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Excellent Award and Blog Juice

11 February 2008 14 comments

Kris @ Art & Clairvoyance who received this Excellent Award from Irene @ Sweet Wood Talking has passed it on to me ...
thanks so much Kris...
I am passing this on to 6 excellent poets and writers - Hanna Catsy Lyn Netster Archie and Robert

Museum Exhibit/Art News

  • Diana: a Celebration
    A personal exhibition from her family's home paints an intimate portrait of the late Princess of Wales... at the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
  • Thieves steal Picasso paintings
  • Bacon triptych brings home $58 million

  • My Blog JuiceClick on the badge to find out your Blog Juice...

    Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta thanks to Vin for help with my recent Header problems !!

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    14 comments: to “ Excellent Award and Blog Juice so far...

    • fihanna 11.2.08

      Hi Kim!
      Here in Europe is still 10 February,
      I can accept a award posted 11 February from You??

    • Diane 11.2.08

      I just listened to this post as a podcast in iTunes. It's really cool !

      If you could get an Australian voice reading it - even better! I guess you have to really go to town with the punctuation or it all gets read as one sentence but it's surprisingly good, isn't it?

      You are recommending such interesting stuff, Kim, thanks so much! I like the new header too.


    • Kim 11.2.08

      hi Hanna...
      LOL...sure thing....I have the advantage here of being ahead of your time...amazing isn't it ?

      that is very cool Diane...:)
      I wouldn't know the first thing about IPods...though the kids have them ..
      I will have to write an aussie post to see how the narrator gets around our 'strange' language and accent...
      oh and a post for the when they turn their computers on in the morning....they can listen to me morning...have your had your breakfast....have you made your bed etc etc...
      the list could be endless....:)

    • Anonymous 11.2.08

      It's a nice software program, isn't it, Kim? Of course I had to laugh at how some of the words were pronounced but what the heck, it's still thoughtful of those who have difficulty with reading text.

      I'm sure that Colin will really laugh when he hears how his name is pronounced, hehehe.

    • Kim 11.2.08

      hi ye Court Jester... LOL ....
      I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Colin hears his name pronounced :)
      I think this is terrific.. as you say and I was amazed how easy it is to install...took about 5 minutes...
      the wonders of technology ...there's a lot to be said for it...

    • Speedcat Hollydale 11.2.08

      I have no juice Kim!! The scale is skewed no doubt.

      The "sounded" post ... did not figure it out.

      Stolen Picasa??? I hope my JPG's are still there :)

      Awards too? Congratulations ... I see you are very much a multi-tasker. (and looking very nice in the awards ceremony gown!)

    • Kim 11.2.08

      hi Speedy
      ROFL....I thought you kept YOUR JPEGS in the safe :)
      I think the talking badge takes a while to load :)
      what no juice....surely not...
      I checked yours and it's 4.1
      do you have the alexa toolbar?

    • BoydGreeneArt 12.2.08

      It is nice to see technology coming out for the less fortunate. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kim 12.2.08

      it is Boyd....
      I'm all for progress when it comes to making the net more user friendly....
      a great day to you :) :)

    • Netster23 13.2.08


      muck muck!

      erm I think I ahead you one day hahahaha

      Thank you for the award.

      hugs hugs

    • Kim 13.2.08

      ha Netster...
      you're welcome :);)
      sometimes the time travel can be confusing...

    • fihanna 13.2.08

      Ciao Kim!
      "the advantage" (?)
      you geting old yourself prior to me
      stammi bene cara,

    • Kim 13.2.08

      LOL Hanna
      good thinking :) :)
      you are soooo right !!!
      ciao x

    • Anonymous 10.6.08

      Congratulations. More traffic is a good thing. Takes some work.

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