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Portrait of Kelly

13 November 2007 33 comments

Gouache on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
90cm x 1m

On the Easel
on the easel

Alexander and Kelly

My son...Alexander asked me recently if I would
paint a portrait of Kelly (his girlfriend).
It's Kelly's birthday this month......
Alexander took some great photos and I used these as reference.....

Click on the images to enlarge

You could win a Free Portrait for Christmas !!!!!
Click here for details.....

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33 comments: to “ Portrait of Kelly so far...

  • Lynda Lehmann 13.11.07

    Wonderful portrait of Kelly and handling of the guache, Kim! I think it's an achievement to paint a portrait in this medium and still achieve subleties!

    She's a pretty girl. I like her hair short!

    And I love your HUGE easel!

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    Fabulous portrait, Kim! What a golden, sun kissed couple they are :) and what a terrific present!

  • Jackie 13.11.07

    Wow absolutely fabulous. You are so very,very good. I would love to have one of these but my childhood was not one filled with many good memories. So that is why I haven't entered yet. I do keep remembering a Christmas and a red wagon, but not much else. So please don't think that I have ignored this. Your work is fabulous and what you are doing with this contest is fantastic!!

  • KellytheCulinarian 13.11.07

    What a beautiful portrait! It wasn't until I was in high school that I ever met another Kelly!

  • Fruity 13.11.07

    Always wonder how you manage to paint it so life-liked. You really have an eye for that. How long did you take to paint that?

  • Lynda 13.11.07

    stupendoulsly perfect... you are more than gifted... what a nice honor to your son's girl, he must be thinking long term??? hahaha... beautiful work, just beautiful... blessings and take care...

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    Too cool, JB.
    As an FYI, I'm up for adoption.

    Fantastic work, JB! The two kiddos look healthy in this season's tans, too.

  • kellypea 13.11.07

    How gorgeous! I love everything about it. A very pretty girl with a great name ;)

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    Wow! What a cool portrait, just the right youth touch too :-)

    Such a wonderful birthday gift - now you may have to do his for her too....*giggles*

  • Kim 13.11.07

    thanks Lynda
    the gouache is a fragile medium....and I have to make sure that I use a really good quality fixative.....
    haha the easel was a birthday present and I love it too !!!!

    thanks so much...
    Kelly and Alexander will love your description of them Diane :)

    thanks Jackie....
    perhaps you can submit a Christmas story or photo from your recent past....
    thanks for your lovely comments :)

    thanks Kelly...
    I always think it's a bonus to have a name that stands out....I've looked it up...

    The boy's and girl's name Kelly \k(el)-ly\ is pronounced KEL-ee. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "descendant of Ceallach". Transferred use of the surname. Originally an Anglicized form of the ancient Irish Gaelic name Ceallach, possibly meaning "bright-headed", "strife", or "church, monastery".
    interesting that it can be a boy's or girl's name ......
    Kim is the same...I went to school with another Kym who was a boy....

    thanks Fruity
    a lot of it is in selecting the right photo.......and most of this painting was painted upside down
    It took me about 3 days (about 12 hours) allowing for procrastination :)

    thanks so much Lyn
    I thought it was a lovely gesture on Alexander's behalf and Kelly is really happy with it :)
    thanks for your lovely comments...
    have a great day :)

    haha ... thanks....JB...
    they do look healthy don't they....
    now tell me what does FYI mean ?

    you're right Kelly
    great name....great gals...
    seems to me that Kelly is getting her fair share of "Kelly" visitors :D

    thanks Captain....
    funny you should mention that ...
    I started off painting Kelly's portrait to match a portrait of Alexander that I did at the end of last year...but he looks older now.....
    I'm still working on the 3/4 length oil portrait of him ...which I'm hoping to finish before his 18th birthday on November 30....

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    For Your Information = F.Y.I.

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    Unbelieveable Kim. I'm around a quite a few professional portrait artists and I have not seen anyone do such a masterful job on each and every subject. Your are so inspiring. I would love to see this one in person. I love how you made it both beautiful and fun. It is hard to make a painting fun and not too silly but you have done it! I could go and on but I'll hush!:) Wow!!!

