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Interesting Snippets about Love ....Death ... Art ....

13 February 2008 28 comments

and ....Valentine's Day:

On February 14, 1779, Captain James Cook, the great English explorer and navigator, was murdered by natives of Hawaii during his third visit to the Pacific island group.

Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp.

Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp., 36 F. Supp. 2d 191 (S.D.N.Y. 1999), was a decision by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, which ruled that exact photographic copies of public domain images could not be protected by copyright because the copies lack originality. Even if accurate reproductions require a great deal of skill, experience and effort, the key element for copyrightability under U.S. law is that copyrighted material must show sufficient originality.
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The Birth of Venus, (detail) by Sandro Botticelli,1485

Only the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France, Australia and the U.K. celebrate Valentine's Day.

In 1929 in Chicago, gunmen in the suspected employment of organized-crime boss Al Capone murder seven members of the George "Bugs" Moran North Siders gang in a garage on North Clark Street. The so-called St. Valentine's Day Massacre stirred a media storm centered on Capone and his illegal Prohibition-era activities and motivated federal authorities to redouble their efforts to find evidence incriminating enough to take him off the streets.

The heart is the most common symbol of romantic love. Ancient cultures believed the human soul lived in the heart. Others thought it to be the source of emotion and intelligence. Some believed the heart embodied a man's truth, strength and nobility. The heart may be associated with love because the ancient Greeks believed it was the target of Eros, known as Cupid to the Romans. Anyone shot in the heart by one of Cupid's arrows would fall hopelessly in love. Because the heart is so closely linked to love, it's red colour is thought to be the most romantic.

Read more @ Obscure information about Valentine's Day

BitterSweets - Dejected
37 depressing sayings for those spending Valentine's Day alone and in a state of self-flagellation, including "LOSS LEADER", "SETTLE 4 LESS?", "TABLE FOR 1", "I CRY ON Q" and "DIGNITY FREE".

January 8, 1845
Monsieur, the poor have not need of much to sustain them -- they ask only for the crumbs that fall from the rich man's table. But if they are refused the crumbs they die of hunger. Nor do I, either, need much affection from those I love. I should not know what to do with a friendship entire and complete - I am not used to it. But you showed me of yore a little interest, when I was your pupil in Brussels, and I hold on to the maintenance of that little interest -- I hold on to it as I would hold on to life.
This letter was written by Charlotte Bronte, English writer, to Professor Constantin Heger. There is no evidence that this love was ever returned by him.
read more @ LoveLetters

and the most interesting snippet I have saved for last..
It is was my Dear Dad's birthday yesterday and he would have been 76 years old...
He was actually born on the 13th February but the nurse who wrote the date on his birth certificate changed his birthdate to the 12th as she thought the number 13 was unlucky !!!
My Dad was married on the 13th September (he was married for 49 years - 4 + 9 = 13) and his first grandchild was born on the 13th February....(he was 53 years old) and that grandchild is 23 today !! (5 + 3 = 8 and 2 + 3 = 5 ...8 + 5 =13)

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28 comments: to “ Interesting Snippets about Love ....Death ... Art .... so far...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 13.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    You're in a romantic mood today, I see.

    Al Capone was taken off the streets not because of the murders he committed but because of tax evasion. He died later in prison, presumably because of disease, but others say he was eliminated.

    Charlotte Bronte's unrequited love is a sad one, as is all such experiences. Sometimes people imagine that they are loved in the same way only to get the disappointment of a lifetime.

    And sometimes, it takes a lifetime to forget the loss of a loved one especially if the tragedy happened at the early stages of their lives when youth was in full bloom. One goes through life trying to find that relationship that can touch the soul and link with the essence of their human make-up. Despite several relationships and a commitment that didn't quite reach the depth of the emotional and spiritual level of the lost love, turning away from the "forever" nature of the commitment becomes inevitable.

    Whatever relationship is developed, it is haunted by the unquenchable thirst for the soul mate long gone. The person dedicates the life he has for others, because it is unfair to have serious doubts about truly loving anybody else, or having loved anybody more,than the one who can never be forgotten.

    Happy Valentines Day to you. --Durano, done!

