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Slashed !!!!!

27 September 2007 26 comments

Spatial Concept `Waiting' 1960
In 1959, Fontana began to cut the canvas, with dramatic perfection. These cuts (or tagli) were carefully pre-meditated but executed in an instant. Like the holes, they have the effect of drawing the viewer into space. In some, however, the punctures erupt from the surface carrying the force of the gesture towards the viewer in a way that is at once energetic and threatening. Although these actions have often been seen as violent, Fontana claimed ‘I have constructed, not destroyed.’

here is a selection of excerpts that reveal the violence of certain individuals against some of the most valuable and cherished artworks the world has ever seen....

Political Vandalism, Art and Gender
Suffragettes, the British feminists who fought for women's right to vote, carried out several dramatic and remarkable attacks on works of art during the years 1913-14. In August 1914 the outbreak of the First World War soon overshadowed the activities of the suffragettes, and since then the movement has been largely forgotten. Nevertheless, these attacks still stand as examples of some of the strangest and most disturbing displays of civil disobedience in modern Europe.[MORE]

Picasso painting slashed by Dutch psychiatric patient
New York Times
PARIS -- A Dutch psychiatric patient wielding a kitchen knife severely slashed a Picasso painting called Nude in Front of the Garden in Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art on Sunday, then went to a newspaper office to brag about his act. Police were called to the office, where the man was arrested.[MORE]

Sceptical gallery-goer slashes Lichtenstein painting
A woman has slashed a painting by American pop art legend Roy Lichtenstein four times with a knife at an exhibition in the western Austrian city of Bregenz.[MORE]

Question # 28

Name one artwork that has been slashed with a knife

Question # 29

What is the name of the portrait featured at Art Blogs 4 U

Question # 30 (the final question)

My Father wrote a poem (featured at PoeARTica)
What is the object ?


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  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    Great article Kim. Perhaps you should be a news anchor!:) You have the tone. I always hate to hear of the thousands of Jewish masterpieces that were destroyed by Hitler. A travesty!

  • Kim 27.9.07

    hi Boyd.....
    I used to be a photo journalist ...does that count?
    I have been watching a series called art crimes and it is fascinating to learn of the fate of many masterpieces....
    the lengths that were taken to save Rembrandt's "Night Watch" from the German Invasion is remarkable history......... and indeed!!!!the loss of so many Jewish masterpieces is a travesty.....and even more horrific....the Holocaust.....the absolute height of abuse against human beings.......

  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    Wow, this one was easy peazy, JB.

    "Nude in Front" by Picasso is the painting that got slashed and "Paris and the Rabbits" is the oil painting on Belgian Linen is featured at
    > Lesly's Art Blogs 4 U

    Thanks for the code, btw. I'll git it done here shortly, kk?

  • Kim 27.9.07

    top of the class for question 28 & 29..... MA ...
    are you going to answer question 30? :D :D
    if you can rhyme it should be easy for you ..... :0

  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    I am going to miss the quiz. I have really enjoyed it.
    Paris and the Rabbits is featured on Art Blogs 4U
    Picasso's "Nude in Front" Picasso got slashed
    The answer to your fathers poem - a pen? It moves when only when his hand moved, it allowed him to write "when we're apart"
    I have posted an 'abuse' piece too. I got a little emotional about it all and removed all else from my blog for it.

  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    What an excellent post Kim!

    It breaks my heart that a piece of artwork was decimated by my favorite artist of all time, Picasso, Nude in Front of the Garden. Anything such as this is a horrifying tragedy to the rest of the world.

    Your paiting featured at Art Blogs 4 U is Paris and the Rabbit, one that suffered damage itself by thugs.

    Unless your father's poem has a trick answer, it can only be a pen or pencil. Lovely poem, and so nice to have his own words to cherish him by. You come by your creativity honestly (as in passed down thru blood) :-)

  • Anonymous 27.9.07

    Great post, Kim!

    By way of being different...the Lichtenstein painting which was slashed was called 'Nudes in Mirror'. Hmmm...I'm spotting a theme here. It's astonishing how representations of the human body can inspire such extreme feelings and actions.

    The portrait at Art Blogs 4U is called 'Paris and the Rabbits'.

