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The Colourful Art of Lisa Lorenz

8 September 2007 16 comments

Funky Florals


Yesterday the postman delivered this wonderful calendar...........

a huge thank you Lisa.........

it is so wonderful to have all of your brilliant florals together

in this sensational calendar.

here is a photo of the painting close up

I am posting two questions.....because it is the weekend....

Question # 9

What is the title of this painting by Lisa Lorenz?

Question # 10

What is the title of this Christmas painting by Lisa Lorenz?

you can see the paintings at Lisa's Studio Blog
or at Santa's Community Blog: Christmas Art # 3

I will post Question # 11 on Monday


16 comments: to “ The Colourful Art of Lisa Lorenz so far...

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    I am getting a bit embarrassed at being first again - but not much!

    First painting is 'Tuscany Delights' and the second is 'Poinsettia Season'. Gorgeous, gorgeous work I must say.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, by the way. Have a great weekend!

  • Anonymous 8.9.07

    Awesome gifts! Her paintings are so beautiful.

  • Anonymous 8.9.07

    Thanks for the links that gave me the opportunity to see some of Lisa's gorgeous and vibrant paintings :-)

    Lisa's paintings are:

    Tuscany Delights and Poinsettia Season

    The first image from your calendar is from Lisa's work titled Colours of Provence. What a lovely collection!

  • Anonymous 8.9.07

    "Tuscany Delights and Poinsettia Season" are the answers.

    Wowie Zow, Lisa! It's a good thing that you are so far away. I'd be lost in your artwork for days on end and totally enjoy having a hay day.

    "This kiddo, Saboma" is into bright, bold, and vibrant colors. My whole place is bright although the lighting is indirect.

  • Anonymous 8.9.07

    Tuscany Delights and Poinsetta Season! I love this artist! Thank you for introducing her to me! You know this is a fun way for your readers to learn about new artists! Bravo to you! Great idea! I really dig your site Kim! Keep up the great work!

  • Sueblimely 8.9.07

    Tuscany Delights and It’s Poinsettia Season. Her work is so cheerful and lively.

  • Lisa Lorenz 8.9.07

    Hi Kim, Oh I am so honoured and touched to be here on your wonderful blog. I am really blushing. And thanks to all your reader's lovely comments about my art work. You are all so kind. And thanks for visiting my blog to get the answers right. Thanks again Kim, for the links and promotion and your kind words. I am very happy you enjoyed the calendar. You are a great mate xoxoxo
    I am playing the game you know that I know the answers of the questions..LOL. I better know.

  • Kim 9.9.07

    hi Diane
    lucky I posted two questions as my wireless net was down yesterday
    ....and you were right with both titles and first in too...LOL....2 ticks for you
    and Lisa's work IS gorgeous :)

    hi Boyd
    the quality of Lisa's calendar is excellent....and I can't wait to hang it up... :)

    you are thorough Deborah.....
    thanks for the title of the calendar image too :D

    hi MA
    yeah Lisa's paintings are such a pleasure to look at....I don't think I can pick a favourite as they are all so gorgeous.....

    thanks Barrett
    I have been looking forward to showing off Lisa's new painting for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity :)

    you're so right Sue
    Lisa's paintings are just like her..
    have a great Sunday :)

    hiya Lisa
    my pleasure entirely...I just wish I could have shown ALL of your work :)
    and I thought you might know the anwers LOL...

  • Anonymous 9.9.07

    Those painting are gorgeous ! Love it.

  • Kim 9.9.07

    thanks for your visit and comment Keeyit :)

  • Anonymous 11.9.07

    Wow! Really colorful and vibrant paintings! Wonderful. Very suitable for a Calendar.

    Good luck with the continuing of the competition :-)

  • Kim 11.9.07

    they are perfect artworks for reproduction aren't they .....
    thanks for your visit Captain Lifecruiser....
    happy cruising :)

  • Thereyoucome 12.9.07

    Lisa's paintings are: Harvest season.

    I like the fruits:)

  • Kim 12.9.07

    they look delicious don't they Thereyoucome.....thanks for your answer and your visit :)

  • ericat 16.9.07

    I like the colors. It has a happy warm feeling. I have to look again to see what is on the painting. That is the type of painting that I will not grow tired of if it is in my house.

  • Kim 16.9.07

    hi Ericat
    thanks for visiting and for your comments on Lisa's Art... :)

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