  • Diane 13.2.08

    Terrific post as usual, Kim :)

    Have you seen ? They made me laugh....

    Hope your shoulder isn't giving you too much trouble... :(


  • Kris Cahill 13.2.08

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the snippets, and Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  • Kim 13.2.08

    hello Durano...
    unrequited love is certainly tragic..
    I have a particular fondness for Charlotte much so ..that I named my daughter Charlotte...and her middle name is Jane...
    a friend of mine who is a poet pointed out to me that Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre... and of course that must have been in my subconscious...when I chose that name ...
    your words are very touching and illuminate beautifully the true meaning of what it's like to have a soul mate :)

    hi Diane ..
    I will check it out...I quite enjoy reading the anti Valentine sites hehehe....
    the shoulder and I have are having their moments and I'm looking forward to physio tomorrow morning :)

    A Happy Valentines Day to you too Kris.....
    have a lovely day with your beautiful heart art :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 13.2.08

    Interesting facts Kim and it is always nice learning about your family.

    It is amazing sometimes to think of all the amazing things that seem to happen on a few unique days.

  • Kim 13.2.08

    isn't it Boyd...:)
    as I was writing this post the number 13 kept popping up and just after I posted I realised that 76 (the age that Dad would have been today) adds up to 13 too !!

  • Lynda 13.2.08

    I really enjoyed this post, as I love love, and, because I adore tidbits of information... great post.... :)))

  • Speedcat Hollydale 13.2.08

    Kim, I think this is one of my favorite posts from you so far. What a mix of topics, and I love the red paint swoosh dividers. Very clever. Is your header changing all the time, or am I loosing my mind? ... don't answer that :)

    I have a strange fasination with old mob history, esp. in the formation of Las Vegas, Nevada. There are films about this, but the real truth to many of these stories are forever hidden.

    Valantines in Australia? I thought this was a world thing (ha haaa) I always catch myself thinking that everyone is in America when I am blogging ... Happy Valentines to you Kim.

    Numerology? I don't know much about that... but I do know how much your father means to you. I send a big hug from me :)

    The heart beats faster when just the thought of a woman he loves crosses a man's thoughts. It peacefully slows when a comforting embrace shows love. The candy? Not so much!

    Thanks Kim, I enjoyed my stop here very much today.

  • Kim 13.2.08

    thank you Lyn..
    I take that as a great compliment coming from you.....who I regard as the expert on Love :) :)

    hi there Speedy...
    I'm glad you enjoyed the post I could have gone on forever...
    funny how some topics never lose their mystery and appeal...
    some lovely thoughts there on Love...are you a secret poet... or do you have a natural talent like your golfing prowess..
    I just saw American Gangster last week...great film !!..
    but then so was The Departed and Gangs of New York and Scarface and....
    I'm a fan :)
    yeah the header keeps changing because I can't work out how to get it across the whole page...eek
    happy Valentines to you too Speedy :)

  • John M. Mora 13.2.08

    Great post - I see Valentines Day as a greeting card and way to raise flower proices - thought the observance was more universal. thank you - learn something here always.

    Number facts are cool - a bad overused word but how I feel.

    First real snow of New York City winter. 2 inches here.

  • Debbie Dolphin 13.2.08

    Hi Captain Cupid,

    Did the natives cook Captain Cook for Valentine's day? :))

    Maybe, Captain Cook was eating a "Loss Leader" Bittersweets Valentine's day candy? ;)

    According to lucky number theory, your Dad was lucky!
    a lucky number is a prime natural number: 1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 25, 31, 33, 37, 43, 49, 51, 63, 67, 69, 73, 75, 79, 87, 93, 99....

