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The Benefits of Entrecard

1 June 2008 30 comments


I joined up at Entrecard a few weeks ago and as you can see by my graph... traffic has increased quite dramatically... .

Now Entrecard has recently added a new feature:

Add just one more blog to your account, and you're automatically entered to win 15,000 credits!

The Entrecard Team has also launched their
If you're new to Entrecard, and wondering what to do first, this ebook will guide you along the way. And if you're an intermediate of advanced user, it's packed full of strategies you can use to get the absolute most from our service. Download from the link above

Top Droppers at laketrees:
CK Marketing
First Door on the Left
Aerten Art
Photography by KML
Stir The Cauldron
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Surprisingly Insightful
The Spitting Vessel
The Realtor

thank you !!!
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30 comments: to “ The Benefits of Entrecard so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 2.6.08

    Hello Kim...glad that you liked my kittys...we just arrived home and they were well taken care of.... I saw on my e-mail that you requested to advert on my blog, it was @ that point when I went to EC, I read about the fire and power outage...all that to say, of course, I would be honored for your widget to appear on my soon as everything is up and running w/ EC I'll go to my dashboard and make it official.

    Your art contest was wonderful, and I have become on-line buddies w/ Christy Dekoning, so of course, I voted for her as often as I could...Wonderful, wonderful
    all the best,

  • Kim 2.6.08

    hi Amy..
    thanks very much for letting me know about my ad...
    it looks like EC is still out !!!!

    that's great to hear that you have become friends with Christy too ..
    us artists should stick together ;)

    thanks for your visit and have a lovely day :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 2.6.08

    hi kim! E.C. is looking better and better, except for the fire and being down right now. i'm glad it has increased your traffic.

    i'll check it out, eventually!

    you are in my new post, dearie. hope all is well...

  • Kim 2.6.08

    hi Lynda...
    yes EC is certainly worth signing up for....
    I will pop over now :) :)

  • Anonymous 2.6.08

    test comment avatars

  • Anonymous 2.6.08

    Will Entrecard work on WordPress Blogs if I drop my Visa card? ;~)))

    P.S. Miss Moneypenny is undercover developing secret photos of the Campaign Coverage! :~)

  • Anonymous 2.6.08

    Miss MP...
    you can drop whatever you desire :D
    visa would be perfect !!!!

  • Anonymous 2.6.08

    I think the one thing I did like about entrecard is it had a large art blog section and it was very good.

  • Anonymous 2.6.08

    yes over 400 Cooper... :)
    so it's terrific to meet more fellow artists....

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 2.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    I see you all over the place on entrecard and you seem to be really into it.

    Now you're on your way to becoming an Entrecard guru. LOL! :-)

    Too bad about the fire, all servers are down. They said it may take more than 24 hours. But it really does generate traffic, although most are the drop and go types. But I have found some great sites because of it and I believe some have come to be regulars in my site too because of it.

    I don't know about your experience with drops but I only get 40 to 65% reciprocity from it. Some sites just don't reciprocate drops. At least there are points for every click, not a total loss. Good luck! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 2.6.08

    ah yes Durano...
    it's quite addictive !!!
    and I am a spendthrift when it comes to buying ads....
    a bit like ...too many blogs and not enough credits...
    thanks to your visits too !!!
    as you say it makes it worthwhile..when you meet new bloggers...
    I don't get the same percentage reciprocating either...
    I think that's human nature eh...
    I hope that EC get the fire problem worked out soon :) :)
    and many thanks for 'dropping' by ;)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 3.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    You're welcome. You're always first on my list of drops since you joined. And your site gave me a good number of click responses too. Thanks to your acceptance as a truly wonderful person by the blogosphere.

    Have fun! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 3.6.08

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the link love.

    From Kim (lol)

  • Kim 3.6.08

    thanks Durano :) :)
    have a terrific day !!!

  • Anonymous 3.6.08

    hello Kim
    you're welcome :) :)

  • KML 3.6.08

    Thanks for the link, Kim and your visits to my blog too!

  • Anonymous 3.6.08

    you're welcome Kathy..
    and thanks for dropping by my blog too :) :)

  • John M. Mora 3.6.08

    I am always slow about what this means - increases traffic somehow?

    My best.

  • Kim 3.6.08

    yes John ..
    my traffic has doubled....
    EC has over 400 art blogs it's a bit like being in a lolly shop :) :)

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    This looks very interesting Kim. You'll have to excuse me for not digging into it right away since its passed midnight in Norway and I need to get some sleep.
    You see, I've been Blogging for Peace the whole evening :-)

  • Kim 4.6.08

    good for you Renny !!!
    Blogging for Peace.....a great cause to promote..
    have a good nights sleep :) :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.6.08

    Yes ... Moneypenny really pulled one out from the archives, that's for sure.
    Ecard really did have a fire?? I thought you meant is was not showing up on my page!! I drop ... I drop.

  • Anonymous 4.6.08

    ah yes Miss MP was surely desperate with that last pic...
    she could have bribed you all !!!
    ummm Speedy.. there was a real fire!!!
    I think agent MP may have to look into that one as this could be cause for internal corruption within the party members :0

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    That's a pretty big traffic increase. Have you noticed anything different about your visitors from Entrecard, then before. I'm kind of wondering how they compare to traffic from the search engines.

  • Anonymous 6.6.08

    hi Christopher..
    no not that much difference..though the ec droppers are on the whole "quick" visitors... :)

  • Viqi French 9.6.08

    Nice site!

    I'm new to Entrecard and found your post very encouraging.

    It's taking me a while to get fully up to speed with all the savvy EC techniques, but I'm enjoying learning and discovering wonderful sites such as this on.



  • Aroah 12.9.08

    Hey was going through blogs and found this post.

    I found it interesting, I have not heard of this entrecard before.

  • Anonymous 17.12.08

    I have made really great progress and geeting a good income due to entrecard. Cheers

  • Anonymous 23.12.08

    Use entrecard guys. its highly recommended, you will not regret !

  • Anonymous 2.3.09

    Entrecard is a great tool to increase traffic to your blog. If your goal is to increase page views, than Entrecard is a great choice.

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