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Significant Blogger Award

15 February 2008 60 comments

WIP: Portrait of Colin's Daughter
Oil on Canvas
Charcoal grey, Ivory black & Titanium white
click to zoom

Random Picks from the Top 101 Artists' Blogs List

Research interest includes Natural Language Processing. Currently, he has been making paintings based on Mathematics.. He also designs fantastic Ambigrams!!!

Thanks for the lucky number Colin

The Significant Blogger Award...

Last year I designed the Southern Cross Award and awarded it to my blogging friends at PoeARTica....
I have designed another Award to recognise Bloggers who make a significant contribution to my blogging world here at laketrees....
These special friends have a sense of community and are wholeheartedly committed to spreading their message and friendship generously...

these Bloggers excel in many different areas and all of them make a significant difference to my world....

I do not expect you to pass this award on as this award is from me to you as my expression of gratitude...

Significant Bloggers:

Anand Archie Art News Blog Ascender Blog Elf Boyd Catsy Colin Cooper Corrine Debbie Deborah Diane DouDy Drowsey Monkey Durano Ev Fruity Hanna Janette Jeremy John Jos Kimmy Kris Leigh Life cruiser Lisa Lyn Lynda Lindsay Manuel Mary Ann Meg Megan Mel Michelle Netster PALMA Pet Monologues Pearl Renny & Diane Santa She Walks In Beauty Shoshana Should Be Famous Snoskred Speedy Sue Sugar Queen Sully Suzanne The Artist's Magazine Vin Walter williebaronet

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60 comments: to “ Significant Blogger Award so far...

  • fihanna 15.2.08

    Hi Kim!
    "From Italy with Love!"
    Today I have one award for you too...

  • fihanna 15.2.08

    Thanx a million for Your bauble!
    I grab this now,

  • Netster23 15.2.08

    Dear Kim,

    You are lovely & inspiring… passion for arts and people.
    I’m fortunate to have a friend like you.

    Thank you and I wish you a Happy Valentine day and always bless with happiness and success with your love one.

    Hugs Hugs & Muck Muck!

    P/s I took 30min to think, what to write. (LOL)

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Thank you so much! I love awards. I wasn't sure anyone really even paid attention to The Consumer's Corner; you've made my day!

  • Janette Toral 15.2.08

    Thank you very much Kim. It is a great feeling when one's contribution is recognized. I sincerely appreciate it.

  • John M. Mora 15.2.08

    Thank you, I am regards, the painting is coming along grandly and I sense the subject's joy and life.

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Thank you, Kim. That is a humbling and much appreciated award.

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Wow. Thanks Kim. You are so significant you know. Nowadays I do not walk into an art supply store without thinking of you.
    Did you know that, this year, we are supporting a group of stolen generation women to paint, draw and sculpt their healing? I am spending a lot of time in art supply stores buying supplies for them and I've even had a desire to draw myself.

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Kim, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for this. It is such a treasure coming as it does from you. You have been such a supportive and constant blogging friend and it is always much appreciated.


  • Kim 15.2.08

    ciao Hanna !!!
    thanks Bambino..I will pop over soon..
    have a sunny day :)

    thanks Netster..
    you're welcome and Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

    my pleasure Jeremy :)
    Consumer's Corner is always an interesting and informative read :)
    have a great weekend !!

    very true Janette...
    you are doing a great job with your list..
    have a lovely weekend :)

    thanks John
    there's quite a bit of glare on this version...I'm fairly happy with the progress....still a few adjustments to make...working from photos is certainly not the same as working from life :)

    my pleasure Archie..
    you are very deserving of the title ..
    have a sunny weekend over there in Perth..looks like it will be a grey one here :}

    hi Megan
    congratulations...your new project sounds admirable...I believe Art is so therapeutic....and very healing...
    the benefits will be extensive and great to hear that you are going to do some drawing yourself....
    it's very addictive you know ;)

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Kim, I'm almost speechless - what an honour! Your kind words is such an inspiration to me and it gives me courage to keep on blogging my way.

    I can tell you, you make a significant difference to my world too!

    I've collected this on my special Awards
    page of course and I hope you can see I'm very proud of it!

