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Remembrance Day

11 November 2007 15 comments

The Last Train Home
Mixed Media

1.7m x 1.9m

Remembrance Day is the day Australians remember those who have died in war.

In 1918 the armistice that ended World War I came into force, bringing to an end four years of hostilities that saw 61 919 Australians die at sea, in the air, and on foreign soil. Few Australian families were left untouched by the events of World War I - 'the war to end all wars' most had lost a father, son, daughter, brother, sister or friend.

At 11am on 11 November we pause to remember the sacrifice of those men and women who have died or suffered in wars and conflicts and all those who have served during the past 100 years.
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15 comments: to “ Remembrance Day so far...

  • Anonymous 11.11.07

    Very nicely done, Kim. I linked your post to mine HERE.

  • Anonymous 11.11.07

    Danggg, today for you is the tomorrow I was thinking about yesterday.

  • Kim 11.11.07

    a new you mville....
    love that green eye....
    your today is my yesterday I think ;)
    will check it out now :)

  • Mauigirl 11.11.07

    Thanks for the reminder that Sunday is Armistice Day. I love your portrait...

    "At the going down of the sun...we will remember them..."

    We were traveling in Australia back in the 80's and stopped at a small town for the night. The proprietor at the little hotel we stayed at recommended the local RSL for dinner. So we went and joined for the evening and got ourselves a nice steak dinner. Just as we sat down the lights went out and everyone stood, and someone recited that poem. It gave me chills, it was such a moving moment.

  • Kim 11.11.07

    Ah yes Mauigirl....
    the Australians suffered a huge loss in all of the wars.....
    the last post is a very fitting tribute for them....
    thanks for your recollection of your travels....lovely :)
    I think you would go a long way in Oz to find a town that hasn't got an RSL in it :)
    and they have such great homestyle meals too ;)

  • Anonymous 11.11.07

    Alas, here in the West, the RSL club is for the Vets only. There is no public membership and no great meals to be had. Probably because we do not have the dreaded "Pokies". But I digress, I set out to say, what a wonderful tribute you have made with those family portraits. Family research is fascinating - and addictive!

  • Anonymous 11.11.07

    I love this portrait. Using it in this post is a wonderful way to commemorate Remembrance Day.

  • Kim 11.11.07

    thanks Archie....
    Family history is very addictive and researching the history of my Grandfather was really illuminating....
    my brother runs the site ..The Barker Boys.....and my cousin has published a book on the other side of the family that came from Wales.....absolutely fascinating..

    I haven't been over to your side of the country....and I didn't know that about the RSLs ...... you learn something new every day.....and no pokies......
    ah yes I'm not a big fan of them...I'd much rather put my money on the Melbourne Cup....

    ah yes Diane...
    I thought it was appropriate...
    and last week the work found a very good home.....
    it leaves on the 10th December....and I know I will miss it....... :)

  • Hootin Anni 12.11.07

    Hi Kim. Nice to meet you. Before I can add your blog url to the Over 50 Blogroll, I ask that there be a link of some kind [however you wish to do's your blog of course] to the Over 50 Bloggers.

    I'll drop by again soon to check and then add your blog when a link is provided on your sidebar.

  • Unknown 12.11.07

    geeez your such a talent Kim!

  • Kim 12.11.07

    hi Hootin'Anni
    nice to meet you too....
    will add your link today :)

    hi Christina
    ta and thanks :)
    have a great day :)

  • KellytheCulinarian 12.11.07

    Thank you for writing about Rememberance Day. In America, we call it Veterans Day, but it's all the same. It's important to honor those who have served, thanks for writing.

  • Kim 12.11.07

    hi Kelly
    it is important that we remember.....Australians and Americans alike....
    thanks for dropping by :)
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 12.11.07

    It is amazing the great number who have sacrificed that most dear to bring a brighter future. Often volunteering to go and forge a world from the worst of circumstances. You are most kind to remember the many brave souls that gave all.

  • Kim 12.11.07

    ah yes Boyd...
    the loss to our family was great....and I imagine there are many families who suffer every day because of the futility of war ...
    thanks for dropping by :) and have a great day !!!

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