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Swimming with Sharks

11 June 2008 70 comments

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My son Alexander and his girlfriend Kelly stayed in Sydney last week...
they were celebrating their 12 month anniversary...
while they were there they visited the Sydney Opera House and Taronga Park Zoo as well as finding the time to jump into a tank with sharks at Oceanworld Manly !!!
Here are some of the terrific photos that they took....

Unfortunately they had rainy weather but they still managed to take some great shots...
they are both considering photography as a career....

all images © Copyright Alexander Barker & Kelly Steele

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70 comments: to “ Swimming with Sharks so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 11.6.08

    Hey Kim....what STUNNING photos...National Geographic worthy...not to mention the very handsome couple!!!!!

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 11.6.08

    they were spectacular photos Alexander took Kim - I loved the night skyline and the animals. So up close and personal.

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 11.6.08

    I forgot to answer the question - absolutely not ;)

  • Anonymous 11.6.08

    Hi Kim, Sheer bliss, Alex and Kellie also Skippy couple!!!!!!! Awesome shots, Alex!!!!!Would have replaced the shark adventure with a night at the "The Phantom"!!!!The rest brought back wonderful memories. Love Nan xxx
    P.S Alex after these shark shots, I don't believe Mikey was the naughty one???????????

  • Kim 11.6.08

    hi Amy...
    they're pretty good eh...and there were hundreds more that they took ..the hardest part was making a selection..
    ps you're in the draw ;)

    thanks Trish
    you and me
    I wouldn't get in a shark tank for all the tea in China !!!

  • Kim 11.6.08

    haha Mum !!!
    the kangaroos make a nice couple...
    and the kids too of course :)
    I'd take a guess and say that Mikey will paying a visit to Manly as soon as he gets the chance !!!
    ah I agree..the Phantom would have been so much more "relaxing"
    xxoo Kim

  • BillyWarhol 11.6.08

    I remember dealing with one Dickwad Corporate Customer + he told me I should read Swimming with Sharks*

    I still have a Bad Taste in my Mouth about dat*


  • Anonymous 11.6.08

    There's no way I would jump in with the sharks! I already have extremely short limbs - they don't need to (potentially) be made any smaller, thank you very much ;)

  • Anonymous 11.6.08

    Great photographs - love the animal shots particularly.
    Congrats to them on their anniversary - what a sweet couple they are!
    And no, I don't do entrecard so I can't enter your competition but I wouldn't swim with sharks for any prize!

  • Kim 11.6.08

    ohh I didn't know there was a book Billie ;)..
    I will have to look it up...
    judging by your comment I'd say it's another kind of 'shark'?? ;)
    surely NOT..
    OI!!! you're in the draw :))

    lol Christie
    I understand....
    bit like tempting fate isn't it .. :)
    you're in the draw too :)

    thanks Diane..
    yes I don't know how they stayed in the tank for so long...
    they had a DVD made as well...
    oh well something to show their day....
    ps you may have to check out Entrecard ;) ;)
    then you can be in the draw too..
    and with your luck!!!

  • John M. Mora 11.6.08

    No, no shark swimming for me - nice pics and a dashing couple, indeed.

    My best

  • Kim 11.6.08

    aye John !!!
    I think I let my kids watch JAWS too many times when they were little...
    I thought it would put them off sharks :) :)

  • Azure Accessories 11.6.08

    Wonderful photos...makes me wish I could visit!

    Swimming with sharks...could be interesting in a controlled situation!


  • Kim 11.6.08

    thanks Heather...
    I believe the sharks were very well fed....and there was a professional diver in the tank with them ...
    even so ....I'm hoping they don't make a habit of it...still I suppose it's safer than sky diving :0
    ps you're in the draw :)

  • jafabrit 12.6.08

    The bridge in the slide show looks very much like the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

    Great slide show :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 12.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    You're asking if anyone wants to dive with sharks? Well, I don't have to really, I see them every now and then - those who devour other people's rights and swallow the resources meant for other purposes. LOL!