    Btw: Since its almost morning the day after at your place: Belated Happy Valentine's Day and hugs from Diane and me :-)

  • Kim 15.2.08

    thanks for your bright and cheery comments and support too Diane...
    it's always a pleasure to hear what you are up to and check out your latest creation :):)

  • Kim 15.2.08

    you're welcome Renny..
    and I do hope to pop over and have a look at Diane's new blog too...
    you are making a very significant contribution to the care and welfare of others and I congratulate you for that :)
    a wonderful weekend to you both :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 15.2.08

    Kim thank you so much for the award. I love the design of the award.

    Your painting is so amazing! You blow my mind. If I was going to define what a portrait artist was supposed to be it would be you!

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Kim my dear friend,
    I am most humbled and honored to considered a 'significant' blogger, and in such illustrious and esteemed complany too...Thank you so very much.

    The portrait is looking excellent, I'm sure my little miss will be absolutely thrilled when she eventually sees it :)

    Belated Valentine's Day wishes to you, hope you had a wonderful day and hope that your shoulder is starting to ease.

    Hugs to you,

  • Kris Cahill 15.2.08

    Thanks so much, Kim. This is very much appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of my artist heart!

    I came by to grab your url as I moved to Wordpress today and am moving my Blogroll, and discovered myself being!

  • Lindsay 15.2.08

    Dear Kim!!! What a wonderful surprise. Thanks so much. I'm having so much fun visiting here. And the portrait is really lovely.

  • Kim 15.2.08

    thanks so much Boyd :)
    yeah I played around quite a bit with different colours for the award and the red won out in the end hehe :)

    hi Colin...
    thanks... I have a few adjustments after viewing on the monitor and still a way to go ...
    am a bit stiff today after the physio yesterday.....but it certainly helps...hope your shoulder is holding up...:0 :)

    a new blog Kris ..
    I will have to check it out....oh dear another blogspot hits the dust
    ...I thought about changing to WP a while back...but I think my heart is with blogger :) :)

    thank you Lindsay
    my pleasure...
    have a wonderful weekend over your way....hope that snow isn't too high ;) :)

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    You being a significant force makes me feel significant for the award having come from you.

    I hope your Heart Day was grand, every day should be a heart day and grand for everyone everywhere, if only that were so.

    Smooches, the germ-less kind.

    Thank You.


  • Kim 15.2.08

    thanks Cooper...:)
    now that would be a happy world...we need more bloggers...writers ...artists...and violin players...
    I hope you had lovely day with your violin playing beau :):-X

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    Your portrait of Colin's daughter is so powerful and comes to life on the page as if to spring right off it!

    He must be thrilled!

    I'm recovering from my show, lol, and trying to make the rounds. Delighted to see your portrait finished--I take that to mean your shoulder is a bit better, certainly not worse.

    And thanks so much for your friendship and acknowledgement! I think I'll grab that award right now, while my mind is on it!

    Hugs across the seas....


  • Kim 15.2.08

    hi Lynda..
    I'm dying to hear all about your show..I have been thinking of you this week :)
    the portrait WIP still has a fair bit of work to go....and I think the shoulder may take longer ...:) the physio was excellent...and I will be going every week...
    I will be over to check out all the gossip on the show :)
    hugs from down under :)

  • Anonymous 15.2.08

    Hi Kim

    That's a really lovely gesture - thanks so much :)

  • Kim 15.2.08

    you're welcome Meg...
    your work with the Aussie Blogging really admirable...have a great weekend down your way :) :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.2.08

    Yes, I'm glad you're going for PT! I'm sure it will help!

  • Kim 15.2.08

    you're advice on the frozen shoulder has been invaluable Lynda...thanks so much :)

  • Unknown 16.2.08

    Hello Kim! Thanks for the award...i have recieved so many awards in the past few weeks that i haven`t caught up yet..Colins picture of his daughter looks great..Hope you had a wonderfulll Valentine`s Day with your family..thanks again...~kimmy

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 16.2.08

    Hello My Dear Kim,

    The award is such a sweet gesture especially since it was designed by you, for the purpose of giving it to those you consider significant. A thousand words cannot equal the eloquence of the thought behind it, the effort of creation, and the message it delivers.

    I always felt it was the other way around; that coming to this site provided me a valuable perspective of a different world emanating from the depths of artists souls - a place so distant from those that make a mess of the world. Your site, as well as those of other artists and creators, never fail to inspire me.

    I will post the award proudly, so as to remind myself, that somewhere in this universe - digital or otherwise - I am considered significant by someone I consider Most Significant! Thanks. --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 16.2.08

    Hi Captain Composer,

    You have captured a realistic composition of Colin's daughter!