    My fiancee loves it as well! She said Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim 13.11.07

    haha MA ...
    count yourself adopted :D
    I'll send out the airfare pronto...

    hi Boyd
    thanks so much to you and your fiancee :)
    I always try to create a portrait that I would be happy to hang in my own that's usually how I measure my style...
    you're right this is a fun portrait and I couldn't help smiling when I was painting this one....Kelly was a dream to paint :)
    have a great day and happy painting....

  • Lisa Lorenz 13.11.07

    Hi Kim, Oh wow....Kelly's portrait is just smashing! You captured her masterfully! She looks so pleased and Alexander looks so proud. I really love the palette you used. I agree with Diane they are a beautiful golden sun kissed couple!

    ps...I am still in awe over my two portraits here in my bedroom! I will cherish them FOREVER! have a great day mate xoxoxo

  • Lisa Lorenz 13.11.07

    Hiya Kim, me again...I was very touched to see the sydney painting there hanging over your computer! xoxoxox Its so cool to see your art work in a freinds home! :)

  • Anonymous 13.11.07

    Hi Kim I think Alex is a little younger than that his birthday is 30th December.How would I know that????? But then I even guessed FYI!!!!! My brain still seems to work a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim 13.11.07

    hiya Lisa
    I love having your Spectacular Sydney over my desk.......I think I picked just the right spot for it eh....
    and you're so right about seeing your artwork in friends homes.....
    sorta like adopting them out isn't it ?
    have a great day too and happy painting mate :)

    howdy Mum.....
    thank goodness you have your wits about you.....I don't know where November came from.....
    but then I'm just his Mum haha :-X
    ps thanks for the translation too :P
    I certainly won't forget FYI

  • Anonymous 14.11.07

    Wow, that is amazing! I bet she loved it, what a special present.

  • Kim 14.11.07

    thanks Leigh
    yeah ...Kelly was very pleased with it....
    I just have to give the portrait a coat of fixative and it's finished :)

  • Anonymous 14.11.07

    Spectacular portrait in a difficult medium. Portraits are an absolutely
    one of the most fabulous gifts I bet she is bowled over by it.

  • Kim 14.11.07

    thanks very much Cooper :)
    I know my Mum absolutely cherishes the portrait that I painted of my Dad...and she has told me often that it is so much more than a photo....
    I think knowing and seeing Kelly IRL has made a huge difference as I was able to put Kelly's bubbly personality into the portrait :)

  • Anonymous 15.11.07

    Just Fabulous Kim - thanks for sharing and for the invite.

  • Kim 15.11.07

    thank you Renny...
    thanks for dropping by... :)

  • Sueblimely 15.11.07

    A great portrait again Kim. Having had the honor of seeing one for real, I can appreciate your talent even more. (The portrait that Kim did of me arrived this week, folks). You did not have such a pretty young model as the one of Kelly either :-)

    I have had WOW, who did that reactions, from all who have seen it though. I was pleased to be able to boast that it was done by a real artist - which I was told was stating the obvious.

  • Kim 15.11.07

    thanks Sue...
    I'm glad you like it and I have pinched myself to check that I'm real ..haha....and not just a figment of my own imagination :D
    will pop over to see how your new blog is going...have a great day !!!!

  • Anonymous 15.11.07

    figment of your own imagination? :) I have wondered if you are real or some angel too Kim :) thats really a very beautiful portrait indeed... Kelly and Alexander do look good together :)

  • Kim 15.11.07

    thanks for your very sweet compliments Pearl....
    have a sunny day :)

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    Kim, another amazing job on your work for Kelly's portrait! One lucky girls, I'm sure she was thrilled :-)

    They make a great looking couple!

  • Kim 16.11.07

    thanks Deborah
    I'll pass your compliment on to them :)

  • this 20.11.07

    She is one lucky girl...hope you all have a wonderful birthday celebration together.

  • Kim 21.11.07

    thank you Blue Blue..... :)
    have a wonderful day :)

  • One Wacky Mom 28.11.07

    Kim, your son is soooooooooooo handsome! And the portrait of her is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

    You are absolutely amazing. When it's time for me to get a portrait are the person my friend!

  • Kim 28.11.07

    thanks Ev...
    you still have time to enter the Christmas competition ;)...the closing date has been extended until the 21st December :)

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