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WIP, Random Picks and Alexa !

8 February 2008 34 comments

WIP: Portrait of Colin's Daughter
Oil on Canvas
Charcoal grey & Titanium white
click to zoom

Colin @ Life awarded with me with this sunny award that he received from
Kim @ purplefrogcat....
thanks Colin!!!
I am passing this award onto seven sweeties who exude sunshine and serenity where ever they go-
Mary Ann Diane Lynda Ev Corrine Kris and Shoshana

Random Picks

My Random Pick from the 101 Top Artists' Blogs List: Making a Mark - Katherine Tyrrell's blog is about: - Making marks with pastels, pencils and pen and ink - Creating new drawings and paintings - Influences on developing both artwork and art careers - Interviews with artists - Information about resources for artists and art lovers

thanks to Eric aka Speedy for the lucky number...

ps don't forget to leave your lucky number for the next Random Pick

Blog Travels

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In the beginning there was no Slashdot. Bored and confused geeks would scribble "First Post" in the sand. Grits were strictly for consumption and there wasn't a place to get nerd oriented news. Then in September of 97 Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda changed all that. With the help of Jeff "Hemos" Bates and others, Slashdot has stumbled forward with the simple mission to provide 'News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters'.

two very informative reads:
IT: Users Worldwide Feel Internet Is 'Safer'
Alexa, Amazon's Most Flawed Idea

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34 comments: to “ WIP, Random Picks and Alexa ! so far...

  • Diane 8.2.08

    The portrait is just getting better and better, Colin is going to be so thrilled with it!

    No! You make my day! Thank you so much - it is going straight onto my new page!

    Just off to wipe the puppy spit off my screen..... :-D


  • Anonymous 8.2.08

    Hi Kim,
    The portrait is looking awesome :)
    Love the choice of recipients for the award to be passed on to.

    Random number? 53 LOL

    Have a great day my dear friend,

  • Genxster 8.2.08

    So glad to see that you are painting. But you've got me worried about that shoulder of yours. Take care. :)

  • Kim 8.2.08

    LOL Diane..
    was that puppy funny or what!!!
    I'm glad you used the screen cleaner...
    I think I'll have to clean my screen again just for the laughs..
    I hope your back is feeling better :)

    hi Colin
    now let me guess...that number has some significance to you.. ;)
    I'm hoping the portrait will be finished some time next week if all goes well...
    you have a great day too :)

    thanks Mellanie
    I'm going to make an appointment for a physio today....
    have a super day and
    thanks for your good wishes :)

  • jafabrit 8.2.08

    oh, wow, that is so neat, thankyou for the award :) I will think of it as I give my public talk this evening as an arts council representative. Maybe it will remind me to radiate sunshine rather than "oh god, do I have to talk in public" look.

    thankyou again.

  • Kim 8.2.08

    good luck with your talk Corrine..
    public speaking...eeek ...
    not one of my favourite activities...
    I'm sure with your sense of humour you will do a terrific job ;)

  • Kris Cahill 8.2.08

    Kim, thanks so much! You are so kind!

    I love coming here to comment and read the words of Lao-Tse and Emerson. I agree with both, and they are well placed above the comments box, nice! Very elegantly put.

    This portrait is beautiful. Your ability to bring it to life is fantastic.

  • Kim 8.2.08

    thank you Kris :)
    I'm quite partial to those quotes..
    I was just over at your place and your most recent heart is just fabuloso !!!
    I'm amazed at your ability to achieve that 3 D quality :0

  • Anonymous 8.2.08

    If you can ever imagine my face turning beat red, imagine it now, Ma'am.

    Colin scored big time when he won the Christmas contest! I'm anxious to see the end result when you're done with it. Mom always did love him the bestest, didn't she? ~:o)

    Congratulations, Everyone!

  • Kim 8.2.08

    LOL MA...
    for the red headed child you did ok :-P
    and you with a red face nahhhh :)

  • One Wacky Mom 8.2.08

    Wow...and now you are an A list blogger...congrats my friend...congrats!

  • One Wacky Mom 8.2.08

    Oh thank you for the award my dear!

  • Kim 8.2.08

    and I see you're one too Ev!!
    congratulations to you too :) :)

  • The Artful Eye 8.2.08

    Your portraits are amazing. First time here. I will be back.

  • Kim 8.2.08

    hi and thanks Artful Eye :)

  • Anonymous 8.2.08

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you for this cheerful badge, I will add it to my 'happy/good news' post for today! :)

    "Great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world."

