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A Must See Film !!!!!

9 November 2007 16 comments

Both my Grandmother and my Auntie on my Father's side both suffered from Alzheimer’s disease before they passed away.
This film will be a must see for me.
Julie Christie is one of my favourite actresses.

Away From Her is the lyrical screenplay adaptation of celebrated author Alice Munro’s short story “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”.
Away From Her is a beautifully moving love story that deals with memory and the circuitous, unnameable paths of a long marriage. Married for 50 years, Grant (Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona’s (Julie Christie) commitment to each other appears unwavering, and their everyday life is full of tenderness and humour. This serenity is broken only by the occasional, carefully restrained reference to the past, giving a sense that this marriage may not always have been such a fairy tale. This tendency of Fiona’s to make such references, along with her increasingly evident memory loss, creates a tension that is usually brushed off casually by both of them. As the lapses become more obvious and dramatic, it is no longer possible for either of them to ignore the fact that Fiona is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. [ More]


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16 comments: to “ A Must See Film !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 10.11.07

    I had a friend that was unhumanly strong that got it and I'm thankful he was one of the kindest men I ever knew to be sure. It was gut wrenching seeing this brilliant man forget all he knew.

    Once a really large nurse came in to give him a shot and he told her no. She didn't listen. So he took his big hand and gentley pushed her back to her great amazement.

    My dad took him to the doctor one day and had to stop at the bank. When dad came out Alvin was getting out of the car. Dad asked him, "What are you doing?" He said,"I've got to use the bathroom." Needless to say he used the bathroom right there in public! Which was totally unlike him as he was a very quiet kind man with an amazing life story.

  • donk.usa 10.11.07

    Sadly it runs in my family and is wearing away at the memories that my mother has left.

  • Anonymous 10.11.07

    I can't wait for the release

  • Kim 10.11.07

    oh it is a tragic thing Boyd to see those we love slip away from us ...with this debilitating disease....
    another very powerful film that I saw was 'Iris'..... which is about Irish novelist Iris Murdoch (played by Dame Judi Dench) who suffered from Alzheimer's disease...
    it is really scary to think that millions of people are affected and at this stage there is no cure...

    hi Donk
    it is very sad and with no cure it is very hard for the families too.....
    I can imagine how distressing it would be for you to see your Mother's memories slipping away....

    The film has just been released here in Australia Myspace codes....
    so I imagine it would be released where you are...

  • Lynda Lehmann 10.11.07

    I can hardly think of anyone who has not had this disease somewhere in their family.

    Sorry you have had to deal with it in two close relatives.

    My mother-in-law suffers from it now, and we watch her move in and out of present reality.

    Maybe this film will help raise awareness and increase our compassion for people going through it.

  • Kim 10.11.07

    ah yes Lynda...
    it is a terrible thing....and I know my Mother visited my Auntie frequently...before she passed away...
    I remember visiting my Grandma and it was very sad to see someone that you love slipping away...
    I have read that 5 million people have Alzheimer’s disease in the USA....
    you're so right's films like this that do raise our awareness...
    thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend :)

  • Anonymous 10.11.07

    I've not had an experience with this disease, but know several people who have. I see that it is available on my pay per view channel. I might have to check it out on your recommendation.

  • Kim 10.11.07

    that's great Cooper...

    let me know what you think of it :)
    I'm hoping to see it next week.....
    that and Jesse James... :)

  • Anonymous 10.11.07

    Have you seen the movie 'The Notebook' with James Garner? That deals with the dreadful effects of Alzheimers too - but be warned it is a 'two boxes of tissues' movie.

  • Kim 10.11.07

    oh yes Diane
    that definitely was a weepie ...
    Charlotte and I cried our eyes out fact I could watch that movie again.....
    talking of tissue box movies ...have you seen Beatrix Potter?

  • Anonymous 11.11.07

    I will surely watch it since my grandmother is very old now. She is 82 and am so glad she is not suffering from such type of illness yet. I know that this sort of illness can happen to any members of our family and we must be aware of it to understand the people we care about like our grandmother and our parents that will surely get this.

  • Kim 11.11.07

    so true Dogs Classified...
    it could happen to any of us...
    your Grandmother is very fortunate :)

  • Anonymous 12.11.07

    A Beautiful Mind is a great movie but one I'd only watch once as I've seen the ravages of depression first hand on a loved and really care not to see it in a movie. It has to be one of the very worst things I can imagine for a pitiful soul to endure.

    On a brighter note, Mona Lisa Smiling if you have not seen it is a great movie about an art professor that I think you might relate to.

  • Kim 12.11.07

    ah yes Boyd...
    I have seen it and it is a great movie....Julia Roberts was brilliant as the Art Professor.....

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    Such a tragic thing to witness and live with afflicting those you love dearly.

    It makes the struggle even more difficult when there are no hopes for cure.

  • Kim 16.11.07

    so true Deborah.....
    we can only hope that a cure is on the horizon ....

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