    Happy Valentine's Day,

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 13.2.08

    thanks John
    it's so hard to imagine people tramping around in snow....over your side of the world...
    us Aussies whinge over a slight drop in the temperatures...
    I've never really subscribed to the Valentine thing ...though I do believe Romance/Love is alive and well...and to be honest I've never knocked back...the odd dozen or so red roses :)
    'cool' IS cool :)

    hello Miss Debbie
    happy Valentines to you too :)
    LOL ...that's terrible ...surely not ..Captain Cook for dinner ?....eek !!!
    the low down on the numbers looks good ...mine is 9...what's yours?...I need a few more to add to my random picks list..
    hey I just noticed the cute little icons in the sign on/comment box...I love how Blogger prepares us for these little changes.. :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 13.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    The statements on soul mate are experiential...
    Great discovery with the numbers.:-)And quite an epic name for a daughter, Charlotte Jane! The combination of these two names makes it powerful enough to transcend the fate that befell Bronte and Eyre.:-)

    The previous post you had will most probably give a "funny voice" to my site too. However, I don't have much "juice" at the moment. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 13.2.08

    hi Durano
    I thought that may have been the it is in the experience that you gain the knowledge :)
    ah yes Charlotte's namesakes have made her very aware of romance and it's potential disasters...:)
    I think the blog juice has something to do with Alexa ranking LOL...I'm still trying to work that one out ..haha

  • Kim 13.2.08

    ps Durano
    I noticed your last comment was # 13 too ...:)

  • Debbie Dolphin 14.2.08

    Hi Captain Cupid,

    Interestingly, Captain Cook suffered a worse fate by the natives for taking their canoes after Captain Cook's cutter, Discovery, was stolen.

    My lucky number is 35, 4 years less than Jack Benny at 39! :))

    The joy of Blogger surprises has not solved Blogger OpenID issues for me!

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Anonymous 14.2.08

    your number is registered Debbie..
    it's true Captain Cook WAS eaten it seems...
    I am going to experiment with the sign on and put my website in and see what happens....:)

  • Anonymous 14.2.08

    now I'm going to try yours Debbie :)

  • Anonymous 14.2.08

    Hi Kim Dolphin,

    Testing to see if you cracked the code!

    You have cracked the Google code in the Preview of this Comment!

  • Kim 14.2.08

    yesss Debbie !!!!
    let's celebrate :) :)

  • Anonymous 14.2.08

    Hi Bob Barker’s Daugther,

    Great news for celebration, thanks to your Public Relations (Good PR) at Google, I can canoe up the Google creek with a CC paddle! :))

  • Anonymous 14.2.08

    Those are some interesting facts, some I already knew, and some are new to me. I liked your valentine day facts. Happy Valentines day!

  • Kim 14.2.08

    haha DD....
    I'm trying to picture a dolphin with a CC paddle !!

    hi Will
    thank you and Happy Valentines Day to you too :)

  • ThePoliticalCat 14.2.08

    Hi, Kim,

    I remember (in my yoof) reading a story about two little girls whose widowed mother was friendly with a gentleman neighbour of whom the girls thoroughly approved. So they made him a valentine with these immortal words: "If you will be my Valentine, I will be your concubine," reasoning that as the word "concubine" was found in their Bibles and rhymed perfectly with Valentine, it must be something excellent. Needless to say, they signed it with their mother's name. Needless to say, the adults were embarrassed and touched and amused.

    Curmudgeon that I am, I don't really celebrate the day, seeing it as very much a man-made holiday designed to cause people to spend money on chocolates, perfume, jewellery, and booze. Well, I guess the booze is ok.

    I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day, and I'm sorry your shoulder's bothering you. Best wishes, tpc

  • Kim 14.2.08

    thanks TPC :)
    hah ...what comes out of the mouths of babes eh....I will remember that one..Valentine and clever !!!and very funny...
    poor Mum :0
    I somehow think that you need to be a teenager to really appreciate all the trappings of Valentines...still I suppose a drink to celebrate doesn't go astray as you say ;):))
    though I might add flowers and jewellery...are acceptable too :)

  • Anonymous 16.2.08

    Thanks for the interesting facts.St. Valentine's Day still not end my heart

  • Kim 17.2.08

    hi Sandy
    that's a lovely way to think of Valentine's Day....
    thanks for calling in and have a sunny weekend :)

  • annakat 1.9.08

    Enjoyed your site, as a romantic also I understand how the information on the site makes you feel. Where do you find the information that you post. Even though I have a computer and do surf the internet looking for various sites I never seem to find the romantic type of things I like to read. I've got your site bookmarked.

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