    There are even some who pretend to be humanitarian but are actually human-eater-ian. :-) The feed off the sweat of other people and leave nothing for those who worked to build better lives.

    But I know the excitement of what you refer to and I might try it someday - the adrenalin rush would be quite an experience. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 12.6.08

    Whenever i think of sharks first thing comes in my mind is JAWS.I'm really scared of sharks so i guess this experience of swimming with sharks will help me to overcome the yeah im ready to enter in this competition.

  • fastfastlane 12.6.08

    That really is the experience of a lifetime, Kim, and one I'm sure they won't forget for a long time coming.

    Sharks get a bum rap IMO. So much hype from movies like Jaws and the likes. It's very rare for a shark to attack a human, and when they do, it's typically a mistake.

    I had my own experience to hug a wild shark once, and I'll never forget it :-)

  • Anita 12.6.08

    Kim - I love reading your blog - I always leave with a smile! I can't believe how grown up Alexander is now - and what a handsome boy! You must be so proud! Barking mad, swimming with sharks - but very handsome! :-)

  • Anonymous 12.6.08

    I alweays wanted to swim with sharks. But i thing in the open ocean this would be much more adventurous! There are this places where you stay in some kind of cage and the sharks swim around you.
    Definitely on my list of "things to do once in your live"

    Dont be alarmed about skydiving. I did it once (tandem) and it seems perfectly safe to me. Fabulous adventure!

  • Lynda Lehmann 12.6.08

    What a lovely couple they make. And they look quite happy, as well!

    The lion and tiger photos rock, as does the shot of the Sydney skyline at night. Wow, what a city since the last time I've seen it in the movies!

    Boats named "Alexander" and "Charlotte"--what a coincidence. Were they docked near each other?

    I've heard of kissing cousins but kissing kangas! So cute...

    I'm glad they had such nice accomdations and saw such great sites on their one-year anniversary. Oh, to be young....

    Thanks for sharing these. Take care, Kim!

  • Kim 12.6.08

    I'll have to take a look at the Newcastle on Tyne Bridge Corrine :)
    the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built in 1932....the same year that my dear Dad was born :)
    it was nicknamed 'the coathanger' because of its shape....

    lol Durano !!
    I like that ...I've known a few of those too ;)
    yes the adrenilin rush would probably give me a heart attack or at least a panic attack...
    I know when I watched the DVD I noticed the air bubbles coming out of the kids' scuba gear were pretty profuse....
    they told me that was due to their rapid breathing...aarggghhhh

    haha Fotobuch ...
    you don't need to swim with sharks to be in the draw :D
    I can understand your fear though...watching Jaws was scary enough for me too..:)

    daredevil Deborah !!!
    goodness...hugging a shark !!!
    you Canadians are so WILD !!!
    you sound just like Alexander..
    unfortunately we still have shark attacks here... one just recently...and a surfer... :(
    hey thanks for the digg submit mixx and stumble xxxx
    you're a legend ;)

    helloooo Anita...
    how have you been??
    haha 'barking' mad ...I suppose with Barker for a surname...that's a fitting description...

    hi Warenwirtschaft..
    tandem skydiving would certainly be safer than skydiving solo....
    but I still think it would be too nerveracking for a lot of people...
    I don't even enjoy flying ...eek
    yet I imagine it would be quite liberating to 'face your fears'..

    ah yes Lynda..
    they're both 18....going on 19...*sigh*
    I'm very happy for them...they are so alike in many ways :)
    I thought you would enjoy the pics...
    Sydney is certainly a cosmopolitan city :)
    the kangaroos are gorgeous aren't they..
    amazing coincidence with the ferries...we have run across them before...
    the boats 'Charlotte' and 'Alexander' were also part of the FIRST FLEET to come out from England...
    I only found that out after Charlotte and Alexander were born...amazing isn't it !!!

