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Pearl is the Winner !!!!!

9 August 2007 17 comments

Congratulations Pearl!!!!!!!
You guessed the PIG !!!!
the Mystery Prizes go to
Mary Ann and Colin for their .....oh so creative responses
I will be sending you a mini 2008 Calendar of Outback Australia by the acclaimed photographer Steve Parish.......Congratulations !!!!

Many thanks to Jani for allowing me to use her incredible photo of the a reference for my drawing......pop on over to Jackal to see the photo of the original (female) pig....

Thanks to everyone for participating...I have had lots of fun with this and you can count on seeing more competitions here in the near future !!!!

PS...the drawing is mixed media on Arches paper...approximately 1 metre square....without frame.....


17 comments: to “ Pearl is the Winner !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    Well hot dayummm, JB! How'd you know I was just thinking about a 2008 calendar? The one I have for this year was sent as a Christmas gift from my guy pal in your part of the world. Looking at it, I just now realized that I haven't looked at it since May. I have it hanging on the wall in the kitchen, teehee!

    I'll make it a point to hang it over me desk so that I'll keep track of the months better. I promise!

    Thank you for such a nice mystery gift, Dear.


  • Lisa Lorenz 9.8.07

    Congrats to Pearl. Super, Great contest Kim! I was away - enjoying finally the summer weather and did not even have a chance to guess. Looking back at the clues, I would not guess...Great for Pearl! Your blog is so fun! Love it! big hugs xoxoxo

  • Anonymous 9.8.07

    Thank you so muck Kim, now next year I'll be able to keep track of the days hahaha...this years calendar doesn't work too well lol.

    Was a nice and fun contest and a pleasure to participate...even if the answers were wild and whacky hahaha

    Congratulations and very well done to Pearl :o)

  • Kim 9.8.07

    well I'm so glad that you have picked a place to hang it MA...
    I'm a bit like that with my calendar too...I'm still looking at August 6 on my desk
    all I need is for you to e me your address and I'll put it in the post to ya asap :))

    good to hear that you have the summer weather.....Lisa....
    thanks for dropping in mate !!!xx

    yeah Colin
    it's good to be that occupied that you don't have time to look at the calendar....
    pleased to hear that you enjoyed the comp and thanks for your fun input :))
    don't forget to e mail me....with your address....just click on the envelope at the top of my sidebar :)

  • Anonymous 10.8.07

    Very nice gifts. Also neat to see you drawing an animal instead of a human. I love your rendering.

  • Anonymous 10.8.07

    Thanks Kim,

    I found the teeny weeny envelope hahaha

    Maybe next year I'll know what day and month it is too, rather than try and think about it....far too painful lol :o)

  • Kim 10.8.07

    thanks Boyd
    the drawing is at the framers now...I'm entering it in a big drawing comp in Sydney next Friday...

    so glad you found the envelope Colin haha
    it's quite cute isn't it?
    thanks for your addie
    will post to you by air on Monday :)

  • Baby Stroller Reviews 10.8.07

    Great contest Kim, I tried to guess but had not a clue. Good picture too.

  • Kim 10.8.07

    thanks Michael...
    for visiting.....and for your comments...I will be working on my next competition very soon :]

  • Anonymous 11.8.07

    heyy I am sorry for the late visit here :)

    @Lisa ..thank you so much :) stop by and say a hi sometime... love and hugs...:)

    @Colin... thank you :) it was really fun to play along were pretty creative ;)

    @ Kim the beautiful Queen .. Thank you soo soo much for such fun time and the painting - am looking forward to getting it, I think I'll hang it in my foyer or the living room - already contemplating a spot for it..:)

  • Kim 11.8.07

    I'm sure you will find the perfect spot .....Pearl.....
    It was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to getting the print posted to you on Monday.... :))

  • Anonymous 21.8.07

    Kim, I am well impressed with your artwork.

  • Kim 21.8.07

    thanks Jani
    it helped to have your excellent photo as my resource :)

  • Ronnie 30.9.07

    i really love it. you really did very well.

  • Kim 30.9.07

    thanks very much Ronnie :)

  • S. A. Hart 19.7.08

    Great blog! I just found you and added your link to my blog list at

    I appreciate the listing of various other art blogs to check out.

  • Kim 19.7.08

    hi Sharon
    thanks you have some great articles on your blog....
    do you want me to add your blog to new listings?

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