    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Kim 8.2.08

    hi Shoshana...
    you're very welcome...and I'm glad to hear that you have happy news today :) :)...
    I love that quote !!
    wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 9.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    It's nice to see you "pitching" quite well again. The portrait looks so alive it's remarkable. You are in your elements with this one and are obviously so happy doing it. The subject looks happier in the portrait than the photo.:-)

    I hope everything turns out well with the physio, no unpleasant surprises.

    I'm captivated by the talent you possess and the perseverance with which it is articulated.

    I'm very happy somebody else is doing the laundry.:-) That person deserves commendation for leaving you "hands free" to do the portrait. Have a pleasant day! --Durano, done!

  • Kim 9.2.08

    hi Durano :)
    Colin's daughter has a lovely smile and beautiful eyes so I'm hoping if all goes well to have her finished very soon...

    I'm still washing as the members of this household are not particularly skilled in that area ...but I have manages to pass over the vacuuming job which is a bit beyond me....
    seems the physio will be a long process...6 months or more... so I will just have to grin and bear it :)
    thanks for calling by and have a happy weekend :)

  • John M. Mora 9.2.08

    The portrait is coming along so well - the hair treatment brings your subject alive - the stroikes are decisive and energized and not at all staid. I really like it. Yep, yep.

  • Kim 9.2.08

    thanks John...
    it's amazing how many values there are in dark hair...I will probably use 4 to 5 values....if I'm lucky :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 9.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    Six months for the physio? I gave up after 3 months and decided baseball was not for me. But that's just a game and I moved on. It was very disappointing at the time but looking back, I guess it led me to the things I really wanted to do.

    In your case it's different. For as long as you can continue in this splendid manner, who knows? Maybe after 6 months it will be like painting with 4 arms!:-)--Durano, done!

  • Kim 9.2.08

    oh I hope so Durano !!!
    4 arms would be great ...then I could paint and blog at the same time ..:)
    I think that sometimes the road we take is very different to the one that seems destined for us...
    I can understand your disappointment with the baseball as I had similiar setbacks with dancing....
    but as they say ...when a door closes a window opens...
    and I try to live by that motto :)
    sounds like you do too :)

  • Anonymous 9.2.08

    Great portrait of Colin's Daughter. I remember I saw here when he made her Birthday post :-)

    Congrats with your award too - you really deserves it - your a great blog friend.

    Btw: thanks for your digg on my last post ;-)

  • Kim 9.2.08

    you're welcome Renny...
    your last post is such a worthy one and for such a great cause !!!
    I wish you and your friend every success with it :)

  • Anonymous 10.2.08

    Congrats on your award.

    The portrait is really wonderful, I don't know how to put it into words, you truly have a talent that I admire. I have been in to your sight several times. Keep on doing what you love, you're gifted.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.2.08

    Very nice ... that lucky Colin! I like the brightness in the smile. Seems to be sitting in sunlight.
    - and an award too, goodness
    I am happy to get the lucky number :) I feel like a game show contestent.

    I tried slashdot, and it was a bit out of my abilities curve - I am learning something new every day though. I'll be ready in a few months to talk the CPU and UBS / HTML Cobra skin hp (wink) ... and no, I don't know what that meant either... :)

  • Kim 10.2.08

    thanks very much Diane...
    congratulations to you on your new site and your studies....
    you have some very interesting posts
    hah... I had the feeling that I should change my name to Diane or Diana after reading your 'about' page ;))

    hi Speedy..
    that was your lucky number 7 that you gave me recently when..don't worry are confusing me now show contestant...hah
    I joined SD and then ran away as fast as I could ...they're very pro :)...but their articles are A1
    I know what UBS means :-P

  • BoydGreeneArt 12.2.08

    Portrait is looking awesome Kim. I hope your shoulder is too!!! So amazing.

  • Kim 12.2.08

    thanks Boyd !!!
    the shoulder's not quite as good as the portrait... ;)
    but I'm managing :0

  • Lynda 13.2.08

    Thank you so much Kim, that means so much to me! I needed something like this to keep my perspective... You are such a beautiful woman and I am honored to be chosen for this lovely and thoughtful award... :))))

  • Kim 13.2.08

    it's my pleasure Lyn ..
    your commitment and passion for writing is so commendable and inspiring !!!
    as well as your energy and creativity....
    have a lovely week :))

  • Lynda Lehmann 25.2.08

    Kim, as I was away last week I am only now seeing that you gave me the "You Light Up My Day" award!

    Thank you and thank you again, dear Kim. You bring sunshine my way, too--as you know! :)

  • Kim 25.2.08

    I hope you had a good week Lynda :)
    thanks for calling in....and have a lovely day :)

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