  • Anonymous 12.6.08

    Ahoy Captain Kim,

    Spectacular photos of your expanding crew and their anniversary!

    I need the protection of a pod of dolphins surrounding me before considering a swim with sharks!

    Just in case you are wondering, Miss Moneypenny is dealing with the Land Sharks who wore thongs on their head as a disguise! ;~))

  • Kim 12.6.08

    ahoy Miss Dolphin..
    I have paid a visit to Miss MP' silly billies !!
    I'm so glad that you have the dolphins to swim with..
    I know Alexander sees them all the time when he is surfing....
    and of course YOU would know that they help to keep the sharks away :)

  • Ken Armstrong 13.6.08

    Great pics!

    But how did the rainy weather effect things? Were the sharks all hiding beinhd their umbrellas?


    Great pics. Oops, 'said that.

  • Kim 13.6.08

    haha Ken...
    thanks for your comment...actually there were more sharks in the tank plus a huge stingray..but I didn't see any
    I'll have to post the DVD as it shows more :))
    ps you're in the draw !!!

  • eastcoastlife 13.6.08

    Your son resembles you, he's a handsome guy! :)

    I would love to try swimming with sharks! Hope they don't like my smell. haha...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 13.6.08

    Here is something completely astounding, and something I would have great trouble doing myself.
    These are incredible pictures, Kim!!
    Truly an adventure that will be a memory for a lifetime. Someday, the grandchildren will listen to the story of swimming with sharks.

    I swam with sunfish .... :~)

    @ home on my slow machine, but I am going to try and digg this post. Thanks for the excitement this morning!!! Just "looking" at the sharks so close makes me shudder.
    Happy day to you my friend,

  • Speedcat Hollydale 13.6.08

    Well, seems my old Packard Bell is not accepting cookies today ... I am going to link this post though. Trying again later!!!

  • Kim 13.6.08

    thanks ECL :)
    lol...I think you would be too sweet for them...though I think there is something that you can spray on yourself that repels sharks :0
    ps you're in the draw :)

    hello Speedy..
    wow sunfish...
    I've been told they are big big fish.... but they don't eat humans...have you got a photo...

    thanks for trying the digg ..I think they have been temperamental over there recently..
    and you're in the draw too !!
    better get out your sheriff badge eh :) ;)

  • Lisa Lorenz 13.6.08

    Hi Kim, Oh these photos of Alexander's are just spectacular. I was blow away. And swimming with the sharks...yikes...they are brave. I just love looking at pics of Syndey...I miss this city. I would love to go back one day. Wishing you a great day xoxoxo Lisa

  • Sandee 14.6.08

    Speedy sent me over. This is just plain scary to me. Staying about 100 miles away from any of them works for me. Very informative post though. Have a great day and weekend Kim. ;)

  • Kim 14.6.08

    hey Lisa..
    that would be great if you could come out to OZ again..
    then Alexander can take you and Andreas swimming with the sharks ;) :)
    will pop over and see what you have been up to :)

    hi Sandee
    thanks for calling by :)
    100 miles !!!
    that sounds like a safe enough distance
    a great weekend to you too :)

  • Kim 14.6.08

    ps Sandee..
    you're in the draw too ;)

  • Joy Argento 14.6.08

    I would like to submit my blog:

    Joy Argento

  • Kim 14.6.08

    hi Joy..
    I'll add your blog to new listings :)

  • Anonymous 14.6.08

    Yeh, we have had a bit of rain here in Sydney, but at least our dams are filling up with water now :)

    I totally enjoy watching documentaries about sharks especially the great white - but I don't know if I would be game enough to swim with them! They are magnificent creatures but I prefer to admire them from a distance, thanks.

