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The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize

2 November 2007 19 comments

I received this entry form in the post this week...
I will probably enter the portrait of Alexander....

About Moran

The Moran Health Care Group is the benefactor of the two Moran Prizes.
Established in 1956 by Doug and Greta Moran, The Moran Health Care Group is a family-run, aged-care provider. Doug Moran was inspired by the Australian public’s love of portraiture to create the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. He also wanted to create a vehicle to support established and developing artists. A skilled painter herself, Greta Moran has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize since its inception in 1988.Her son, Mark Moran – Director of Operations for the Group – continues the family tradition with Moran’s patronage of a new arts initiative, the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, now in its second year.

Judges for the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize 2008



Moran Prizes

Linky Love Diane Lynda Cooper Boyd Lisa Lakshmi Colin Saboma Deborah


19 comments: to “ The Doug Moran National Portrait Prize so far...

  • Anonymous 2.11.07

    Excellent choice, that is a beautiful portrait - full of love ...and if there is any justice in the world, you have the prize in the bag!

  • Kim 2.11.07

    haha justice Diane...
    I'm afraid there's not a lot of that in the art world.....
    I have about 3 months so Alexander's portrait should be finished by then...hopefully...
    It is supposed to be finished by his birthday which is the 30th December :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 2.11.07

    Go for it, Kim! I expect you are more than likely to win it!

    What happened at B.C.?

  • Anonymous 2.11.07

    This sounds like a great idea, and as already stated an excellent choice.

  • Anonymous 2.11.07

    Kim, that is awesome, an honor for an honorable lady of phenomenal skill and even more drive. Amazing drive! Best wishes to you in this venture.

  • Kim 2.11.07

    haha I wish Lynda....
    that would be fantastic.....just being selected would be wonderful...
    as for BC .....the administration labelled my "Win A Free Portrait Competiton Promotion" as SPAM and removed 2 of my posts that people had commented on....very rude indeed !!!!!!

  • Kim 2.11.07

    thanks Cooper ...the Moran Portrait Prize is the biggest art prize in Australia with $100,000.00
    in prize money so it's well worth entering......:)

    oh thank you for your kind comments Boyd :)
    I will be taking a rather traditional approach with this portrait......and aiming for super realism :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 2.11.07
  go girl. This is a great choice. I cant wait to see the portrait finished. It is just amazing! I agree with Diane, if there is justice in this crazy art world, you should WIN! hands down! xoxoxo Lisa

  • Kim 2.11.07

    thanks so much Lisa ...
    now if only I could pick the judges haha.....
    you would be one !!!!!

  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    Kim All the best, God Bless you as always.. :) We are all counting on you.. You should make it..!

  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    An excellent choice and with a talent such as yours maybe they would be kind enough to allow us bloggers to be the judges would certainly win :)

    I wish you the very best of luck and will be keeping fingers, toes and whatever else crossed for you lol

  • Kim 3.11.07

    hi Lakshmi
    thanks for your good wishes...
    have a great weekend.... :)

    haha Colin....
    that would be great ...thanks so much for your vote of confidence....
    I hope it won't be too uncomfortable for you keeping everything crossed until the end of January 2008 LOL....

  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    This sounds neat, Kim. My money's on you to win it, too.

    BlogCatalog is a piece of work in and of itself. I deleted my blog from it too. That dude who I guess is some sort of head cheese with it sure doesn't have a clue about much, does he.

    Maybe that's why his blog isn't popular. His panties are in a wad and he can't pull them out straight enough for a comfortable fit, ya reckon?

  • Kim 3.11.07

    ROFL ..MA....
    I'm trying to visualise that last statement.....

    I've just realised if I get all the bloggers to bet on my chances of being selected for this prize..... I could possibly win some money here...hehehehe....

  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    If is a big word for just two letters, I hear.

    Don't try to visualize it. It just might give you heartburn and bad dreams.


  • Kim 3.11.07

    hehehe I got ya ....heheheh have a new avatar....very's animated....I have to get one :D

  • Anonymous 3.11.07

    Yeah, it was time for a change and this one looked just as good as any other. Although I can't see it, the hand is holding a set of keys and that is what is dangling.

    just like I had good sense or sumpin like dat.


  • Anonymous 4.11.07

    OMG Kim, this would be the ultimate win for you! Sending vibes across the oceans to make it happen for you :-)

  • Kim 4.11.07

    thanks Deborah
    I'll save those vibes for January 2008 :) :)

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