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Art Award and Interesting Reads

4 June 2008 27 comments



My niece Tahlia's First Kinder School Art Award - a Self Portrait


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27 comments: to “ Art Award and Interesting Reads so far...

  • jafabrit 4.6.08

    oh that self portrait is so sweet :) love kids artwork.

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    it's very sweet and so uncontrived Corinne :)
    ahhh the innocence and sponteneity of childhood !!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.6.08

    Best self portrait I have seen in some time!! Color blending is very creative ... two Hollydale thumbs up :-)

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    thanks Speedy..
    I'll tell her :) :)
    actually the colour combo has inspired me to put a bit of colour in my sidebar..
    it was looking a little drab .. :0

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.6.08

    ... and a new avatar ... and a page rank 5 .... shazam!!

    I am really freaked out by page rank. My golf blog with 5 links and 11 posts gets a page rank of 4. All the work at my main blog, and it is a 4 too. (???)

    anyhoo, the color and avatar are very nice!!

  • Kim 4.6.08

    thanks Speedy :)
    there's no working out PR rank !!!
    same goes for my PoeARTica site ..
    PR4 and 2 posts last month...but...
    it gets heaps of visitors that don't seem to reflect in my stats..
    maybe they are ghosts !!!

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    Hi Kim, I recognised Tahlia.....
    beautiful!!!!!She came home from
    school so proud of her award.
    Love Nan

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    she would be proud Mum :)
    not many 5 year olds can say they've received TWO art awards !!
    looks like I have some competition in the portrait genre...
    I'll have to watch out !!!

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    That is such a sweet self portrait and deserves a prize! I love the colour on your page too.

    How did I get so behind with the commenting? Only 9 against Speedy's 32? That will never do... I suppose I was a way for over a week, but still... :) I promise to keep up!

    I am off to check out some of those links before heading for the dreaded hairdressers...I shall bear in mind your comments about short hair being high maintenance - I agree. I do always have the option of tying mine up if it gets out of control or just don't feel like washing it :)

  • Kim 4.6.08

    hi Diane
    I went a bit berserk with the colour after I did the frame for Tahlia's
    I quite like it too :))
    haa I think Speedy is on a mission it seems.. :D
    and of course he's campaigning for president too ;)
    good luck with your hair..
    I hope you don't have to sit in the little chair ;)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.6.08

    ghosts??? YIKES!!!!!!!!


  • KCee 4.6.08

    Pretty! I love kids' art. My 6 year old is also fond of drawing. :-)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 4.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    An upcoming artist that'll soon be added to the family. Second generation creators who will carry out the bloodline. The self portrait reminds me of the drawings of my second daughter, now a graphic designer.

    Your other commenter KCee, also has a daughter who draws, much like the picture your niece did. It would be nice to replace the world with more artists than politicians. Hoooray!

    I tried that "What your name means" thing and wrote my real name. Hair on my back stood up at the meaning they came up with. It was about 95% accurate. I was stunned! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 4.6.08

    yes Speedy
    poetic ghosts...
    believe it or not !!!

    hi KCee
    I remember seeing your daughters gorgeous "Picasso" type drawing..when I was EC dropping the other day..
    she has a natural talent :)

  • Kim 4.6.08

    hi Durano :)
    wouldn't that be lovely if artistic children ruled the world...such a nice idea Durano !!!
    I agree ..KCee's daughter used similiar colouring to Tahlias...
    sounds like your daughter has found the ideal profession for an artist ...usually graphic design artists display very strong drawing skills and excellent draughtsmanship... :)

    ahaa...the name...very uncanny isn't it....mine was very true too..
    doodoodoodoo...eerie isn't it

  • Anonymous 5.6.08

    My Crystal Ball revealed a Grandchildren Art Contest in someone's future! ;~)

    To improve his PR, Speedy needs to change his Blog diet from a Google Pork Ration diet to a high protein diet of Chicken breasts! :~))

    My name's hidden meaning came back as:
    You like to play undercover as Miss Moneypenny! ;~))

    How time flies when we don't have a Jim Croce's (Time in a) Bottle -
    My New England Lighthouse Treasures Blog will be 1 year old in 2 days!
    Is my Blog old enough for a pink Sheila training Bra??? :~)))

    Did your twin sister pose for your profile avatar? ;~)

  • Anonymous 5.6.08

    haha Debbie:) :)
    that's my undercover agent pic...
    like Miss MP's secret ID.....
    ah yes...I'm hoping that a grandkids' art comp is a fair way off ....I haven't got my nana licence yet !!!
    I'll be over to check out the birthday bash at the lighthouse ;) :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 5.6.08

    Tahlia takes after her aunt with her penchant for creative expression, I see! Love those curled pony tails!

    I love kid's art and children's books--read hundreds with my daughter when she was young. We didn't have the internet then, so I wasn't addicted yet!

    Thanks for the links to kids' sites! I'll recommend them to friends.

  • The Barker Boys 5.6.08

    We are very proud of Tahlia's artwork, so you better watch out Aunty Kim!!

  • Anonymous 5.6.08

    hi Lynda..
    it is so important for children to learn to read well at a young age isn't it...
    those were the good old days when parents read to their children ..haha now they read in internet language !!
    the pigtails are cute aren't they ?

    ohh dear...BB
    I'm shaking in my boots ;) :)

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 5.6.08

    A budding talent already Kim.
    I love your comment quotes.

  • John M. Mora 5.6.08

    I like how her upper torso suggests a heart - subliminal touch that endears the viewer....bully - on Long Island that means "very very good."

  • Kim 5.6.08

    thanks Trish :)
    and I loved reading your Peace Quotes !!!
    they made my day :)

    I noticed the heart shape too John :)
    sounds like something the English would say

  • KCee 5.6.08

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the lovely response. It would be my pleasure to link your site. :)

    Hi Durano,

    Thanks for mentioning my little lady's art. :) You are so right! This world will be a much better place with artists around than ;)

  • Kim 5.6.08

    great news KCee :)
    thanks so much :)
    and I'll send you 25 EC's too !!!

  • Anonymous 9.6.08

    That is great. She may be an aspiring
    you. ;)

  • Kim 9.6.08

    hi Cooper
    yes... :)
    that or an aspiring dancer ...

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