, but
    I'm sure I would have
    remembered a baby elephant!

    I hope your internet
    provider problems
    clear up soon!

  • Kim 14.9.07

    thanks Jaya
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have any more problems with it this month...
    that is such a sweet story of the elephant......thanks for sharing it
    have a lovely day :)

  • Anonymous 9.7.08

    I love the pics! i went on a safari to Cape Town, South Africa and it was the best vacation I've ever had. I rented a car and did a self drive tour. in my opinion that's the way to explore!

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