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Portrait of Laura

23 February 2008 41 comments

Portrait of Laura
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
1m x 75cm
Value $4,000

on the wall

Colin was the winner of the Win a Free Portrait for Christmas Competition # 2
The subject that he chose was his beautiful daughter Laura
(formerly known as Colin's Daughter)
Reference: photo taken by Colin

Click on the images to enlarge

nb ...This Portrait has taken a while to complete due to my frozen shoulder.

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A surprise from Dorset !!

A big big thank you to my friend Diane @ Much of a Muchness for this wonderful calendar of Dorset in England. Your very generous gift was such a lovely surprise last week and I have found a great spot for it in the breakfast room ...

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41 comments: to “ Portrait of Laura so far...

  • fihanna 23.2.08

    Ciao KIM!

    This portrait is authentic,yes,
    but You hav'nt put the spirit in the empty, without glow...
    Thx for the comm in my blog,
    take care my friend

  • Kim 23.2.08

    CIAO Hanna...
    I took the photo indoors in available light so the portrait is not showing the full contrast between light and dark IRL :)

    ps painted in grey scale too :)

  • Anonymous 23.2.08

    I disagree. And I think Colin will have something to say about that too.She has a very sweet, shy smile and you have captured it perfectly.

    Frozen shoulder and all - you have done another wonderful job.

    The calendar was my way of saying thank you for the surprise gift you sent me as a sort of 'runner up' in this competition.You are so generous - glad you like it.

  • Kim 23.2.08

    hi Diane...
    thanks very much :)
    actually since I started the exercises with the weights ...I'm finally starting to loosen the shoulder up...touch was the best it's been who knows...I might be able to tackle that African landscape sooner rather than later....:)
    those shots of the countryside and beaches where you live are magnificent...
    if I was a landscape painter I would be very inspired to paint them :))

  • anandi 23.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    I've posted something about the "Monalisa", I'm creating.

  • Irene 23.2.08

    The portrait is wonderful and to think you painted it in black and whites and grays only. It is truly lovely and I can imagine Colin and his daughter being very happy with it, and so, I am sure, are you. Bravo!

  • fihanna 23.2.08

    I didn't to speak about nature of the child but of the capturing one sure soul...
    the people are always inclined to make compliment empty ;)..
    Kim è brava! si!
    but not is this typical case
    see You

  • Kim 23.2.08

    hi Anandi !! that's great :)

    Hi Irene...
    thanks very much....I can relate to Picasso with his blue and rose periods....except mine is grey :)haah....knowing when to put the brush down with a portrait is sometimes easier said than done ;)
    there have been times when my family of art critics have actually taken the portrait away me :))

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 23.2.08

    Hello Kim,
    It's splendid! Like I always knew it would be. Of course, you had unselfishly shared the process as it was being completed, but the finished portrait captures the spirit of this wonderful subject.

    I'm certain Colin would be happy and proud to give this to his daughter. It faithfully projects an expression of kindness and majesty of innocence that embodies her being. Congratulations! --Durano, done!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 23.2.08

    The shoulder can take a bow, and a good rest too! :-)--Durano, done!

  • Kim 24.2.08

    ciao Hannah
    I'm not sure what you mean ?
    "by not a typical case"
    and I don't think that those who comment here are "inclined to make empty comments"...
    I think perhaps we have a translation glitch here :)

    thanks very much Durano :)
    I know you have followed this WIP from the start and you can appreciate that is sometimes difficult to post an unfinished work in the various stages of interpretations from the viewer(s) can vary at different stages....
    Art is so subjective and because of that is vulerable to a wide variety of critiques and personal opinions....and all to be accepted for what they are: the very valuable impressions of the viewers own emotional and aesthetic
    I'm very pleased to have engaged my blogging friends in this process...for me feedback is a very important part of being an artist....
    ps... I will be starting on THAT African painting ASAP as it is up on the easel now and sending out FINISH ME vibes :)

