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Win A Free Portrait for Christmas !!!!!!

31 August 2007 29 comments

Tahlia / Charlotte / Deborah

1. I will post one question every day for the next

30 days
at laketrees OR PoeARTica

2. You will find the answers by reading my posts at
laketrees….or at PoeARTica or at my website laketrees1

3. Each day write your answer in the comment box
at either Laketrees OR PoeARTica

4. The winner will be the reader with the most correct answers entered by 30th September at 11pm EST

Answers to the 30 questions will be posted 30th September at 12pm EST

If there is more than one person with all the correct answers....
I will have a final draw of names


1. Subscribe to my blogs…laketrees and PoeARTica

2. Fave my blogs at Technorati…..

Add to Technorati Favorites

Add to Technorati Favorites
3. Add my blogs to your blogroll:

laketrees and PoeARTica

4. Digg this post… (optional)

I will return the favour if you leave your link with anchor text and direct technorati link.

The winner will receive a free graphite portrait (unframed)
42cm x 60cm on Arches Paper
value $400

(postage paid by me)

Winner to supply an A4 photo of self as reference.

Question # 1.

Which newspaper do I read daily?
hint: you will find the answer in the sidebar here at laketrees

Big Thanks Saboma for the photo layout and the promotional post at Maryannaville !!!!!!!


29 comments: to “ Win A Free Portrait for Christmas !!!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 1.9.07

    Hi Kim,

    easy bit of research for that one, I say 'The Australian' for your dose of daily news :)

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    ^5, colin!

    Is it ok for me to announce this at my place, JB? My traffic has been slowwwwwwww. yawn.

  • The Insane Writer 2.9.07

    The Australian -The Heart of the Nation.

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    Hi Kim;
    Cool way to promote your blogs! I've subscribed to your feed as well. I already have you added to everything else, LOL.

    And you read 'The Australian' of course!

    PS: Can a person choose who they wish for the portrait?! Say one of their kids, for instance?

    Take care;

  • Kim 2.9.07

    haha Colin
    first cab off the rank......and the questions will get more difficult :-D

    Gosh JB
    of course..the more publicity the better ...are you gonna give an answer to the question? :=}

    hi Insane Writer
    thanks for your answer're in...

    funny Anna
    I was thinking the same thing :)
    Yes you can choose anyone that you wish for the portrait.... :=0]

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    JB, the answer to which daily news ya read is: The Australian

    I feel better now that you know that I know that you know that I know, yanno?

    ~:o) ^5!

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    Oh, for the sake of posterity, I've had you in my reader since the very first day I metcha, Goily. I also have PoeARTica there, too, just in case you were a wonderin'.

  • Kim 2.9.07

    haha JB...
    LOL....I feel MUCH better now...phewwww
    I gotta put you back in mine as you sorta slipped out recently :=D

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    Cool idea and fun Kim :-)

    It wouldn't be fair for me to play along since I already have one of your fabulous portraits, but it's still fun to read all the Q & A :-)

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    Dang, this slippery stuff follows me around sometimes, doesn't it?

    I'm ahight, kiddo- really. I've been distracted with other "things" but those things are temporary things, I promise. I've got my eyes on everyone I care about and call 'm'friend'.

  • Kim 2.9.07

    thanks Deborah
    that's nice of you....but I say all's fair in love and war.....and if you want to have a go ....go for it :D...if ya win you could get a portrait of your beautiful dog LOL....

  • Kim 2.9.07

    I've subscribed to your email reader ;-)

  • Sueblimely 2.9.07

    The Australian - I personally prefer The Age - mainly for the cryptic crossword. This is an excellent idea for a competition.

  • Kim 2.9.07

    thanks Sue
    I wish I could do Mum love them too :)....I have tried but I'm useless :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 2.9.07

    Hi Kim, My answer is The Australian - The Heart of the Nation. THis is fun! Have a great Sunday.

  • Kim 2.9.07

    Good detective work Lisa :D
    enjoy your weekend too !!!!

  • Anonymous 2.9.07

    The Australian, I reckon!

    Lovely blogs!

  • Kim 2.9.07

    haha speak of the devil ...Diane :0
    I was just over at your blog admiring your beautiful bookcovers :-D

  • sadako 3.9.07

    I think it's the australian. the link is in your sidebar. what a very interesting contest thisis. i am hoping to win because I'm a big admirer of your work. hope I can answer all of those 30 questions.

  • Kim 3.9.07

    good to see you over here Bluepanjeet...:)
    best of luck to you :)

  • kuanyin333 3.9.07

    Hey, I've already got you as a link on my blog, Blog-Blond! And I'm faving you now! However, since I'm traveling most of the month of September and will be an erratic blogger (and reader of blogs) and oftentimes away from a computer, I won't be able to enter every day! Sob! I'd love one of your beautiful portraits...perhaps you could run this contest again? :-) Anyways, I'll contribute for today: The Australian

  • Kim 3.9.07

    that's a shame Kuanyin.....maybe you can do catch up when you get a chance....
    I am listing the links to all the questions in my sidebar :)
    thanks for the are in my blogroll too :)

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    Oh Man... another great contest Kim :) I have been completely distracted and you know its not like me at all :) So I see I already missed a few questions... I would love to read the answers if I am not able to contribute daily though ....

    Okay how about the Sydney Morning Herald? wild guess... just for the sake of being different than others :)

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    they're all really nice painting!!! Love them especially dat little gurl one, wow!!!!!! Such a touched artworks :)

  • Kim 3.9.07

    you need to concentrate here...LOL...go back and check on that one ;-) ;-)....and you can catch up if you can't visit every day.
    the questions are listed in order at the top of the long as you have answered the 30 questions by the 30th September you'll be OK.....of course if you don't answer the questions everyone in the running so far will be breathing a sigh of relief.... as they know you are the Queen of the comps :D

    hi Forumer ...thanks for your compliments....are you going to enter the competition?????

  • Anonymous 3.9.07

    LOL gosh, I do need to get my head straightened a bit :) I will try it again tomorrow! its past 2:15am again here so no wonder I walk like a zombie during the day :) just wrote about it so check out when you get a chance! :)

  • Kim 3.9.07

    you have to watch out for Mary Ann....she's looking for night owls and she has some sort of noodle to whip you with if you are burning the midnight oil :D
    will pop over and have a gander :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 4.9.07

    Kim you should get an award for being the funnest blogger!:)

    Thanks for all you do.

  • Kim 4.9.07

    ahhh thanks Boyd :D
    now I wonder if there is an award for that.....maybe I should make one up :D

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