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The Melbourne Cup - 2007

5 November 2007 45 comments

The day Australia stands still !!!

Tuesday 6, November 2007


Tuesday November 6 November 2007.....7pm

and the Winner is EFFICIENT !!!!!!

2nd place...PURPLE MOON

3rd place....MAHLER

4th place....ZIPPING

congratulations to Tami who has won the MYSTERY PRIZE!!!!
(which was a free portrait)
Tami is my niece and her Mum ...Bianca @ The Barker Boys....put the family's tips in 15 minutes before the race started....
thanks to everyone for putting your tip in .....
the race was a blast and I won about $650 ....which was a wonderful bonus and a first for me ....

The $5.1 million Emirates Melbourne Cup is more than just a horse race - it is a 145-year old social and cultural tradition that 'stops the nation'. This spectacular event is the focal point of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

7.30am - Turnstiles Open
9.00am - Flemington TV ON AIR
10.20am - First of 10 races. Full racing information available now
10.30am - MYER Fashions on the Field at Flemington Registration
2.20pm - Pre Cup Entertainment begins
3.00pm - The 2007 Emirates Melbourne Cup
(Aust Eastern Summer Time -GMT+10)

Visit flemington to read all about this exciting event......

Well worth visiting are:

Victoria Racing Club Information
Final field for the 2007 Emirates Melbourne Cup

Race Day Restaurants

Melbourne Cup Fashions
Myer Fashions on the Field at Flemington

I'll be having a flutter on the race as I do every keep your fingers crossed...... I haven't picked a winner yet....I fancy Eskimo Queen and Princess I always go for the royal names.... though Sculptor (a New Zealand horse) might have a leg in too.....because of it's artistic name....
have a look at the form and feel free to give me your tips could win a mystery prize from me if you can pick the winner of The Melbourne Cup 2007.....

Click here to view the list of horses

horses taken so far:

Sculptor (Cooper) Sirmione (Simone) Purple Moon (Diane)
Scenic Shot (Colin) Mahler (Sue) Master O'Reilly (Pearl)
Blutigeroo (Lisa) Tawqeet (Deborah) Efficient (The Barker Boys)

note...I am no longer a member at BlogCatalog.....
Their methods of communicating are very unprofessional!!!!!

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45 comments: to “ The Melbourne Cup - 2007 so far...

  • Lynda Lehmann 5.11.07

    Good luck, Kim!

  • Kim 5.11.07

    thanks Lynda
    you're not going to have a go at picking the winner???? :D
    thanks for dropping by :)

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    I'm only going to say Sculptor because I like the word and the art. I am totally at loss when it comes to
    this kind of thing.

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    Horse races are a blast to attend. I've won a few trifectas years ago. My late husband ran around with a man who was some big wig in the racing circuits so we got to speak to the jocks and check out the horses up close.

    What a rush!
    Superior skill and ability picking your winning horse, JB!

  • Kim 5.11.07

    so am I Cooper :D
    I go on the names.....and their appeal....
    I hear the winning horse will have to be a good runner "in the wet"
    as it is pouring cats and dogs here !!!!

  • Kim 5.11.07

    aren't they what JB!!!!
    I've been to Randwick in Sydney ...I loved checking out the horses' eyes close up....

    come on have to give me a horse's name.....

    Cooper has and I'm sure Lynda's planning to...hehehe

    hey another new avatar...
    cuuuuute !!!!!!!

    what is he chuckling at ????

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    Dang JB. If you can at all, watch the horses while they're warming up for the race. Look at the length of their stride. It's the stride that counts when running whether it's a human being, dog, or a horse.

    I've not been around horse races in a couple of decades so I'm not up to par on it enough to give inside betting information. Just look at the horse's shanks and stride then compare them visually.

    the chimp is me laughing at the nonsense that's happening in my world and laughing is my perspective on it. Furthermore, there is nothing I can do about any of it but laugh, laugh, laugh.

    It beats crying.

  • Kim 5.11.07

    I won't be getting close up to any horses in the near future ....I'll be watching the race tomorrow on our giant TV........ that'll be good enough for me....
    laughing is definitely better for ya MA :D

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    Laughing is more fun, that's for sure. The rest of the story is totally insane.

    But on with the story.
    Einstein is who defined insanity, not me.

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


  • Kim 5.11.07

    artists can be quite guilty of insanity them !!! :P

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    It took me a while to learn it. I've done my share of living in an absurd world of my own making for many years. ~:o)

    I often wonder if I'm still there. Just at a different level of it.

  • Kim 5.11.07

    oops I meant then !!!!
    Insanity is alive and well everywhere but mostly in the mind :D

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    Insanity is alive and well everywhere but mostly in the mind

    I once said to my brother when he was alive that I thought I was losing my mind and he left me assured that I wasn't losing it. He said, "In order to lose something, you have to have it."

    Somehow I felt relieved knowing that. 'If I only had a brain...'

  • Kim 5.11.07

    haha MA....
    soooo funny :D

  • Anonymous 5.11.07

    Hi Kim,
    Love your site - it's looking great. I just tried on my frock again for tomorrow - v exciting. Going to a party with 300 + other revelers, so should be great! My pick is Sirmione because its name is a bit like mine... crazy reason, but heh who knows???

  • Kim 5.11.07

    hi Simone...
    great to see a fellow Aussie here ...
    and thanks for your choice....sounds like a great reason to pick that horse :D
    sounds like you are going to have a revelling good time :D

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    The Kentucky Derby of your homeland, amazing how horse racing is so popular still in modern times when horses are less needed than in the past. It is huge in Arab countries. Makes me miss riding! I hope to get me another soon and be off running again!

    Sounds like a lot of fun Kim.

