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Your Favourite Post(s)

20 September 2007 12 comments

I have started a new category called Favourite Posts...

Do you have a memorable post that you would like to share........

it can be.........





perhaps a post that may have slipped under the radar ????

if so leave your link and the title of your post in the comments box and I will put it in my new category........

Question # 21

In an interview meme I named 5 of my favourite foods. Name one of them....

Question # 22

Name one of my blogging friends who is an artist....


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  • Anonymous 20.9.07

    Wow, I got in here first and that is a first. The north Yorkshire accent is still with me, Kim - at one time I wished I could lose it but that was when I was younger and wanted to fit in. Now I have no desire at all to be a clone. My son told me he thought I was a little eccentric, thinking that was a negative quality. I told him that it was the nicest thing that anyone had every said to me :-) I am rambling sorry.

    Lisa from Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog is one of your artist blogging buddies and dark chocolate one of your five favorite foods. I chose that one because I agree wholeheartedly. Think I had better go do some posting on my blog, I am way behind. Bye

  • Anonymous 20.9.07

    Forgot to leave a link to a post. This one is probably funny to some, weird to others. As my blog is about the more boring aspects of blogging I don't know that there are any really memorable ones :-)

  • Diane 20.9.07

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous 20.9.07

    Me again. Cocked up the html for the link so deleted previous comment - sorry!

    Try again.

    First the questions

    Lisa Lorenz is an artist blogging friend and - I can barely bring myself to write this - prunes and cream cheese is one of your favourite foods. Shan't be trying that I'm afraid!

    One of my favourite silly, non-bookbinding posts that I liked was this one.

    Love match?

    As a keen tennis player who is always anxious to win, would wearing this in a mixed doubles match be cheating?

  • Anonymous 20.9.07

    What a cool piece of artwork Kim!

    Thanks so much for placing my posts on your favoraite Posts Widget :-) The one you voted for is on front page right now, and you helped to get it there, so thanks for that too :-)

    Lisa Lorenz is one of your artists friends, and your 5 favorite foods are prunes with cream cheese, gobi berries (don't even know what those are), strawberries, dark chocolate (one of mine too) and pavlova.

    I really like your layout now that you've split the sidebars up to each side. It looks clean and places the focus on your posts. At least I think so :-)

  • Anonymous 20.9.07

    Ditto on everything both of our girls just said, JB.
    This LakeTrees Blog of yours is looking absolutely stupendous, btw.

    I'm really pizzazzed still over Red-dog's earlier post. What a crack up!

  • Kim 20.9.07

    haha Sue
    my posting is a bit random I'm madly working on this be finished in two days......
    eccentric....ahh yes know the word well.....and I would take it as a compliment too......nothing worse than being a sheep.....North Yorkshire....very nice accent....
    I remember when I came back from London...after 2 years....with a very Brit accent.....everyone paid me off and I soon lost it ....
    now I'm rambling too... :D

    ah yes Diane
    you should try pickled onions and sliced cheese.....or dried apricots with cream cheese.. :D
    I'm looking forward to reading your non-bookbinding post...sounds intriguing :D

    thanks Deborah
    I'm happy with the layout.....but my editing page looks a mess...oops...I think that's because I hacked the original template...
    haha very listed all 5 favourite foods....and gobi berries are super high in anti oxidants...and come from Tibet...quite tasteless actually....

    yeah JB
    Red Dog's post had me in stitches true was it !!!!
    and echoes of BTF too.. LOL
    your hysterical post is top of the list.....I definitely am gonna try those answers on the first therapist that I come across :D
    thanks for the thumbs up on my web page....touch wood I will leave it like this for a while :D

  • sadako 21.9.07

    hello Kim.

    I tagged youon my blog

  • Anonymous 21.9.07

    Hey Kim, I love the artwork. My fiancee says thats funky!:)

  • Kim 21.9.07

    thanks BPJ
    will check it out :)

    hi Boyd
    I'd love to say that I created this art work but I didn't ...the artist is M Velthuys and I found this wonderful print in one of my old books....called Modern Publicity 1961/62...haha...I think this art work looks very contemporary
    fantastic book with great posters...the book cost $1....
    one of those great finds in a second hand book store :D

  • Anonymous 22.9.07

    There is an artist near me that is in the Smithsonian that has a huge used bookstore. She is a nice one too! A great help to me she is! But she never meets a stranger and is fearless with her questions. But you can find some awesome books there that are no where else to be found.

  • Kim 22.9.07

    hi Boyd
    lucky you !!!! she sounds like just the type of person to be selling books...
    we have a big store about 5 minutes away...I still haven't found the time to visit....but I know that when I eventually go ..I'll probably end up staying there for days if not weeks :)

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