  • Anonymous 24.2.08

    Hello Kim, is awesome :)
    The eyes have a real expression which shows through the innocence of Laura's smile. You have captured that bit of shyness perfectly, and all from a photo...absolutely amazing, even down to the dimples...
    Black and white tones and grey scales give deeper expressions than color, they can convey so much more and I think that you have done an absolutely fantastic piece of work, moreso because of your shoulder too.
    I look at the picture here and it has captured the essence of life that is my daughter.
    I am absolutely thrilled with what you have done :)

    Have a wonderful weehend my dear friend,
    Big Hugs to you,
    Colin from Life

  • Kim 24.2.08

    thanks so much Colin :)
    I'm very pleased that you are happy with the portrait....
    and Laura was an absolute delight to paint...
    I think the trickiest stage was removing her braces
    I will send the painting off to you at the end of next week after the glazing and backing is completed....
    and touch wood ... my shoulder is feeing better every day...
    hah...I'm already thinking about my next competition :D
    I hope you are seeing progress with your shoulder ...
    have a terrific weekend Colin...
    hugs from down under :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 24.2.08

    Here she is, another beautiful portrait so well executed by you. Your EMPATHY and talent show in every piece, and I think that each personality you convey is unique.

    Laura's smile is sweet and shy, as Diane has said, and is unlike other "souls" you have painted. After all, we're all different, thank goodness!

    I think your use of black and white and grey is very skillful and causes the viewer to "see" the features, instead of just hair or eye color, etc.

    Great job, Kim!

  • Netster23 24.2.08

    Wow! The original painting should be even more soul! I Think Colin and Laura would be very, very happy.

    Truly gorgeous, Kim!

    Hug hug

  • Kim 24.2.08

    hi Lynda
    thanks so much for your response !!
    black and white portraiture has always appealed to me ever since I majored in photography at art school...
    I remember spending many many hours in my darkroom printing black and white portraits....and that led into sepia toned work...
    I would love to try painting a sepia portrait too...
    somehow I think the limited palette does enhance the personality and presence of the subject...:)

    hi Netster
    thank you very much for your interpretation....
    Laura's portrait is hanging on my wall at the moment...and I have to say I will miss her happy smiling face when she goes next week...:)

  • Cooper 24.2.08

    The portrait of the girl fomerly known as Colin's daughter is lovely Kim. He is very lucky to have won it.

    How is the shoulder coming?

  • Kim 24.2.08

    thanks Cooper... :)
    the shoulder is responding well to about 40 minutes of lifting weights every day......seems to be strengthening those muscles that are causing the problem...

  • John M. Mora 24.2.08

    I think the portrait is truly splendid and does capture the pure energy of a young pert healhy almost ripe age - Laura is lucky. Colin is lucky. You are kind and gifted..AND we all are fortunate.

    B&W is harder - no easy fix of splashj of color and its psychological and physical oomph.

    Hope you feel better soon....

  • Kim 24.2.08

    thanks very much John :)
    the discipline of using a restricted palette always works wonders ...
    when I go back to's like being let loose in a lolly shop hehehe :)

  • Anonymous 25.2.08

    What a super painting, love the way you just used greys and white,very effective.

  • Kim 25.2.08

    thanks very much for your comment Pencil Wizard :)

  • anandi 26.2.08

    Hi Kim, I've posted the Monalisa sketch. Do have a look and give your comments.

  • John M. Mora 26.2.08

    I went to the free calendar site and liked what I saw, Kim. Muchas gracias....

    I liked "painting" (creating) all months - to me it is kind of odd question. So, I did not answer it....

  • Kim 26.2.08

    hi Anandi
    will check out your drawing today :)

    you're welcome John...
    lots of interesting articles there eh?...

  • Genxster 26.2.08

    So cool to see this completed after watching the work progress. Great job on the smile. I think one of the hardest things for me when I do a portrait is getting the smile to match the eyes. :) This is splendid work.