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    'Purple Moon' for me. No idea why really but it's either that or 'Zipping' because it sounds a speedy sort of name... :)

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    I hope the 'cats and dogs' don't get in the way of the horses...have they got water wings just in case lol

    I have no idea who is going to win... but would hazard a guess at Scenic Shot....only because I had a Renault Scenic and started getting more problems than Windows has so I got shot of it lol.


  • Sueblimely 6.11.07

    The Melbourne Cup is a wonderful event - because the day is a public holiday here in the state of Victoria. I have never been although it is great being in the city after this race (and after Ladies Day which is on Thursday), watching how the ladies are dressed up - all with elaborate hats.

    I will choose Mahler to win cos I read an article tipping Purple Moon and Mahler and I don't have a clue about racing. Good Luck all.

    Not raining in Melbourne today.

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    I know things can change drastically the last second, but why not go with the flow? So I pick Master O'Reilly, the prediction of the pundits? :)

  • Kim 6.11.07

    thanks Boyd...
    I thought you might be into the horses....
    yes this is definitely our Kentucky Derby Day :D

    ok Diane I'm putting you down for Purple Moon as that is your first choice :D good luck !!!

    lol Colin
    it's the day of the cup and not raining here ...your horse is noted :)

    good to have an insider here Sue...
    must be exciting having the race in your hometown.....great to hear the weather's holding your tip :D

    ah Pearl...good pick...let's see if the competition queen has picked the right horse haha ....

  • Lisa Lorenz 6.11.07

    Hi Kim, Oh this is fun. I will go with Blutigeroo - Good Luck to everyone! I love the races - always so exciting. I remember attending the Melbourne cup in Korea at the ex pate ladies event and it was blast!

  • Kim 6.11.07

    hi Lisa...
    we have about 6 hours to go until the race...
    thanks for your tip is noted :D and lots of luck ....
    have a great day xxxx

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    Well if I'm not too late, I'm going with Tauqeet.

    I don't know the first thing about racing but this sounds like an awesome event!

    My uncle used to announce horse races between here and Vancouver, BC. I coulda used his help now ;-)

  • Kim 6.11.07

    haha Deborah
    1 and a 1/2 hours to go ...your horse is noted ...
    I have just won $425....on one of the earlier races so I'm wrapped !!!

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    'I have just won $425....on one of the earlier races so I'm wrapped !!!'

    Git on with your bad self, woman! ^5!

  • Kim 6.11.07

    haha MA...
    yeah I'm over the moon and 45 minutes to the big one and I've got my money back already hehehehe

  • The Barker Boys 6.11.07

    Hi Kim,
    This is Jeff, Bianca, Riss, Tami and Tahli. Here are our 5 Horses.
    Black Tom,Riss
    Railings, Jeff
    Blue Monday, Bianca
    On a Juene, Tahli
    Good luck

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    Are you saying that you've broken even or did you break even plus some change?

    You GO, Girl!

  • The Barker Boys 6.11.07

    15mins to go go gee gee

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    good luck kim,
    normally i have no ideas for these races but by the name i can suggest you horse name shot because it has similarity with bullet shot and speed of the bullet you very well and you win for sure

  • Kim 6.11.07

    hi Bianca
    thanks for your tips and it looks like Tami has picked the winning horse !!!!!
    so she has won the mystery prize :D
    all the best to you :D

    yeah it's been a winning day all round MA!!!!
    I came out about $650 ahead...
    Alexander picked the 1st 4 horses ...Charlotte picked the winner and Mr L picked the 3rd place getter.....hehehehehehehe

  • Kim 6.11.07

    thanks Custom Taylor...
    I had to choose a horse on the form ..but that's a good suggestion :D

  • Anonymous 6.11.07

    Just watched it on the TV! How exciting - my horse, Purple Moon was just pipped at the post!I thought I was going to win!!

    Well done, you, for winning all that money!

  • Kim 6.11.07

    yeah Diane
    I was thinking of you :)
    you came soooo close to winning another free portait !!!!!
    yep the winning was the icing on the cake haha...I can understand why people become addicted to it.... :)

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    Way to play girrrrl!!!! Woot!

    Congrats to the winner of your mystery prize too :-)

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    Wow Kim...

    You had a ball huh :) good for you!!

    Congrats to the winners too...very well done :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 7.11.07

    Kim, it looks like the race was held on your blog! Fun idea :)
    I watched a movie about horse racing many moons ago, and it sparked my interest. The first time out to the track "hooked" me in. I like to stand in the crowd down by the finish line and cheer on my picks.
    Congrats to Tami and to you also!!

  • The Barker Boys 7.11.07

    Hey Kim, how about ladies day today?????

  • Kim 7.11.07

    hey Deborah
    yeah it was one of those days !!!
    hooray for the Melbourne Cup !!!!

    thanks Colin
    *big smiles*
    nothing like a flutter at the races
    and the Melbourne Cup...certainly put me on cloud 9 :D

    haha Speed Cat
    it was a bit like that wasn't it....especially taking tips 15 minutes before the race ...I felt like a bookie....
    the last time I went to see the horses race IRL was the local trots about a year ago and watching them cross the line is certainly a buzz..
    thanks for your good wishes :)

    haha Bianca..
    I see .....
    now that you're on a winning streak eh....
    will you be getting the tips from Tami???? ;)

  • The Barker Boys 7.11.07

    No Kim i won't get my tips from Tami, she was lucky her horse was taken and if i remember yesterday i think it was i that put 6 in the quin.......:)

  • Kim 7.11.07

    oh I see Bianca....
    it's like that eh????
    well I think you will have a hard time convincing Tami to hand over her Portrait Prize ....LOL

  • The Barker Boys 7.11.07

    Yes i know but it was worth a shot!!!!:D

  • Kim 7.11.07

    LOL Bianca !!!! :D

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