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"Somewhere Along the Line"

29 September 2007 19 comments

This is the title that my Poet friend Jan Dean suggested for the title of my drawing of the has found a home in our breakfast room

Irina Baronova was entered in the

Portia Geach Memorial Award 2007

click on the link to see the winning work


19 comments: to “ "Somewhere Along the Line" so far...

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    Wowie, JB! Your breakfast room looks fantastic and "Somewhere Along the Line" accentuates it very, very nicely. Moreover, Irina is going to be the winner of that contest, that's all there is to it. Her eyes twinkle ever so kindly. I like that in her.
    Additionally, that piece of pottery absolutely has to be from the Chihuahua reservation in Mexico. Is it?

    I'm asking because I had a relatively large collection of pottery from there and the colors and shapes used in it looks very much like the collection I had at one time. I've since sold the collection.

  • Kim 30.9.07

    thanks very much JB :D
    yeah I thought that the pig fitted in quite nicely....being the room where we eat our bacon and eggs......
    Irina wasn't selected for the art can see the link at the bottom...:(
    haha Mary Ann...I bought the pot in a local shop and to be honest I have no came with a matching lamp.....but if you say it's from Mexico then I will take your word on it....I think it was imported and the design does look South American....I will have to check it out..... :)..... it's pretty old.....
    I hope your collection went to a good home....

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    Drats, JB, the contest must have been rigged. Irina is stunning! I'm so sorry to hear that she didn't win.

    The collection did go to a good home. The pottery was greatly loved. I'm sure that a few were passed on as gifts.

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    That is beautiful!

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    I love the pig. He would go very nicely in my kitchen too (which is black, red, grey and white by the way, your old style blog theme should have been permanently on my desktop as it would have complimented by kitchen beautifully :-)

    I have a gorgeous monochrome photograph of a chicken printed onto canvas, which my chap took, on one wall, it could go next to that - bacon and eggs - gettit?!

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    wow! that art work is lovely!

  • Kim 30.9.07

    yeah JB....
    I'm somewhat inclined to agree with you on the competitions.. :0

    I've had some lovely pieces of pottery given to me.......bit like good art just gets better and better.....

    thanks for your comment...Doris...
    have a great Sunday :)

    haha I gettit Diane...
    the chicken sounds like a match with the pig....maybe I should look at drawing a chicken..... and grey...great can always put a splash of bright colour with it for a change too....
    how's LA treating you?
    hope you are having tons of fun :)

    hi Parisukat
    thanks for dropping by ....and for your comment..... :)

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    yayy my favorite pig :) I like its new *home* :) your blog is looking prettier and prettier Kim..:) I like the new layout - very clean, attractive and tastefully done!

  • Kim 30.9.07

    oh thanks Pearl... :)
    I'm getting quite used to all the white space :D
    have a relaxing weekend Princess :)

  • Anonymous 30.9.07

    Irana's eyes alone should have been enough to entice the judges. There is so much depth to them. I agree with saboma, the contest must have been rigged. The winning portrait is not a true representation of this wonderful, tree lined city of Melbourne either.

  • Kim 30.9.07

    well that's good to hear from a Melbournian...Sue.....thanks very much :)
    It's quite hard to make out any of the details in the winning work....the photo is so small....
    perhaps that's what the artist intended.....
    I do think the conditions they have on a lot of these competitions are as outrageous as the entry fees.....
    I would like to see them become more democratic and show ALL works...that way the public can judge for themselves... :0
    have a sunny Sunday and....
    go the Storm !!!!

  • Ronnie 30.9.07

    wow you have a very nice breakfast room and the pig drawing looks beautiful. too bad i cant really see it clearly. you draw very well.

    have a great sunday.

  • Kim 30.9.07

    thanks very much Ronnie...
    you can see the drawing unframed
    I am seeing your desktops everywhere....such a great idea :D
    have a great Sunday too :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.07

    Wow, your pig painting looks fabulous framed! Love the title too.

    As for competitions, it seems it'a the same as with a lot of things ... it's who you know, not your talent and efforts.

  • Kim 1.10.07

    thanks Deborah...
    I think I can hang it a little lower...more in line with the top of the door.....
    yeah there's no working out these comps.. :0

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    Kim, I love seeing the pig in this setting as it is even more amazing. It has a whole new look to it. Sometimes I think my art loses some of its impact on the flat screen.

    Perhaps that would be a good marketing principle for a art website, post one flat profile and one of the art hanging!

    Once again, masterful work! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see more.

  • Kim 2.10.07

    thanks Boyd
    I have sold a lot of my abstract art by showing it hanging (in photographs)....people tend to think that they will get the interior along with the artwork haha.....
    I think most quality art loses it's impact on the web....and it seems to me that the inferior artwork shows up better ...IMO
    I've got quite a bit of artwork to do before Christmas so I will be busy ......

  • Anonymous 2.10.07

    WOW that looks great. I can not get over how talented you are Kim. My son just started his own blog where he will be sharing photos and art. I'm going to suggest he check out your work.

  • Kim 2.10.07

    thanks so much Rose...
    I will have to check out your son's blog too :)

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