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Warhol portrait of Conrad Black sold !!!

16 November 2007 25 comments

Update on Christie's auction this week

A portrait of Conrad Black was sold for $240,000 (£116,000) at Christie’s in New York on Wednesday to help pay off the former media baron’s debts.

Christie's is holding its bi-annual Post War and Contemporary Art Sale

A Los Angeles art dealer, Michael Kohn, bought the portrait, one of four which Andy Warhol made in 1981, when Black was 37.

Portrait of Conrad Black", measuring 40 inches square, was part of a sale by the world’s largest auction house that has confounded fears of a collapse in the contemporary art market as the credit crunch in the US has hit the spending power of even the very rich.

In the first session, on Tuesday night, a Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, owned by the actor Hugh Grant, went for $23.6m after Christie’s had predicted a sale price of at least $25m. [more]

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Integrity and Attitude !!

John @ Homeless Family Blog very kindly awarded me with the Bloggers with Integrity Award passed on to him by Shinade

I'm passing this award on to

Adam @ MY ONLINE WORLD....for being such an active "shouter" at Digg

Leigh @ All for Women
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and do check out Leigh's Sisterhood of the travelling Bra..... one word ...Fun !!!!

Megan @ Imaginif.....for all the wonderful work she is doing with her BlogLog Community and Child Protection...
here's what she says about the community
A Child Protection Community. Imaginif, no child abuse.
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and the Elf just because he is the Blog Elf and he loves getting stuff !!!

my terrific gal pal Mary Ann @ Maryannaville™
gave me this great attitude award passed onto her by Colin ....
thanks MA you're the best !!!!

I am passing this on to....

Kimmy @ purplefrogcat 2

Maunie @ Maunie's Place

Jos @ NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)

and the Elf !!!!

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I saw this great word meaning game over at Leighs and couldn't resist playing....
I won 500 grains of rice before I got knocked out.....very addictive and educational !!!!

thanks Mary Ann

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25 comments: to “ Warhol portrait of Conrad Black sold !!! so far...

  • Jos 16.11.07

    Thank you, Kim. It's nice to be awarded by you :))

  • Kim 16.11.07

    you're welcome Jos...
    have a terrific day :)

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    I adore Andy Warhol's work. Went to an exhibition at the Tate a few years ago and was knocked out by how much better the familiar works look in the 'flesh'. At those prices I'm never going to own one though am I? :)

    Congratulations on your awards!

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    Thank you so much for the award Kim :)

    *hehe* you are addicted to the rice game too? I go just for a little turn and get stuck there for much longer.

  • Kim 16.11.07

    ah yes Diane ...
    Warhol is the master of mimimalism in my books.....oh well we can hope and dream.....on winning the lottery perhaps....I mean $240,000 isn't that much really :D

    yes Leigh...
    I have you to thank for my new addiction.....certainly gets the grey matter working....
    your "travelling bra" looking good eh....over 20 joined up already :)

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    Oh thank you Kim. That is lovely. I am having a particularly rough day today too so it has come as a silver lining in the black cloud of working against child abuse.

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    congratulations on your awards Kim, and also to the great selection of recipients :)

    The rice game is awesome and one I shall be posting to help increase the awareness of it and the contribution we can all make spending a few minutes playing with'sa wonderful idea :)

    Like Diane, I saw some of Andy Warhol's work in the Tate and to se it close up was just so awesome and fascinating.

    Have a great day....I'm off to sleep lol


  • Kim 16.11.07

    oh that's no good Megan...*hugs*
    I hope your black cloud is temporary.....your work and your Community for Child Protection is so inspiring ....

  • Kim 16.11.07

    ah yes Colin...
    there's nothing like viewing art IRL...I remember so clearly the Rembrandts that I saw in London...and it was so moving !!

    haha be warned the rice game IS keep saying ....oh I'll try just one more word....:D
    thanks for dropping by Colin...sweet dreams :)

  • Anonymous 16.11.07

    Congrats on all your awards Kim! And to all you've bestowed them on :-)

    I'm sure Black wasn't happy to part with Andy Warhol's works, but the recipients would be very pleased.

  • Kim 16.11.07

    thanks Debora.....
    I would like to see the other 3 portaits that Warhol did of Conrad.....
    I suppose he was lucky to have one to sell to pay his debts :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 17.11.07

    well, i guess WE don't have to worry about the megabucks sales dwindling to lesser megabucks sales, do we?

    congrats on your latest award, kim!

  • Kim 17.11.07

    thanks Lynda...
    you're right seems that art works at the top of the scale will always sell for the megabucks especially if you are deceased !
    have a great weekend Lynda :)

  • Anonymous 17.11.07

    I can't believe anyone would ever pay that much for a portrait of Conrad Black...He's so icky.

  • Anonymous 18.11.07

    I'm surprised it didn't bring more but a nice price none the less.

    Congratulations on your awards and to all the award winners.

  • Kim 18.11.07

    hi Susan...
    I suppose because it's an Andy Warhol makes the difference.. :)

    Yes Boyd ...
    big difference between the Liz Taylor and the Conrad Black works.....I actually prefer the Conrad Black print .. :)

  • Anonymous 18.11.07

    Hey Kim, love the new(?) look blog - very funky. Can't wait to see the Andy Warhol exhibition when it get to Brisbane soon - very exciting.

    Love the portrait of your son's girlfriend too - is everyone on the Central Coast so stunningly gorgeous?

  • Kim 18.11.07

    hey Kitty
    we might be up your way in the next few weeks....have Irina's painting to deliver ....
    I think it might be the beaches ..the lifestyle...and the water haha
    how are the renovations going ?

  • Anonymous 18.11.07

    very beautiful portrait Kim, and I must add that this blog layout was probably the best choice so far. It really displays the portraits in all their beauty.

  • Anonymous 19.11.07

    nice portrait. congrats :)

  • Kim 19.11.07

    thanks Mig...
    I'm pretty happy with the seems though that there are errors showing for I will have to see if I can work that out :)

    hi EMO
    thanks for your comment :)

  • Anonymous 20.11.07

    Hi Kim,
    I thought I would pass by on my travels lol.....must be a gyroscope or something, maybe I need a time machine instead :)

    Have a great week

  • Kim 21.11.07

    LOL Colin..
    you have a great week too ! :)

  • BillyWarhol 30.11.07


    I can't get over the Liz Taylor going for $26 Mill!! Awesome Andy!!

    Poor Conrad I guess Liz is a Little More Famous than him!! Altho his Pompous Arrogant Ego could prolly match any of Warhol's Subjects!!

    Andy didn't do Bush i hope + Pray!!


    Glad Kim U caught the Barbara Amiel Joke - she's an Institution up here from her Toronto Sun days - Not sure if she was a Page 3 Girl but I have to hand it to her she's a Good Lookin' Broad!!

    I'll never forget the article in on Conrad + Babs at their Palm Beach Palatial Estate + the "My Extravagance Knows NO Bounds" comment she made*

    Well hopefully she buys Tubby Black certified Thief some Expensive things from the Prison Commisary!! Like a Fresh Bar o Soap after Conrad drops his in the Shower!!



    I don't wanna Burn any Bridges with the Black's cuz the Daughter Alana is Stunning!!

    Cheers! Billy ;))


  • Kim 30.11.07

    ROFL Billy
    too too funny :D
    I will have to check out whether Andy painted Bush...
    he certainly knew that he was onto a good thing with Liz....she really is an icon
    have a fabulous weekend and thanks for dropping by :P

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