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Random Picks !!

1 February 2008 20 comments

work in my studio is looking rather incomplete at the moment due to my "frozen shoulder".....I'm hoping to finish the portrait of Colin's daughter first...
and then go on with the African landscape if I can overcome my ambivalence for it !!
Alexander's portrait will go on the back burner for a while...
(click on the image to zoom)

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lucky # selected by Anita @ am-art check out her artistic journal...the drawings are simply sensational !!!

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How to Display Your Art on the Web

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20 comments: to “ Random Picks !! so far...

  • John M. Mora 1.2.08

    Kim, great works in progress - also am enjoying the sliver looking out to the real world you see.

    I added a Technocrati button to my tweo best.

  • Kim 1.2.08

    thanks John...
    this photo was taken late afternoon with a there was quite a lot of glare from outside...we have very bright sunlight over here in Australia :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 1.2.08

    Hi Kim!
    I really feel for you missing your passion. I wish the frozen shoulder "BE GONE"!
    I had a wrist problem last summer, and missed some of my golf season. Unrealated, but I do know the frustration of not being able to do something you love as much as one would hope.
    I am so looking forward to the completion of your projects once you can get to them. Your talent has a personal touch that many others lack. I think the real quality of any work is the ability to look upon it for more than just a passing glance, and see beauty beyond the canvass.
    The African landscape still holds my attention ...
    Hug for you, just not to "bear-like" Ha haaa!!!


  • Anonymous 1.2.08

    i like it

  • Kim 1.2.08

    thanks very much Speedy...
    it would be great if I could click my fingers and say BE GONE!!!
    I am having my moments of withdrawal where I have to just put it to the back of my mind...
    and of course that African painting is the culprit that I originally injured my shoulder on....
    it certainly has taught me a lesson when it comes to turning paintings...
    in retrospect maybe I should have shoved it over the balcony :)

  • Kim 1.2.08

    thanks Komik :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 2.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    So these are the wild zebras that did you in. The stripe patterns of each of these animals vary, none have the same set of lines and are difficult to paint I imagine.

    You turned the canvass with 5 zebras on it? Wow Kim, that must have felt like being kicked by all of them! :-)

    I'm sorry your arm isn't as good yet, and I know you must have told the doctor his portrait will have to age a bit. However, seeing what has been completed is already a stunner! Yet deep inside I can feel this would not satisfy you. In your mind, you know its incomplete and you already have a vision of what it would look like when its fully done; and that's where you want to be. And only then will you release it with your name attached to it.

    An artist's heart beating with an artist's soul is what I see in you.
    Get well Kim, and God bless you and other artists like you. Your talent is a gift. I herewith express my thanks. --Durano, done!

  • Kim 2.2.08

    thanks so much Durano :)
    an excellent analysis of what lies beneath the surface...
    ha ..the offending zebras were only just blocked in...
    and of course the giraffes on the opposite end could have been a weighty issue as well ...

    Alexander's portrait will be modified as the time spent reflecting has been a positive thing...I have plans for a diptych (a double portrait) and a change of stance...
    so all in all perhaps the arm injury has had some positives...

    thank you for your kind concern and a wonderful weekend to you and your family :)

  • Anonymous 2.2.08

    Hi Kim,
    Wow it's looking really good :)
    Works in progress look great and
    I do hope that your shoulder soon sorts itself out.

    I had another cortisone shot in mine last week, for what good it does, but that was a temporary measure as they lost my x-ray taken last October!
    So have to wait a bit longer, almost 12 months now, and I know it's no fun.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend,
    Hugs to you,


  • Kim 2.2.08

    thanks Colin...
    I can sympathise with you ...mine is feeling particularly niggly at the moment...
    it makes you wonder about the system when they can "lose" x rays !!!
    I hope they show up for you... :)
    a great weekend to you too !!!

  • Kris Cahill 2.2.08

    Kim, I can't wait until your shoulder thaws! I want to see Alexander's portrait finished. Though it is beautiful as is!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 2.2.08

    If you do throw it over the balcony, give me some advance warning ;-) I'll send one of my cigar smoking secretaries over to catch it.

  • Kim 2.2.08

    thanks Kris
    it's good in a way as I am now thinking of making it a triptych (3 portraits) imagination has gone into overdrive haha

    ah Speedy :D
    cigar smoking that's your secret eh....
    I'll be sure to leave word if I get to that stage :)

  • Anonymous 2.2.08

    Great, the pictures are so wonderful.

  • BoydGreeneArt 3.2.08

    Kim I'm hoping your shoulder heals up soon as I can't wait to see the paintings finished.

    Nice links too.

  • Kim 3.2.08

    ta Anon..

    thanks Boyd
    I hope so too :)
    I've resorted to the painkillers I'll see what happens :)

  • John M. Mora 3.2.08

    "[S]o all in all perhaps the arm injury has had some positives..."

    Kim, good luck with this - you have so much talent. Positive energy too. My best - so glad I ran into you.

  • Cooper 4.2.08

    I wish you the best with your shoulder.

    I really liked the Laurelines and bookmarked it.

  • Lynda Lehmann 4.2.08

    Will have to check out these blogs soon, Kim. Lucky for us, your dynamism extends into the blogosphere to bring new visions/personalities our way. :)

    I've meant to tell you that your layout is looking great!

  • Kim 4.2.08

    ah yes John..
    sometimes it is easier to just go with the flow...and the time spent away from the canvas has given me time to come up with new ideas..
    now if only I had one of those apprentices who could do the painting for me :)
    somehow I don't think it would be quite the same though...

    thanks Cooper...
    my one handed typing skills are getting better every day ;)

    thanks Lynda
    I felt there was need for more white space so of course that ended up being a mini redesign :) :)

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