    The object is a pen (unless he was holding a pet hen at the time...maybe not).

    Yay! I got it done and can now jet off to LaLaLand a happy bunny.

    Thanks for the competition, it's been one of those 'winning isn't everything, it's the taking part' occasions! I've enjoyed it.

  • Kim 27.9.07

    ah yes Sue
    I might have to throw in a question every now and then.....just to make sure that my posts are being read.....
    congratulations on all questions answered correctly...
    you have guessed "the pen".....clever analysing there...:)
    it's hard not to get emotional when you are writing about the areas that you have written about.....

    thanks Deborah
    yes that was a sickening experience to see Paris defaced.....I suppose as an artist you feel that the art work is an extension of yourself so any abuse of the painting becomes personal abuse....
    Who Am I? one of my Dad's favourite poems....and I'm grateful that I inherited his creative streak... :)

    haha Diane
    LALA Land ???
    you're quite right on a theme ....there have been quite a sizable number of nudes that have been defaced....perhaps a future post?
    congratulations to you too !!!
    you have answered all questions correctly..... so it looks like you and Sue are in the final draw....unless someone else comes in before the 30th and answers all of the questions...
    have a grrreat time over there ....
    and I will be announcing the winner on the 30th... :)

  • Miranda 28.9.07

    That's really interesting!! And what a unique topic, as well!!! Right on!!

  • Fruity 28.9.07

    I have a problem answering those questions as I am clueless. I only know Vincent slashed his own ears instead :)

  • Kim 28.9.07

    thanks Miranda....
    I'm sure that many people are unaware of this abuse...thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :)

    hi Fruity
    he did too !!!!...actually there have been quite a lot of artists who have committed self abuse ...and suicide....quite tragic....

  • Momgen 28.9.07

    Great post thanks for sharing... My post is

  • Kim 28.9.07

    thanks Genny....
    will check yours out :)

  • mikster 28.9.07

    Very nice post. As i recall didn't the Nazi's also destroy a lot of art during WW11?

  • Kim 28.9.07

    hi Anon
    thanks for dropping by.....and yes that is true......many masterpieces were destroyed or went World War 11

  • One Wacky Mom 28.9.07

    A Dutch pschiatrick patient took a kitchen knife a put it in a Nude in Front of the Garden. I should win this one. Time difference Kim.

    Come on this isn't fair. I am a few hours behind. You gotta give me something in my time zone so that I get to win!!!!!!

  • One Wacky Mom 28.9.07

    OK forget the spelling. For some reason I thought if I typed fast enough I would how foolish am I?

    I'm a goofball!!!!

  • One Wacky Mom 28.9.07

    saboma....stop trying to win!!!!

  • One Wacky Mom 28.9.07

    teasing saboma...

  • Kim 28.9.07

    you got that question all you have to do is answer the remaining 29 questions before 11pm ...30th September ......
    naughty mustn't tease the other competitors especially Mary Ann.....otherwise you will have to go and play with the BlogElf ..... :D :D

  • kuanyin333 29.9.07

    This probably won't count, but heck I want to win that self-portrait! So here's my story: I once had a large canvas 6 x 6 which a jealous boyfriend slashed in a fit of rage. I tried to collect on it from an insurance company, but because I had lost the receipt from the artist, I was under suspicion by the insurance company--they didn't want to pay me even though it had been a very expensive piece--- and so never got paid even though I carried household insurance. So always keep your receipts! :-)

  • Anonymous 29.9.07

    Well written - your contribution was great!

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week!

  • Kim 29.9.07

    that's terrible Kuanyin...
    you must have been devastated....
    was it a portrait of you?
    it also pays to have photos of the works as well as the receipts.......thanks for your story....

  • Kim 29.9.07

    thanks for dropping by....Renny
    you have a wonderful weekend :)

  • NIHAL 1.10.07

    That's really sad how people abuse all these great works of art. To be frank, I never knew there were really people out there who found it fascinating in vandalizing, especially works of art???

    Please let me know the next time you come around to organizing another contest, for I sure would love to have a chance of owning a work of art by you :)

  • Kim 1.10.07

    yes it's a shame that there are poeple like that....Nihal.....
    I will keep you posted on the next competition...
    have a great week and thanks for dropping by :)

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