    Thank you for your unexpected recognition of our friendship!

  • Anonymous 16.2.08


    Thanks so much. Over the top really! I wrote a special post and also put the award in the sidebar = the design and color = looks good! I recognize Speedy and will visit your other significant bloggers. You're inspiring! Woof!

  • Anonymous 16.2.08

    That portrait is great.

  • Kim 16.2.08

    thanks Kimmy...
    I hope your Valentine's Day was a fun filled one with your family...and have a great weekend too :)

    it's always a pleasure to read your thoughtful and eloquent comments Durano....
    thank you for your gracious words :)
    and visiting your site is always a significant journey for me :)
    have a wonderful weekend :)

    hi Captain DD...
    it's always fun to expect the unexpected :)
    I shall be continuing on with the portrait today :)
    enjoy your weekend over there in lighthouse land :)

    hi PM...
    thank you ...I'm glad you like the design :) looks great on your site...
    have a great weekend and woof to you too...:)

  • Kim 16.2.08

    thanks Freddie:)
    glad you like it :)

  • Anonymous 16.2.08

    Hey Kim the Queen.... How are you? thank you so much for such a beautiful award but I didn't know I was significant :) That portrait is really beautiful... you can see Im stuck on yesterday (my valentine's day card is still up ;)) and need to find my voice again... seriously, have come to a complete halt and just like always, you have made me smile once again - so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    hope you had a great Valentine's day!


  • MYM 16.2.08

    Wow! I don't know what to say! I'm so flattered, and what a fine group you've included me in. Thank yo so much! :)

  • Kim 16.2.08

    hiya Pearl :)
    I hope you had a Happy Valentine's too...will pop over and say G'day :)
    xxx & (hugs)

    you're very welcome Drowsey :)
    have a wonderful weekend :)

  • Catsy_Carpe Diem 17.2.08

    hi kim.. thanks for that wondeful award.. i will do it later ok? anyways, hope u can visit my blog and vote for me for the Filipino Blog of Week 96.. I would appreciate if ul cast your vote on me.. hugs & kisses


  • suzanne cabrera 17.2.08

    Thanks Kim....this was so nice of you to do!!!!

    Thank you for all that you do to keep us bloggers inspired....

  • Kim 17.2.08

    hi Catsy...
    I will pop over and vote for you :))

    you're welcome Suzanne
    and thanks for your comment...
    have a wonderful weekend :)

  • Lynda 17.2.08

    You, as I say, again and again, are just the most beautiful woman! I like you so much for you are everything a woman should be and more, and, your heart is generous and kind... I so thank you for including me on this fine list of people, it just touches me deeply, thank you Kim, big hugs and smiles from my heart~

  • Anonymous 17.2.08

    You are wonderful, Kim, thank you so much. I love your Lao-Tse quote too. I feel an idea for a post coming on :-)

  • Nader Shenouda 17.2.08

    Thanx Kim for all what you do, I am really honoured to be among these Great artists.
    Thank you again I am speechless WOW :) Thanx to amazing artists such as yourself I'll keep on Blogging about my experience.

    Take care

  • Nader Shenouda 18.2.08

    I've dedicated a painting for you, Hope you like it, please click on this link to see it :

  • AscenderRisesAbove 18.2.08

    awwww I just found this on my "dashboard" in wordpress; as usual - I am always the last to know. ;-)
    Thanks so much for this.
    How is your shoulder? Mine is something about damaging the long thoracic nerve and winging the scapular. You are probably healed by now and making those long broad strokes while I sit and continue to play sims on my playstation2?

  • Anonymous 18.2.08

    I’m sure this post will create buzz for your blog. That is a humbling and much appreciated award. Thank you, Kim.

  • Kim 18.2.08

    hi Lyn...
    your contributions and energy is amazing and it's a pleasure for me to give you this award....
    have a wonderful week ...hugs to you :)

    hi Sue
    thanks for calling by ...
    they are wonderful quotes aren't they ?

    hi Doudy ..
    it's a pleasure...
    and thank you...I'm looking forward to seeing your painting :)

    I really feel for you Ascender !!
    my shoulder is still frozen...but the physio and exercising daily is helping...the one handed typing can be a pain though :)

  • Michelle B. Hendry 18.2.08

    Thank you for the honour, Kim! I am a little overwhelmed, actually...