  • Kim 14.6.08

    hi Marie..
    so you come from Sydney eh...
    yes the white pointer is the shark that would definitely be the most frightening !!!
    thanks for calling by :)

  • xoxo 14.6.08

    hi! nice photos! missin sydney already and wow i want to try that too..swimming with sharks lol

  • Kim 15.6.08

    hi sexy momma
    I think your trains over there sound just as the sharks...
    have a great Sunday :) :)

  • xoxo 15.6.08

    hi again kim, i would really love to talk to uncle kevin about bringing these trains in there lol

  • Mariuca 15.6.08

    Hi Kim! Thanks so much for stopping by with a comment!

    Oh no!! No sharks for me please, but the pics are awesome! :):):)

  • Kim 15.6.08

    ah yes sexy momma
    that would be great if your uncle could organize that lol...
    our trains are soooo slow. :)

    no worries and thanks
    I hope you are ok Mariuca...
    that was certainly a traumatic experience for you.....
    have a restful Sunday :)

  • :-) MaryLou 15.6.08

    Awesome photos! I'd love to be able to swim with sharks. Years of scuba diving and I still haven't ever seen one in the open water.

  • Kim 15.6.08

    wow MaryLou!!!
    you're lucky :)
    Alexander has been surfing for years and he hasn't come across any either...he had to go and jump in a tank with them..eek..
    ps you're in the draw :)

  • Jackie 15.6.08

    Oh my Kim,
    The first thing I have to say is wow what a stunning couple. They fit together so well!!

    And the pictures are simply outstanding.

    And no way me in a tank with sharks.

    But, you know us yanks and you Aussies have just about the wildest reputations in the world for daring feats anyway!!

    But, this time...the Aussie's definitely win out!!

    I have seen many documentaries about you guys having so many sharks over there.

    It simply amazes me.

    We are here of course with the baby and the other three. So it's tough getting on my PC.

    I will try my best to keep up.

    Oh and my son-in-law, who did not do any training by the way, is riding in a three day 150 mile bicycle marathon for Breast Cancer Awareness and to raise funds.

    Now I only mention this because he told my daughter...Naaaawwww...I don't need to train.

    Wrong!! He has a very soar bottom and rode 50 of the miles today standing.

    Next year he is going to train.

    Thanks for the great share. I miss you all...even though I am here!!

    It's just different when I am not home!!

  • Kim 15.6.08

    hi Jackie...
    congratulations on your very exciting week !!!
    what wonderful photos of the new bub and your daughter too :)

    have a lovely time with your family and certainly deserve it....

  • Anonymous 15.6.08

    Scary shark

  • Kim 16.6.08

    It sure is EzRich!!!
    you're in the draw :) :)

  • Eric S. 16.6.08

    Great pictures, but there's no way you would ever get me any where near a tank with sharks in it!

  • Kim 16.6.08

    hi Eric...
    thanks for your comment...seems you are with the majority who wouldn't be jumping in with the sharks :) :)
    ps you're in the draw...

  • Wendster 16.6.08

    Wow! Speedcat sent me over to see these shark photos and I must say I am very VERY impressed with the photos. Absolutely National Geographic worthy.
    And no. No, I don't think I would dive at ALL. Not because of the sharks. I like to pet the sharks in the shark tank in California. But because I don't feel very comfortable diving. It's about the being able to breathe, thing. LOL. Tried snorkeling and the little pipe kept filling up with water. I was one distressed swimmer.
    But very happy to see these cool photos. (They must feed the sharks plenty before you go in to swim with them, yes?)
    Alex and Kimmy are adorable together. What lookers!

