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Picasso painting to sell at auction today !!!

18 June 2008 22 comments

A Picasso painting is expected to break Australian sales records when it goes under the hammer in Sydney today.

The masterpiece, Sylvette 1954, will be auctioned by Deutscher-Menzies at its fine art sale.
Deutscher-Menzies national head of art Tim Abdullah said the work was expected to sell for between $A5 million and $A7 million, with the whole auction catalogue potentially taking as much as $A13.8 million.
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Update: Picasso painting breaks Australia art sale record
SYDNEY (Reuters) - An abstract portrait by Pablo Picasso on Wednesday smashed the record for an artwork sold in Australia, netting A$6.9 million (3.1 million pounds) at an auction in Sydney.
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Max Brenner’s Cafe
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Dancer Cyd Charisse dies at 86
ACTRESS and dancer Cyd Charisse, the impossibly long-legged movie musical star who gained fame for her on-screen pairings with Hollywood dance greats Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, has died at 86.
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22 comments: to “ Picasso painting to sell at auction today !!! so far...

  • Anonymous 18.6.08

    I may be some kind of idiot but i think it is absurd that one painting can cost that much. Saving the eyelight of one person in africa costs about 30$. You can do the maths yourself how many people could be lucky with this kind of money.
    Its a perverted idea of art.

  • Kim 18.6.08

    you're absolutely right Warenwirtschaft....
    thanks for your opinion ..
    it is totally unjustified and I'm sure Picasso himself would be horrified...
    the money would certainly make a difference in many many areas...
    in fact way too many to list here.. :(

  • John M. Mora 18.6.08

    minor work by major artist

    commodity worth more than real estate housed in....

    paint low, sell high

  • Kim 18.6.08

    hi John..
    I don't think it's one of Picasso's better paintings...
    but obviously the art investors will have a 'hey day' with it...
    haha you could buy a lot of houses!!!
    I wonder if they will have to sell theirs ;)

  • Anonymous 18.6.08

    Hi Kim - Thanks for the link! Looking forward to the meet up...Since chocolate's involved, who wouldn't? ;)

  • Kim 18.6.08

    hi Christie...
    you're welcome....

  • jafabrit 18.6.08

    Now I know why I saw a similarity in the bridges Kim :) The Tyne Bridge and the Sidney Harbour Bridge were designed and built by the same company from the Northeast of England. Beautiful bridges.

    In regards to the sale of the picasso, it seems to me investment art really isn't about the actual painting but who painted it. I don't think the people who can afford such an indulgence to invest in art exclude giving large sums to charity.

  • Azure Accessories 18.6.08

    I'm not overly impressed with the if often priced in the least in my opinion...but them maybe if it was my art work I would think differently? :0)


  • Kim 19.6.08

    ah well that explains it Corrine !!!
    great detective work :)
    that's good to hear that Art Patrons donate to charity :) :)

    very true Heather...
    I certainly wouldn't say no to the money....
    6.9 million!!!
    in fact there's quite a small fortune to be made in reproductions as well...

  • Anonymous 19.6.08

    Hi Kim "Picasso" Laketrees,

    That's a few truck loads of Pablo pennies!

    Makes me wonder how much my 1957 Picasso finger paintings are worth on eBay? ;~))

  • Anonymous 19.6.08

    It does seem crazy doesn't it? I feel that the money could indeed be better spent relieving hunger and poverty in the Third World, and that's not to devalue the quality and merit and uniqueness of Picasso's work. But the same can be said for many things that make me think how on earth can we justify that? Football players' wages, the value of the food we throw away each week in the UK, the price of so called 'designer' handbags, money earned by talentless reality TV 'stars'.....

  • Kim 19.6.08

    oooh I'd say they would be worth a real pretty penny Miss MP !!!
    you could buy a couple of lighthouses with the money :) :)

    very true Diane..
    6.9 million would help in a big big way!!!
    seems to me that there needs to be more equality and balance when it comes to the distribution of wealth....

  • jafabrit 19.6.08

    While I always feel reluctant to dictate how other people should spend their money, it does seem rather obscene at times. I can't fathom why anybody would pay thousands of dollars for a handbag, or camping equipment, golf club membership or country club memberships -none of which we really need. It is all relative isn't it?

  • Kim 19.6.08

    too true Corrine..
    there's a big difference in the we really NEED it or do we just...WANT it???
    I think if you ask yourself that question...then the list is quite simple :)

  • Anonymous 19.6.08

    That is a heck of a lot of money for a painting.

    it seems like the housing market here there is a certain over valuation or whatever they call it.

    I have this vision of a post apocalyptic world where those left are sitting around laughing hysterically at this.

  • Marie 19.6.08

    I saw this in the news tonight. I wonder what picasso would have thought of all this?

    Although a few years ago, I saw an exhibition of Paul Cézanne...and later found that one of his still life paintings sold for $80 million! It broke records at the time.

  • Kim 19.6.08

    true Cooper !!!
    the priorities seem to be really misaligned...don't they...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 19.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    Oh My God, the sale is over???!!! You mean I'm too late for this collectors item? LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 19.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    I've just realized that I've run out of loose change for this piece by Picasso. And, I don't want to have to break any of my larger bills. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 20.6.08

    hi Marie
    I think he would have been over whelmed...
    I think he managed to sell his work for small fortunes even when he was alive.....he was a pretty shrewd business man by most accounts ...
    yeah Cezannes another one of those artists whose works will eventually be priceless..

    hello Durano...
    perhaps we can go halves
    I'll take the right half and you can have the left half...
    I'll phone up the new buyer...I'm sure he will do the deal with us seeing you have a lot of loose change :) :)
    ps I'll throw in a few small bank notes... too ;)

  • xoxo 24.6.08

    whoah chocolate cake hehe, wish im in sydney now so that i could meet u up...well theres always next time ;-)

  • Kim 24.6.08

    hi Sexy Momma...
    we'll have a piece of cake for you lol..

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