    It is always special to know when we are among friends! You have certainly made my day....

    The portrait is amazing, BTW. I admire anyone who can capture someone on canvas!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 18.2.08

    My goodness Kim! The portrait is looking fantastic. So much more lifelike than my stick men :)
    What is your favorite part of creating art? The process, or the final product?

    Thanks to you for this special award as well. I am very humbled to be in such good company. You have shown me what blogging is really about - friendship, sharing thoughts, and how sometimes words that are read from a monitor can have as much importance as the spoken word. I have so much respect for you ... this is why the "Significant Blogger Award" is special to me.
    Thanks Kim, not just for the award, but for the the love and caring ways you spread across the blogosphere.
    I do apologize for being late to the ceremony. My week was quite extream!!!! I do have a day off (Monday) to catch up.
    Happy week, and a big ole` bear hug for my friend on the West side of the Planet ... or is it East? (South I think) :-)


  • Kim 18.2.08

    thanks Michelle...
    it's always a pleasure to see your extraordinary images.. :)
    I think I'm the lucky blogger to know so many interesting and talented people... :)

    hiya Eric..
    I hope this week will be less hectic for you..
    I think I'm still mourning the demise of Chicken Tuesday :}
    thanks for your very kinds words too...
    visiting your blog is always a highlight and I never know what to expect..hah....but I do know that my imagination always gets a workout :) :)
    as for painting....I love the actual process even more than the finish as I am never quite sure when a painting is finished so I have to watch a tendency to overwork....
    hey I think that I might be east of you...
    ummm I'm a fan of Southpark...does that count ?
    enjoy your day off today? or is it tomorrow ? now I'm confused :P ;)

  • Willie Baronet 21.2.08

    I didn't know I was on here. Thanks so much Kim. Would love to know more about how/why I made your list. ;-)

  • Anonymous 21.2.08

    Wow, thanks for the mention, Kim! I've added you to The Artist's Magazine Blog blogroll. :)

  • Kim 21.2.08

    hi Rrramone ...
    you're welcome...
    it's always a pleasure to visit your site and see your latest drawings...they say a lot about life and its idiosyncrasies :)

    my pleasure Grace ..
    many thanks to you...
    your posts are always so entertaining and informative :)

  • One Wacky Mom 21.2.08

    Course I just put it in the wrong place.....cuz i'm crazy

    and you know the title of the book?

    "The one percent"

    luv you my friend!!!!

  • Kim 21.2.08

    ROFL Ev !!!
    you are hilarious...I don't know of anyone else who carries on a conversation over two posts...
    "The one percent"
    great title !!
    and I know that the book is autobiographical....
    so I'm surmising that you are in the one percent....yes...

  • One Wacky Mom 21.2.08

    No Kim the book's not really autobiographical...can't spell today.


    It is and it isn't. I'm interviewing guys in my field. Institutional asset management. So, that's taking up a lot of time.

    Strategically I made the decision to make sure my first book wasn't really about me...or my kids.

  • Kim 21.2.08

    well that sounds reasonable Ev...

    Institutional asset management...
    that sounds impressive !!!
    and I imagine the interviews would be quite time consuming....
    ...I'm just pleased that Speedy gets you out and about to play tag every now and then ;)

    don't visit Debbie Dolphin's Lighthouses......
    as I hear Bob Barker hangs out there :0
    as well as Liza Minelli on the weekends :0

  • anandi 23.2.08

    Many many thanks!!
    How I wish I could write a poem for thanking you.
    It means a lot to me.
    Thanks once again.
    BTW. I'm trying my hands on making "MONALISA". I'll post the pencil sketch soon.

  • Kim 23.2.08

    your welcome Anand :)
    good luck with your Mona Lisa :):)

  • Anonymous 24.2.08

    Dear Kim,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful award... I am very thankful for this beautiful recognition of our friendship! I am terribly sorry for coming so late to pick up on this (a weird thing called "life" got in the way with my blogging a bit), but I do appreciate this very very much! Thanks & HUGS!!!

  • Kim 24.2.08

    ROFL Jos...
    I had to look twice when I saw your name ....
    you actually had me wondering who the heck you were...
    haah you got me :D
    I know what you mean about life getting in the way.... a bit of a nuisance isn't it ? :)
    have a great weekend and hugs to you too :)

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