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Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads !!!!

1 September 2007 19 comments

TO all the Dads out there in Australia and New Zealand celebrating Fathers Day....have a great day tomorrow and spoil yourselves rotten !!!!!!

Father's Day is a secular celebration inaugurated in the early twentieth century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and parenting by males, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Father's Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide and typically involves gift-giving to fathers and family-oriented activities. The gifts given often have slogans such as "World's Best Dad".

source: Wikipedia

Question # 2 ...
How many murals have I painted?

hint you will find the answer in my sidebar here at laketrees


19 comments: to “ Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads !!!! so far...

  • Mauigirl 2.9.07

    I didn't know Australia/NZ celebrate Father's Day now! Thanks for the info!

  • Kim 2.9.07

    hi Mauigirl
    I didn't realise until yesterday either and I live in Australia !!!!
    that's why they have had all the Fathers Day ads on TV ....haha :D

  • Lisa Lorenz 2.9.07

    Hi Kim, Yes Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in Australia and New Zealand too.

    My answer for question 2. is 3 murals: the bus one, the workers of the 1900's and the bowling Club. All beautiful murals! And it was so fun to see the wips with you and A & C painting on the big scaffholding. Have a great sunday xoxoxo

  • Kim 2.9.07

    thanks Lisa :D
    having a restful day here :)
    I think you might be the expert on those Murals LOL....

  • RennyBA 2.9.07

    In Norway we celebrate it on the second day of November, but thanks anyway:-)

  • Kim 2.9.07

    haha Renny can have two Fathers Days :)

  • sadako 3.9.07

    i think two murals.. one is workers of the 1900s and the bowling club bus :-)

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    Hi mauigirl, it's nice to meet you. And a big HUG goes to that Renny fella in Norway. I haven't seen much of Renny in a long time.

    Just for the fun and excitement of the contest, the answer to question number 2 is you have painted 3 murals. ^5 goes to Lisa and a hearty thanks for the answer, Girlfriend!

    Lastly, a big hug to all of our friends here at LakeTrees in cluding Mr. LakeTrees, my good ole buddy type pal. ~:o)

  • Kim 3.9.07

    hah Bluepanjeet
    you have named all the murals so close enough ;-)

    LOL MA
    you've cottoned too....I wonder if there are others out there who are waiting to see who comes up with the best answer....
    Mr Laketrees says ^5 to ya and BH + Looky ;-X

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    Question 2 answer. Three murals (I think!)

    Living in the UK I seem to be out of sync with you but I shall catch up!

  • Kim 3.9.07

    quite a time difference between UK and Oz Diane :)......I think it's about 12 hours.....

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    Drats, I didn't see you so that I could acknowledge your presence, Bluepanjeet. Please forgive my inattention today.

  • Kim 3.9.07

    where are yer glasses MA?????

  • Sueblimely 4.9.07

    Hi Kim
    I know I answered this question but my browser has been playing up lately so maybe it froze before I sent.
    The answer is 3 - the murals you painted for the Kurri Kurri mural project. I had to look the place up as I don't recall having been there. It is in NSW 145k north of Sydney, in the Hunter Valley, a region that produces wonderful wines.

  • Kim 4.9.07

    good research Sue :)
    I live about 1 hour away from Kurri Kurri......and we spent nearly a year painting the murals...every weekend....
    I've been meaning to take a trip up there to see all the new ones.... hopefully before Christmas !!
    "The Hunter Valley Gardens" is well worth visiting if you are ever up this way.....and of course the vineyards are a must :D

  • Anonymous 5.9.07

    I didn't know Austrailia's Fathers day was in September?! Guess you learn something everyday! Take care Kim!

  • Kim 5.9.07

    ahhh yes Barrett ...I didn't realise until came around so fast this year :D
    have a great day ...

  • Anonymous 7.9.07

    I'm catching up hahahaha

    Q2: 3 far :)
    Workers of the 1900's
    The Bowling Club
    The Bus

    maybe you have some hidden ones too lol

  • Kim 7.9.07

    haha you have got all 3....good catchup Colin :)

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