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I have won a nice award !!!!!

6 September 2007 20 comments

I have been admiring this pretty award for a long time now.....

my dear friend

Mary Ann at Maryannaville has awarded me one.....

thank you thank you Mary Ann....
kindly passed the award on to Mary Ann...

I am handing the award on to these very nice bloggers.....

Inspire by Action

Jill @ cre8asite

Theresa @ "Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

Joh @ Joh Blogs


Kathy @ Photography by KML

the next question is ............

Question # 7

A few years ago I painted this famous painting by Munch.....
This is one of the two copies that I painted....

What is the title of this painting ?????


20 comments: to “ I have won a nice award !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    Congratulations Kim.

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    Congratulations, Kim, well deserved!Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog too.

    Question 7

    The Cry (or Scream) by Edvard Munch, methinks.

  • Kim 6.9.07

    thanks Boyd.... :)
    seems to be the week for awards LOL

  • Kim 6.9.07

    haha x posted with you Diane...
    you are first 12.30am here....
    and two very good answers....sounds like you knew that without any research... :)

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    3.30pm here!
    It's the only Munch painting I know but did just check out your website just in case you had painted an obscure one to catch us out!

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    Thank you so much for the award,I really dp apriciate it..jill

  • NIHAL 6.9.07

    Hi Kim.

    Congratulations on this really "Nice Award", you definitely deserve this and I'm sure there are many more to come...

    Well done :)

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    Hi Kim,
    Congratulations on your award, there's another at my blog for you :)

    PS: I think it's The Scream by Munch

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    You painted, "The SCREAM", Chicklet.

    I knew dat, I really really knew dat.

  • Fruity 6.9.07

    Congratulations to you, Kim for winning those awards and of coz, thanks for the award to me, appreciated. You are in great shape. Cheers to you from Fruity!

  • Unknown 6.9.07

    Congratulations on your awards and thanks so much for thinking of me. I haven't received an award before so I feel especially pumped!

  • KML 6.9.07

    Congrats to you - it's well deserved! I thank you so much for passing it along to me - I am honored!

  • Kim 6.9.07

    haha Diane
    no it's not a trick question....:

    you're welcome Jill :)

    thanks Nihal....
    have a great day :)

    thanks Colin......ohhh another award !!!!..goodness...I do feel special :D

    haha MA ...
    I knew dat you knew dat I knew !!! :P:D

    thanks Fruity
    it was my pleasue :)

    well you certainly deserve it Joh...
    have a great day :)

    you're welcome Kathy..... and thanks so much...:)

  • Anonymous 6.9.07

    I know this one, I know this one! The title of your painting is :

    'The Cry after Munch'

    Congrats on your award, I thought I'd seen that you had already been given it or I would have when I gave mine out, but glad that you did get it anyway :-)

  • Kim 6.9.07

    thanks for thinking of me Deborah.....Mary Anne was quick off the mark with the nice award..:)
    haha I thought you would know this one as you featured it in your wonderful profile of me :D

  • Sueblimely 6.9.07

    Hi All - we should time our messages here then we could all have a chat :-)

    I am pleased that the award was passed on to you, Kim

    The painting was The Cry after Munch (sounds like my toddler's when they wanted more dessert) - Edward Munch's was called The Scream. (sounds like me when my toddlers' were crying for more dessert)

  • Kim 6.9.07

    hiya Sue....that would be fun...though I think.....half of them would be asleep.......
    LOL......toddlers' crying yes I remember it well......I'll never forget that special wailing sound that happened only in supermarkets :D

  • Lisa Lorenz 6.9.07

    Hi Kim, Oh thats an easy one. You did an amazing job on that one.
    Its the scream by Edvard Munch. Its also called the cry.
    Kim, I dont know if its just me but on my screen, the picture is not showing up in your question.
    Congrats on the award! Have a great day

  • Mauigirl 6.9.07

    Congratulations on your well-deserved award!

    I couldn't see the picture either but it might be my computer's fault - too much Norton security!

  • Kim 6.9.07

    thanks Lisa...that's strange...I have no idea what could be causing it ....I might try reloading it....
    have a great day Lisa and thanks for letting me know about the photo :)

    thanks Mauigirl....
    yeah I don't know if that is the problem.....I wonder if it's different browsers...though I uploaded the normal way.....
    thanks for dropping in :)

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