  • Kim 16.6.08

    hey Wendster
    thanks for calling by...
    10/10 for trying out the snorkelling !!
    and petting sharks !!!
    you're certainly braver than me :)

    I agree they would have to keep them full all of the time...even'd be wondering whether they want human for dessert :)
    lol Alexander's girlfriend's name is Kelly...
    have a great day..
    :) :) Kim aka Kimmy

  • Wendster 16.6.08

    Kim ~ So glad you stopped by! and way to go on choosing in to the walking and the water.
    I posted a suggestion for you on my blog.
    Here it is so you don't have to hunt for it:
    I bought two glass water bottles that each held four glasses of water. I fill them each morning (or the night before and refrigerate them, cuz it's summer here) and I aim to finish the first one before noon. You have the rest of the day to drink the second one. Just keep it in your line of sight and sip it even though you don't want to. LOL. Even though you look at it and say: BLEAH. I used to drink little to no water a day as well, so I know exactly where you are coming from. Now I love to drink my water. And I find that I can distinguish between thirst and hunger. Most people think they're hungry, but it's ACTUALLY thirst. Interesting, huh?

    Blog hog, me. :D Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing how it is going!


  • Wendster 16.6.08


    Alex and Kelly! Got it!

    Where did I come up with Kimmy? ha.

    I even worry about the sharks that are just swimming by my HAND wanting human for dessert. lol!

  • Michelle B. Hendry 17.6.08

    Amazing photos!! I am not sure you would ever catch me doing that.... :)

  • Anonymous 17.6.08

    I go in with the sharks... but depending on how big and what type of shark I would be with would determine how I would do so.

    Nice pictures too, really neat.

  • Kim 17.6.08

    hi Wendster
    thanks for your tips ..:)
    I'm really trying to enjoy the taste of this water...which I have sitting in a jug on the kitchen
    I think I will have to build up to it..
    as for the exercise my son has just bought a will have to try that out ..
    hopefully I'll get 10 minutes on the stepping machine :) :)

    hi Michelle
    I gather you don't have any shark photos in your collection then ;)

    hi Bradley..
    thanks :)
    these were grey nurses which are supposed to be a lot friendlier :)

  • Kim 17.6.08

    ps Bradley..
    you're in the draw too :)

  • Anonymous 17.6.08

    would I jump in with sharks,
    sure if they were well fed and if I had a suit on that made me smell like shark vomit or something equally unapetizing to them.

  • Kim 17.6.08

    haha Colleen
    how about a special shark cage too ?
    thanks for calling by and you're in the draw :)

  • Anonymous 17.6.08

    Great photos.
    My original major was photography at Tisch at NYU. I love looking at the photography of others. Those are lovely.

    Now you will have to paint it. ;)

  • Kim 17.6.08

    I'm with you :)
    I could look at photography all day..
    photographers have an "eye" for the perfect composition...
    I don't know whether sharks or even landscapes are my forte Cooper!!

  • Anonymous 17.6.08

    Damn. Scary stuff, swimming with sharks. Must be even scarier if they put a real man-eating shark in there, like a tiger shark or a bull shark or even a great white! The should seriously put this in The Amazing Race if they haven't done it yet.

  • Kim 17.6.08

    that sounds like an innovative idea Patrick...
    I think there would be a few last minute dropouts though :)

  • Anonymous 18.6.08

    G'day Kim!

    Wow! Did they have to pay to jump in? Let's hope the sharks were on their valium and as someone said, well-fed. Even so, pretty exciting...

    This thread reminds me of just after college went with friends to Cayman Islands to get scuba certified. A girl in our group, a competitive swimmer was not going in the water ... for days. Towards the end of the trip we discover she is reading JAWS.

  • Kim 18.6.08

    yes PM !!!
    they DID pay !!!
    I could think of 100 better ways to spend my money..
    Alexander is a trained swimmer too and grew up in the JAWS era...
    maybe that's the reason why they're willing to make friends with the sharks..
    valium that's a thought !!!

  • Anonymous 22.6.08

    those are stunning pictures of daring and beautiful souls Kim :)

    not me, not in a million years anyone could make me come close to sharks let alone hugging :D

  • Kim 22.6.08

    hi Pearl
    thanks for dropping by :) :)
    I will have to drop over your place and see what you have been up to :)

  • Anonymous 2.11.08

    ha ha .. that is cool .. I totally want to goto Oceanworld Manly now :)

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