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Competitions, Blog Design and Awards

26 June 2008 37 comments

Arte y pico
Many thanks to my dear friend Durano @
The Spitting Vessel for presenting me with this beautiful award.
I have received the award from the very talented Michelle @ Artscapes - Musings on Art & Life too!!
thanks so much Michelle...

My Blog Makeovers !!!
check out my other site too @ PoeARTica
A big thank you goes out to Amanda @ Blogger Buster and Agi @ Grumpy Cow for my great new template design and header banners/entrecards designs...

Both Agi and Amanda are also holding two beaut competitions on their blogs.....

Win the Ultimate Blogging Package by Suggesting a New Feature for Blogger

In celebration of Blogger Buster's first birthday, Amanda is running the first ever site competition where you could win the ultimate blogging package by taking part in a community project!
The Blogger Team are constantly developing new features for us to use. While we could make use of the Blogger wishlist to vote for the features we'd most like to use, there is much to be said for the value of raising awareness through our blogs!
What better incentive to post about the features we most desire from Blogger than the chance to win the ultimate blogging package..?
To enter Amanda's competition and participate in a community project, please read the original competition post and ensure you validate your entry!
My feature for the wish list would be to have CommentLuv for Blogger...that way I can see what my visitors are posting about and also be able to return some link love...

Win a Custom Blog Template for your Blog!

Enter and win a custom blogger template of your choice. Please note the template is for Blogger only. The prize includes a matching 125×125 entrecard/ad button. Agi's competition will run for 1 week and the winner will be announced on Sunday, June 29th.

Lighthouse Restoration Initiative Election

Debbie Dolphin @ New England Lighthouse Treasures is promoting this competition:
JELD-WEN windows and doors has selected twelve lighthouses from a field of 49 nominees as the final candidates to be voted for in electing one(?) lighthouse to win new JELD-WEN windows and doors.
Pop over to Debbie's blog to review the following twelve Lighthouse candidates and vote for one lighthouse on or before September 7, 2008.

Awards Gala

Mariuca @ Mariuca is having an Awards Gala! and I have been a lucky recipient !!! thank you so much Mariuca...
I have chosen the following awards to pass on :

Friendship Award

I'm passing Bokjae's Friendship Award on to the very sophisticated, globetrotting Miss Moneypenny

Cool Cat Award

I'm passing Catsy's Cool Cat Award on to a very cool cat... Speedy

Friendly Blogger Award

and I'm passing Nessa's Friendly Blogger Award to the very chic and sporty Diane

Bloggers Excellence Award

I've also been awarded this Excellence Award from SueEllen
@ Fine Artworks and Original Paintings From A Creaky Easel who received this from Mandy
..thanks so much Sue Ellen!!!

Entrecard news....
look who was # 1 !!!
in the Art Category

Planning for a Contest? Think Entrecard!
Here’s an article containing a step-by-step procedure with detailed discussions, tips, rants and of course, personal notes for setting up one unconventional contest that would surely rock your blog- Entrecard contests here we go!


37 comments: to “ Competitions, Blog Design and Awards so far...

  • Anonymous 26.6.08

    I love the new look, a contemporary classic.

  • Kim 26.6.08

    thanks Cooper...
    your opinion is appreciated :) :)
    have a great day !!

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 26.6.08

    very impressed with your new look.It is stunning.
    I love the layout and features too.

    Comment luv is my choice too for a blogger hack. I think it is such a great tool.

    I am always clicking links in comments of blogs.

  • Kim 26.6.08

    thanks Trish :)
    the hardest part was moving the widgets over and I'm still working on some that I lost...and posts where the colour of the font is wrong...
    Amanda's template is a breeze to use and Agi's headers are perfect :)
    ah yes comment luv..
    I used to do it manually...eeek!!
    the WP tool is such a handy tool when it comes to seeing if your visitor has updated his/her blog..

  • Anonymous 26.6.08

    Thanks for mentioning me ;)
    Have a great day!

  • Kim 26.6.08

    my pleasure Agi...
    and many thanks to you for my fantastic headers and ec cards :))
    you're a legend !!!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 27.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    Your new template design is a giant leap in in attractiveness and appeal. And, I must admit, it goes very well with your new avatar - the one I previously commented about.:-)

    It's as if the artist has had a shift from conservative or classic art to the bolder forms of modern art; converging with a more avant garde look for the artist herself.
    Of course, I refer only to the blog site...but I remember a post you made that featured an abstract creation. Was that the beginning? Hmmmmm. Whatever it is Kim, the site is beautiful and worthy of your talent and accomplishments. And if you do get into abstracts or any other forms of modern art, it's a personal challenge for you, I think, and one you will not give up on until you succeed - and I feel you will. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 27.6.08

    great new look! i love the template. congrats on all those awards too. you deserve them ;)

  • Anonymous 27.6.08

    The Globetrotter was circumnavigating the globe when my spy ship was almost captured by a Technorati Black Hole... fortunately, the Light of your post saved me from sudden blogosphere death in the nick of time! ;~)

    My twin sister, Debbie Dolphin and I thank you for your secret surprise links, the Lighthouse Treasures Election, and your perfect blend of friendship award! :~) Meeting new people around the globe and becoming great friends through the magic of the internet always amazes me!