  • Michelle B. Hendry 26.2.08

    The portrait is amazing! She has a sparkle.... Beautiful work!

  • Kris Cahill 26.2.08

    This portrait is great, Kim! I really like that you painted it in black and white. Very inspiring to me to see how you did that. Congratulations on finishing! What a nice prize!!

  • Anonymous 26.2.08

    Another masterpiece of portrait poetry!

    I am sure Laura and Dad will cherish your beautiful portrait!

  • Kim 26.2.08

    thanks very much Mellanie :)
    good point...I was pretty pleased with the smile as guessing the shape of the teeth under the braces (in the photo) was a challenge :)

    thanks so much Michelle...
    good to hear that you can see the 'sparkle' :)

    thanks very much Kris...
    I don't think I've ever had 3 WIP's in progress at the same it's nice to have one completed :)

    hi Debbie
    thanks very much for your poetic comment...
    rank=correct authority back on track at the new look Technorati !!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 26.2.08

    I see a vibrant colorful work. Ironic that the portrait is in grey / black. The white areas shine outward, almost glowing. Very nice Kim, and by reading this line of comments I am very optimistic about your shoulder recovery ... happy to hear.

    "Speedcat want calandar like Kim too; for kitchen ..." quote of the day / night"

    I may have to try for the 100 word comment calendar!!

  • Kim 26.2.08

    haha Speedy
    that would be a quote of the night here...just had a power blackout for 1 and 1/2 hours !!!
    yes Diane's calendar is breathtaking....
    I think you would have a good chance with the 100 word comment calendar...
    thanks for the great critique...:)
    as for the shoulder...went to physio today and I thought he was going to pull my arm out of it's socket !!!
    grrrrr !! ouch!!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 27.2.08

    Physical therapists are not exactly meek and mild - they think people are like that Gumby fellow ... with wire limbs 8~)

    Last time we had a blackout here, I banged around in the dark to find a candle or two, sat down, and wondered what to do .... the only thing with a battery was my mobile. Back to the internet!!

    The dogs sat by me shaking, and I also realized my walls are as thin as paper LOL!!!

  • Kim 27.2.08

    ha Speedy..
    wire or marshmallow !!
    I always take hours setting up the candles...and then the power comes back on !!
    last night we were lucky to have Charlotte's laptop to listen to ...
    for about 20 minutes until the battery went flat :)
    LOL dogs and thunder !!..
    not a good combination at the best of times let alone in a blackout :0

  • Anonymous 27.2.08

    Hi, just stoppin' by to say you've got a great talent, WOW! I was amazed by your paintings. I wish I had a talent just like yours. I know how to draw (maybe) but not as good as you. I envy you for that.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Kim 27.2.08

    thanks very much Blogberry Mom :)

  • Anonymous 29.2.08

    The portrait is marvelous. I like that. I am a painter also. I made some portrait of my mom. May be some day i will let everyone to see that.

  • Colorado Baby 1.3.08

    Kim I admire all your work and experience...Your a classy lady..I am so pleased to meet you. Colin speaks highly of you. I can see why. Take Care and God Bless, Colorado Baby here4u

  • Kim 1.3.08

    thanks very much Expat...

    thanks so much Colorado Baby..
    have a lovely weekend :)

  • Anonymous 3.4.08

    Key Kim.

    Thanks very much for doing the portrait, both for Me and Dad.
    It truely is amazing. Looks as though it was a lot of hard work.
    Thank you for your time and effort. =].
    Dad has found a place on the wall and it looks as though it will dominate the room. Hehe.
    Thanks again and i hope your shoulder is all well aagin soon.

  • Kim 3.4.08

    hi Laura...
    it was a pleasure painting your portrait...and I'm glad your Dad has found a spot for it :)
    thanks for your very sweet comments ....
    have a wonderful week...

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