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The Blog Elf

18 September 2007 13 comments

has given me this lovely badge.....

thanks Elf.... big hugs to you....

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ps Elf is a little obsessed with if you have a moment...can you fave him please...

but don't tell him I told you ..... (he is quite sensitive)

Question # 19.

There were 3 winners in my last competition ……name one of them…

Question # 20.

Name one of my blogging friends who is an Aussie…


13 comments: to “ The Blog Elf so far...

  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    Well this is a first for me to be here first in line, isn't it, JB?

    I know these answers, too, by golly.

    TyroPearl won the Pig in your last competition and Cotojo and Saboma both won two lovely Steve Parish calendars. Plus, we know who SueBlimely is now don't we? Why she's our sheila pal and cobber mate.

    I did good, huh. :P

  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    Oh forgive me and my bad manners, JB.

    CONGRATULATIONS! We're gonna have to set you up with a blog award blog for being on top of the world with blog awards here soon, aren't we, Goily? I think that idea is a grand idea.

  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    I'm late today - despite the time difference - been playing tennis - marvellous!

    Congratulations on another award too! I am going to inaugurate the 'Most Awarded' award - and you will probably win the most of those - so it could go on and on... :-)

    I think the answers are:

    Colin won a calendar.
    SueBlimely is one of your Aussie blogging friends.

  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    Congrats on yet ANOTHER award Kim!!! Wowsa!

    The Pearl girl won your last competition for your painting, and Sue Blimely is one of your Aussie blogging buddies :-)

  • Kim 18.9.07

    ROFL... MA
    you have done good :D
    strewth....yer pickin up the aussie lingo.....that'll be throwin another prawn on the no time...... :P
    haha...yeah JB...I just updated my awards page......lookin pretty great....I'm sure it aint as great as yours though :P

    Tennis Diane?....oh marvellous....
    you DO sound English..... :D
    hope you had a smashing time....I love watching tennis....not a player though......
    oh jolly good.... your "Most Awarded" award sounds like a super idea....I simply adore getting awards !!!!
    ps can you tell that I have been watching Brideshead Revisited?

    thanks Deborah....
    yeah and I bet you have a few trophy rooms over your way too!!!! :P
    you're right and right on both questions.....:D

  • NIHAL 18.9.07

    Hi Kim,

    Looks like the Elf made a very wise decision in choosing you. You're such a gem and truly deserving of this.

    Keep up the great work and have a progressive week ahead, ya :)

  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    Congratulations Kim on the award.

  • Anonymous 18.9.07

    I'll be 'throwing another shrimp on the barbee' when I start drinking grog, JB. And as much as I enjoyed drinking beer, grog and me will get along jes fine.

    Just don't hold yer breath for it to happen in this lifetime, SistahMine, but if you drink grog, I'll gladly make payment to you next Tuesday for a hamburger today. :D

  • Kim 18.9.07

    thanks so much for your very nice compliments Nihal....
    I'm blushing :)
    you have a great week too...
    I'm off to paint a portrait that I have to finish in 3 days...
    and it's a secret ;)
    but it's someone very very famous ;)

    thank you Boyd
    I feel very lucky at the moment....will reveal all next week ;)

    haha JB....
    you're starting to sound like a REAL ozzie....
    ROFL...will that be a hamburger with the works....and a beer....icy cold of course?
    and moi will be having a kardonay.....or maybe a Chivas Regal... :D

  • Anonymous 19.9.07

    G'day mites, its the Aussie sheila heself here not fully dinky-di - originally a pommy with Irish blood in me, begorrah. I have spent half my life in the lucky country though.
    Good onya Kim for helping the elf, you're a ripper. Colin was one of your winners, 2008 Calendar of pickies of the Back o' Bourke. This is a rip snorter of a competition.
    PS - internet problems were not Optus or Australian at all - was me partner's puter whose hard disk threw a wobbly and was cutting me off. Fixed now but I find it soo hard to be offline for even a whole day!

  • Kim 19.9.07

    g'day Sue LOL
    I wonder what your accent would be being Pommie with Irish.....
    glad to hear that your computer woes are fixed......
    hard disc?....sounds complicated :0
    I thought you might get the question right hehe. :D

  • Unknown 22.9.07

    Very cool badge.

  • Kim 22.9.07

    hi Patrick......
    you shoulf pay the Elf a visit....who knows he might give you one :D

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