  • Anonymous 27.6.08

    Love the new look Kim, you can't tell it's the (in)famous blogger :-)

    And I love your new avatar picture too.. so much has changed here, I'll need the whole month to catch up :D

  • Kim 27.6.08

    thanks very much Durano !!
    as usual your insights are thoughtful and indepth..
    I never know where the road leads with my's always an adventure and atm there are lots of ideas in my head that haven't been put into practice lol..

    thanks so much Liza...
    you're very kind :)
    have a grand day :)

    thank goodness the black hole didn't swallow you whole Miss MP :0
    I've noticed that Technorati are acting strangely atm..
    I'm glad your counterpart liked her link ...very worthy indeed...lighthouses need all the help that we can give them...
    enoy you friendship cuppas :) :)

  • Kim 27.6.08

    thanks Pearl
    I'm so happy with the template and the look of the comment section and as you say quite un blogger like..
    I see you have signed in with name/URL...
    and it worked ..yay..
    I'll have to name you 'perseverance Pearl'

  • John M. Mora 27.6.08

    i need a higher IQ to understand where to post a comment here - the new layout is fab, I am like a cow (ok a bull) and am used to cow trails - going back and forth the same way....


  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 27.6.08

    Hello Again Kim,

    I just received an award (Arte y Pico) and I have passed it on to 5 other people. You are one of those I gave it to, of course.

    I'm just unsure if you've received this award before knowing you have been cited many times. However, I believe you deserve another even if it turns out you have been given this same award in the past.:-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 27.6.08

    lol John
    sorry about that...
    it's taking me a while too ...
    there seems to be two different places where you can click...

  • Kim 27.6.08

    that's really thoughtful of you Durano and thanks so much :)
    I have received this award but hey I'm more than happy to accept this one from you :))
    I'll be over soon to pick it up :))

  • Anonymous 27.6.08

    Hi there..

    Do you mind to exchange links? Linked you already in my blog :)

    Have a great day.

  • Kim 27.6.08

    hi r1
    thanks for the link..
    I've already linked to you on my reciprocal ec link page ..
    will send you the credits :)

  • Liz 27.6.08

    hey kim! so you've been to his blog, lol. thank you so much for the greetings.

    take care and happy weekend. ;)

  • Kim 27.6.08

    haha Liza...
    it's a small world sometimes...
    wishing you both a beaut weekend ;)

  • Amanda Kennedy 28.6.08

    Thank you for the link Kim!

    I popped by to say thank you for your participation and entry to the Blogger Wishlist competition :) I've added your entry to the list of entrants and wish you the best of luck for Friday's draw!

    It's great to hear about Grumpy Cow's competition too (a great idea Agi!).

    Best wishes and thank you for your ideas,


  • Kim 28.6.08

    hi Amanda...
    thanks to you for my wonderful new template...I love it...
    your competition is a wonderful idea and such a boost for blogspot bloggers ... :)
    thanks for calling by and have a great weekend

  • jafabrit 29.6.08

    I really LOVE your new template and colours :) Makes everything pop beautifully.

  • Anonymous 29.6.08

    Wow, congrats on being the number 1! I started using EC last May 2008 and so far so good.

    I love the new look. Keep it up!


  • Anonymous 29.6.08

    Great new look - shows en emphasize your an artist Kim!

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week :-)

  • Michael Wong 29.6.08

    Hi I'm looking to build up my incoming links for my blog.
    Would you like to exchange blogroll links with me?
    If yes, please visit:
    and leave your URL for your blog there. I'll link to you within hours. Thanks.

  • Kim 29.6.08

    thanks Corrine...
    it's great and was pretty easy to install too :)
    have a great weekend..

    thanks Nita...
    I'm finding EC a terrific resource and it's been wonderful for meeting other bloggers :)

    thanks Renny...
    I think so too ;)
    a great weekend to you too !!!

    great Michael...
    will visit your blog and have a look :)

  • Unknown 30.6.08

    i'm a new entrecarder and i'm new here, so i have not seen the old look, but this one is great.

    thanks for coming over to greet us.

  • Kim 30.6.08

    thanks Joel...
    have a terrific week :)_

  • Anonymous 30.6.08

    thanks for this post

  • Unknown 30.6.08

    Hi Kim!
    I feel like I walked into the wrong house! Great new look, although it took me WAY too long to figure out how and where to comment lol...getting old here for new tricks :-)

  • Kim 30.6.08

    you're welcome Italy :)

    hi Christie ..
    thanks ...
    I think I will have to put a message at the bottom of my posts...
    it is a bit confusing :0

  • Kim 30.6.08

    testing comment form

  • kuanyin333 1.7.08

    Very nice makeover--good job!

  • Kim 1.7.08

    thanks very much Kuanyin :)
    have a great day !!

  • Anonymous 3.7.08

    Can't believe I missed this! Thank you so much! You deserve every award you get Kim, you are such a perfectionist! Your new blog look is fab.

  • Kim 4.7.08

    well Diane ...
    it takes one to know one

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