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What Famous Work of Art Are You?

23 June 2008 28 comments

I am best described by...

Composition with Red, Blue, Yellow

By Piet Mondrian


28 comments: to “ What Famous Work of Art Are You? so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 24.6.08

    good morning/evening Kim...I too, am best described by!!!! I'll give it a whirl next week...good choices of mood, however....

  • Kim 24.6.08

    good very late evening Amy...:)
    so you could say that we are both a little hard edge today...
    but otherwise colourful??

  • Amy Lilley Designs 24.6.08

    Yes, very good description...always colorful...but work to do today...busy week ahead...a bit of a hard edge for sure..

  • BillyWarhol 24.6.08

    I'm gonna go out on a Limb Kim + say Andy Warhol!!**********


    He is my Inspiration for Documenting the Art Scene in Toronto + shooting all the Fabulous Babes + Parties + Fashion + Music* I just Love his Brilliant Vivid Neon Colourz + Iconic Images!!

    Andy turned the snooty Art World on it's Ear + brought Colour + Art to the Masses + America + the World*


    I'm doing a Huge Tribute today for my Fave Flickr Artist Olivier Destroy*


  • Anonymous 24.6.08

    Iam a mobile sculpture of Calder:

  • Michelle B. Hendry 24.6.08

    Georgia O'Keefe.... :)

  • Kim 24.6.08

    me too Amy...
    it's one of those go go go weeks lol...

    hey Billy
    I was expecting that...
    who else would you be :P
    thanks for advertising on my blog too...
    will check out your tribute Mr Warhol :D

    a pretty fabulous Calder too Anon...
    thanks for the link :)

    Georgia O'Keefe..
    one of my favourites Michelle...:) :)

  • John M. Mora 24.6.08

    I cannot lie - I did not enter any information - but if had I would be a "painted by the numbers" and not too accurately.


  • Mariuca 24.6.08

    Hi Kim, I wish u could see my pic! Apparently I'm Landscape With Butterflies By Salvador Dali! Have a great day. :)

  • Kim 24.6.08

    you could only be a JOHN MORA John :) :P

    hello Mariuca..
    I found this when I checked out YOUR latte quizz :))
    I love Dali's work ...he was my hero at school...this is a beautiful painting and suits you :)
    have a 'butterfly' day ;)

  • Mariuca 24.6.08

    Oh thanks Kim, I thought the painting was really pretty too! This was an interesting quiz. :)

    And...I have something for you at my blog, congrats!

  • Anonymous 25.6.08

    Hi Kimberly “Arthouis” Barker of the Laketrees Art Agency,

    Can you guess which Famous Work of Art describes me? ;~)

  • Kim 25.6.08

    thanks Mauriuca
    that is one great bunch of awards !!

    hello Miss MP ..
    I'm going out on a limb here but I will go on a hunch and say
    Meditative Rose
    By Salvadore Dali :) :)

  • Anonymous 25.6.08

    Hello Kim,

    Apologies for not being around, doing battle with two shoulders and neck problems now lol.
    Now if I took the quiz I would be : Pig In Soup By Michael fitting hahaha.
    Although I must confess that I like the work of Robert Lenkiewicz and Beryl Cook, both of whom were local artists in Plymouth. Lenkiewicz was an amazing character, with his long, straggly hair and his dress sense came from bygone centuries, but they were both amazing characters and would often be seen around the streets.
    Apart from those, I have an awesome portrait of my daughter painted by one Kim Barker, I think you might know her hahaha.
    Laura is having her braces removed soon so I will get some photo's taken.
    I hope that your shoulder is getting better, and a lot less painful.
    Take care my dear friend and have a wonderful day.
    Big Hugs to you,
    Colin from Life & Free PC Security

  • bluecrystaldude 25.6.08

    Hi, just dropping by..
    love your new blog layout. Have a nice day :)

  • Kim 25.6.08

    hiya Colin...
    so good to hear from you...
    I've been wondering about your health...both shoulders and your neck too...
    please try to take it easy...
    I know that's easier said than done left shoulder is getting better but.. like you the poor old right shoulder keeps playing up..
    so good to hear that Laura will be
    haha you're too kind...
    I will google Robert Lenkiewicz and Beryl Cook..sounds like an interesting story ..
    my Mum's name is Beryl you know :)
    Pig in soup?'ll have to check that one out too...
    take good care of yourself Colin :)

    thanks so much Bluecrystaldude
    I've still got some headers to put in ...
    I can't take the credit ..the template is designed by Amanda at Blogger Buster and the banners that I'm installing have been designed by
    I will try to get those in tonight :)
    you have a great day too :)

  • Anonymous 25.6.08

    im honoured that you visited my blog, thanks

  • Anonymous 25.6.08

    I am described by a Munch picture.
    What an honor!
    I wonder what to click to get described by a work of Salvadore Dali. ;)

  • Kim 25.6.08

    you're very welcome Nairobian Perspective :)
    have a great day !!

  • Anonymous 25.6.08

    Apparently, I'm
    'San Giorgio Maggiore, Twilight'
    By Claude Monet

    That'll do me! I ADORE Venice - and Monet.

    I love the new header, Kim, very colourful. I love the way your blog keeps evolving...I must have another look at mine. I just haven't found a template I like as much so I'm going on the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' principle. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go self hosted so I can design exactly what I want from scratch......

  • Kim 25.6.08

    hi Matthais
    Munch is good !!
    very expressive...though somewhat tortured ;)
    I'm not sure which mood you click on to get Dali...but I know that there are at least 2 works by Dali..

    hello Dianne
    great pick and very YOU...
    I can see you sailing down the canals in Venice with lilies strewn around you ;)
    ah the template was designed by Amanda at Blogger Buster and Grumpy Cow did the brilliant headers..
    now I just have to keep the clutter and widgets to a minimum haaah!!!
    I think you're motto ..if it aint broke is very wise...
    I'm still finding missing

  • Anonymous 25.6.08

    PS I don't envy you trying to update the 101 artists' blogs list...Technorati is being completely mad at the moment - my authority is all over the place - up, down, up again and my ranking occasionally changes to match the authority, sometime it can't be bothered to....

    I'm not even sure if it's just me or it is being equally bonkers for everyone?

  • Kim 25.6.08

    I'm not looking forward to doing the update Diane..eek
    (I don't know why I spelt your name with a double nn !!) twice!!!
    I think I need a holiday ;)
    my authority and rank has been jumping around too...
    so I'll wait and see what happens over the next few days...

  • Netster23 25.6.08


    did i come to the wrong site? hahahaha wow your site has a brand new skin :)

    You have a great day :)

  • Kim 25.6.08

    haha Netster
    you're at the right place... :D
    you have a great day too :) :)

  • Anonymous 26.6.08

    i took the quiz, i got the same results as yours, ;)


  • Anonymous 26.6.08

    Fun : ]

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim 26.6.08

    great minds think alike Liza :) :)

    you're welcome Jenna :) :)

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