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Blogging Star Award

4 September 2007 19 comments

I have been awarded the Blogging Star Award by

Andrea @ A Circle Of Women

This award is said to be for bloggers who shine their light throughout the Blogosphere. Some do it with humor, others with creativity, and others with their kind and thoughtful natures.

Thank you so much Andrea !!!!

I am passing the award on to five blogging stars

Bluepanjeet Renny Pearl

Diane purplefrog

This award originated at Skittles' Place

Question # 5
How many months have I been blogging for?

Santa's Link Love
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19 comments: to “ Blogging Star Award so far...

  • Christy 4.9.07

    Thank you for the Santa link love Kim! :)

  • Anonymous 4.9.07

    Thank you SO much for the 'Blogging Star Award' - you are indeed a star for giving it to me!

    Question 5
    OK this is a tricky one but I am going out on a limb and saying 10 months November 2006-September 2007.I checked out your web site (which doesn't work on a Mac I'm sad to say, so I looked on a PC and it's a nice web site!)and I scoured your blogs and that's my guess, as it's the earliest post I could find. Was thrown by the copyright sign saying 2002 but I reckon that's the paintings, not the blog.

  • BoydGreeneArt 4.9.07

    Kim, you truly are a star and very deserving of all awards.

    Congratulations and thanks for all you do.

  • Anonymous 4.9.07

    Thanks Kim, what an honor! You are such a great blog friend and I am flattered of course! That's actually my second award today, so this must be my lucky day:-)

  • Kim 4.9.07

    you're welcome Christy :)

    you deserve it Diane....your work is marvellous !!!!
    I'm so glad that you got this....
    and I'm thinking that it must be the layout on my website that is causing the problem for you on your mac......
    have a great day :)

    thanks so much Boyd :)
    hope you had a great weekend :)

    my pleasure Renny.....
    have a great day over there in Norway :)

  • sadako 4.9.07

    Hi Kim!

    Wow this is the second award I received from you. thank you so much, am very flattered. This time I will pass this award. The first time I received it I thought it wouldnt be passed. Now I would also pass this award.

  • Kim 4.9.07

    you're welcome Bluepanjeet :)
    have a great day !!!

  • Anonymous 4.9.07

    Oh man!! you are too much my lady queen :) first it was a thoughtful blogger now you make me the blogging star!! one star to another!!

    so in the heading where it says 'comments' - you should change it to 'StarTalk' :)

    thank you so much Kim... I'm flying high with all the attention ;) but soo needed it after that dreadful week!!

  • Anonymous 4.9.07

    Congratulations, Dahlink. You ARE a shining star, yanno.

    And congratulations to every one else who are in receipt of Kim's generous nature. I, too, am a lucky recipient of Kim's shining blogging presence and awards. Heck I just scored on three awards the other day, wooo hoooo! I was doing the Happy Dance all day that day.


  • Sueblimely 4.9.07

    Congratulations on the award, Kim - well deserved. The earliest post I could find was 20th November 2006 so I agree with Diane at 10 months. Poeartica is newer.

  • Lisa Lorenz 4.9.07

    Hi Kim, Congrats on the Award..Very well deserved. So far you have been blogging 10 months First post November 20, 2006. Have a great day mate..xoxoxo

  • Anonymous 4.9.07

    Hey there Kim! Congrats on the award! Hope this note finds you well! Take care!

  • Kim 4.9.07

    that's not a bad idea re : comments Pearl......I did get a bit confused with the awards...I think it's the late nights :D
    glad to hear that this is a better week for you..... :)

    ahh thankyou MA
    you will be busy ...
    3 awards.....and that really nice ...pretty pink one....
    you're breaking all the records over there at Maryannaville rockin gal blogger... :D

    hiya Sue...
    you are going really well...and very observant of you to notice that poeartica is newer..:) were my first visitor........and I wouldn't be blogging if I hadn't have seen your blogs.....gee it seems longer somehow...... :0

    thanks Barrett
    have a great week :)

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    Another well-deserved award Kim :-)

    And once again, I concur that it's 10 months, which I figured out before I read the comments. That's the bad part about being a lagger to be one of the last to comment, not being one of the first to mention it ;-)

  • Kim 5.9.07

    thanks Deborah
    yeah I think being at the tail end can be advantageous except if everyone else has the wrong answer haha :D

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    Nice! Congrats! Hope i can be in this list!

  • Kim 5.9.07

    thanks zappos
    I'm sure it would be ok if you put this on your blog :D

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    Q5: methinks 10 months!

    You blog as well? WOW, now you tell me huh?
    Oh boy, I better run for cover lol

  • Kim 7.9.07

    haha another tick for you Colin :)

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